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[Competition] SOTW #38 - Voting (locked)

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Voting will be as follows:
(No voting for yourself)
1st - Reason 2nd - Reason 3rd - Reason
1st choice will get 3pts, 2nd choice will get 2pts, and 3rd choice will get 1pt.
Points will be added up and whoever gets the most points will win.
If you do not vote this way, your vote will NOT count.
















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1st – rawismojo – It’s just great. It literally makes me feel colder. And somehow reminds me of xRawr

2nd – ozzy123 – Just a nice, original style. Not really great art, but great to look at

3rd – Yuyuter – Very vibrant sig, with a hypnotising focal point. Love it

Honourable Mention – Lightsun – Wish I could have put you in the top 3. A very nice sig that I really like.

Honourable Mention – piratemonkey – This would be in the Top 3, but it’s just not icy/cold enough. Still very good overall.

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Completely bias to renders. Sub Zero ftw.

1. nordor- great render (sub zero ftw) nice background good blending could use text or something though

2. 2640lcsx- good render although really big and it would be first if smaller and better background and no text.

3. graphicdesignc- worst render out of the three sub zeros, good text though and nice background.

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1st – rawismojo
This is a great sig, and fits the theme perfectly. There’s not much I can crit on; nice use of simple effects, great icey ours, good lightsource, and perfect contrasting. Her blue eyes make a great focal, and the hints of gold make it just that less monotonuos without ruining the icey feel.
The only thing I can suggest is maybe use a slightly larger canvas so you can add other elements, although that won’t always nessacerily improve a sig.

2nd – xXScrapHeadXx
This sig has really nice depth that makes your focal ‘pop-out’. The snow effect in the foreground looks great and not overdone, adding to the ‘icey’ theme.
I’d suggest you work on your text a bit, although the font and placement is quite suitable, the colours blend into the background which makes it hard to read. I also thought you could’ve had a more defined lightsource.

3rd – Tr1bal
I liked the underwater effect you gave this one. The tiny effects you have look great, and I think any larger would ruin the underwater feel. The only thing I’d change is you text. It’s not really a well suited font, and the squares don’t fit with the colourtheme in the rest of your sig. Good find on the stock though.

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1st- rawismojo – Definitely the coldest of them all.
2nd- GHXpert59 – Might be because I love Christmas and snow, but I just loved this one.
3rd- yuyter – The spiral effect of the water is lovely.

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Lightsun-It is A very good render and I like how the whole thing like…explodes in your face.
uome-I like how you put the snow in and it looks like it’s A blizzard and It’s going diagonal.
ForeverLoading-I love all of your pixel work they just look so professional and this is no different I like how you added weight to where your guy is stepping and the snow & the ground look like from one of those pixel games.

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GHXpert59— I love this sig =D It just makes me feel happy =P

xXScrapHeadXx— This ones pretty sweet, nothing wrong w/ an awesome snowman to symbolize the wonders of winter =) Its also cool how u made it look like a cave, and the snow was done really well.

Lightsun— I like how it shows vaporeon(?) just enough to give it a mysterious look, as if u can’t have it, but know its there… nice job..

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1st – ozzy123 – I like how the colours are split down the diagonal alongside the Ice Climbers. They are blended well and I like the flow of the sig. Also I love how the Icy just slips in without me noticing it.

2nd – xXScrapHeadXx – A close shave between you and ozzy but it was the text that stopped me putting you first. The lighting, blending and effects all work well together with the render. Nice Christmassy festive theme.

3rd – Lightsun – Love the render and how it’s blended so well that just the right pieces are still visible but the border and the text let it down a bit, enough for third place.

Can’t believe school stuff made me miss this. =/

And on another note I don’t think I ever got to thank Lightsun and PirateMonkey for slating me on my first two sigs. I think it was them anyway but if it wasn’t thanks to whoever it was. It made me kick it up a notch. XD

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Thanks guys :S
1st – Lightsun. Great lighting and background, the text could be better and so could the bottom C4D’s.
2nd – rawismojo. Great photo, great lighting, though too bright. Where do you get these stocks!? :O
3rd – Tr1bal. You probably would’ve gotten second, but I couldn’t really tell it was underwater till I looked at Sasms’ vote. Great background, C4D’s (I think) And brushes (I think). Can I have a link to some resources? Those brushes (I think) look awesome! Oh, and I have the tiny text, no need for that.

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1st is ForeverLoading. It’s an inside joke, sorry if you don’t get it.
2nd is Yuyuter. I like the placing of the neon stuff.
3rd is sesame. It’s just badass

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Oh, yeah, I just remembered. Tr1bal, you also probably could’ve added air bubbles around her mouth and face to make it look more like she’s underwater.

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Originally posted by Sasms:

Oh, yeah, I just remembered. Tr1bal, you also probably could’ve added air bubbles around her mouth and face to make it look more like she’s underwater.

What a great idea, thankyou I may make a further version yet just for your sake ;D

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Bump. I’ll lock it when you post the results, hokage.

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rawismojo _ 11
Lightsun _ 8
xXScrapHeadXx _ 6
ozzy123 _ 5
GHXpert59 _ 5
yuyuter _ 4
nordor _ 3
ForeverLoading _ 3
Tr1bal _ 2
2640ICSx _ 2
uome _ 2
Sesame _ 1
GraphicDesignC _ 1
meaperson333 _ 0
piratemonkey _ 0

Congratulations, rawismojo, For winning SOTW#38!