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[Competition] SOTW #33 - Voting (locked)

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Voting thread format:

Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt.
Points will be added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.
















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1st – Ncio It just looks so smooth and clean, perfect use of colours and smudging.
2nd – Reinfrenchments I have a weak spot for the Joker :P Looks awesome, background fits the render very well.
3rd – dasmitimsad Looks very simple and smooth. A bit small render, but I like that it shows so much of it.

Sasms, yuyuter and piratemonkey’s are also very awesome.

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1st: yuyuter

This piece stands out as the best out of all of the entries. Interesting, creative and effective use of effects to enhance the sig and to give it a very interesting feel. Clever use of colours, not making it monotone and bland.

My only issues are lighting, mainly. More could be done to enhance the lighting in the piece to make it stand out better. A very interesting and solid piece, and a job well done.

2nd: rawismojo

A well composed piece that is very interesting. I like the usage of effects, but I have a few issues with them. Although useful, they are a tad on the distracting side. I believe that being chaotic is a theme, but even so it should look a little neater. Attempt to create depth through effects is evident, but just not very powerful. More could be done to have the focal interact with what is happening around him, instead of leaving him as a static focal pasted in/around effects.

A job well done, and a very interesting piece too.

3rd: Sasms

A very interesting piece that combines a creative choice of contrast and effect to create the desired effect.

A little messy and definitely not as good as your first few ones, IMO, but a good piece nonetheless. More could be done to emphasise the focal. I think maintaining a more monotonous colour choice would suit the sig better than adding in different colour balances, but it is still an interesting piece. Second time I’ve seen the render/stock, and yet again, a very creative base to build upon.


Interesting Sig, but honestly, I expected more. Neat and simple, but it is missing so much. Foreground effects would greatly enhance the fading and smudging. The borders don’t help it much. Central focal with little defined lighting really make the piece a little more complicated to look at, especially with the outward flow and the size of the focal.

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I know u wanted me to go w/ the wolverine sig, but is that rly reason enuf to not put my entry in? =P

1st: Yuyuter: Love the steaming-spiderman effect =D

2nd: Rawismojo: i like the splatter-debris. makes it seem like hes running from an explosion of sorts =D

3rd: Ncio: It just looks cool how u got the sig to have the clay-feel that it does, did u do anything special to get to that?

Edit: thanks Raw. And I don’t like me either =P

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It’s because I just don’t like you. Duh.

If you’ve already voted, please re-vote if you want to include Ozzy’s entry in your top 3.

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1st – Yuyuter i like the choice of render and what you’ve done with the flames and it all blends in nicely
2nd – Ncio Its really pro and i really enjoy looking at it :P i like how you have smudged the render to make a move
3rd – xXScrapheadXx In the background i can see that spaceship which adds to the effect and i like the edges + lighting on the render

Yeah! i wanna try this soon :P

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Thanks guys :)
First: Piratemonkey
It looks very good to me. The blue and the yellow works well, and it has decent flow. It looks a little… bad quality, like you saved it as a .GIF or something.
Second: xXScrapheadXx
Pretty good, actually. Great background, but the render’s head takes up too much space. It just doesn’t look right. What do you call it, Floating Head Syndrome.
Third: Sasms
I’m sorry, Ncio, but many of your sigs look very similar. Sasms gets third because it has okay color and okay lighting. The text was slightly distracting, but it was okay. Once again, like piratemonkey’s, it looks like it was saved as a .GIF, albeit a little more high quality. Good piece, though.

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First: Sasms
Very creative sig, blends well and protrays the mood of the render.

Second: xXScrapheadXx
A bit monotone, and theres seems to be too much space on th left/right of the render, but the render pops out good enough.

Third: piratemonkey
Intresting looking sig with lots of contrast(a little too much) which could of done well, but It just seems the background is way too choppy and you can barely see the arm.

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First : NCIO
Nice blending and feel to it. Great smudging and is very smooth.

Second : Sasms
I like how the background captures the darkness (in the evil sense) of the render. More could have been added to bring the focal out a bit more, he seems engulfed in the effects instead of creating them.

Third : yuyuter
It is creative but a bit simple. I like the effects used to improve the sig but it is a bit empty.

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I’m sorry, Ncio, but many of your sigs look very similar.

I don’t really understand how that effects this contest, but okay.

1st – rawismojo – Awesome sig, great colours, one of my fav sigs from you.
2nd – Sasms – Really lq. Nice text and colours. Focals messed up.
3rd – yuyuter – Sweet effects. Colours need some work, next time through in some gradient maps to sort it out.

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1st Yuyuter – Loving the way he blends into the background
2nd Ncio -So Simple, So good.
3rd Rawismojo – It was between you or scraphead and I thought yours was better. Quite a lot like ncios with similar effects, and quite well executed.

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yuyuter _ 14
Ncio _ 11
Sasms _ 9
rawismojo _ 8
xXScrapheadXx _ 5
piratemonkey _ 4
Reinfrenchments _ 2
dasmitimsad _ 1
shadowpig60 _ 0
Calvo981 _ 0
UploaderX _ 0
ozzy123 _ 0
JediDude _ 0
GHXpert59 _ 0
Khnum666 _ 0

Congratulations, yuyuter , For winning SOTW#33!

I hope to see you, and other participants in future SOTW’s.

Sincerely, hokage4354.