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[competition] SOTW#42 - Entries/Discussion (locked)

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~SOTW #42 Entry & Discussion Thread!~

Rules to Discussion:
1. Please keep discussion on-topic to either people’s entries or the theme itself.
2. Follow all forum rules and behavior guidelines.
3. Be kind to others. Do not bash on people if you don’t like their entries.

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The place for anything and everything SOTW.

Official Rules

The Rules for SOTW


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Hall of Fame

You wanna’ be the best? Well you better bring your skills or you’ll go home cryin’.

Theme Submissions

Want a specific theme to be the next SOTW? Suggest it here!

Size _ Maximum Dimensions: 600W X 350H

Stock/Render _ Any

Style/Theme _ Song Lyrics

Color _ Any

Font _ Must be the lyrics of a song
(Should be distinctive lyrics; Include more than just “The love”, “I am the”, ect.)

Deadline _ Saturday, January 23rd

Voting will begin on January 24th, 2009
Entries for SOTW #43 will begin on this day as well.

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Old Entry^ Probably will change, but idk =S

Old Entry:


Because the unsharpened version apparently looks better >_< lol Meanies =P

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Originally posted by ozzy123:

Entry^ Probably will change, but idk =S

Lmao. Leave it to Ozzy to pick a gay song. :P

Nah, just messing with ya. But seriously, no Fire Flies. D:<

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Hahah, well, i picked it because i thought i could make it look cool if i added a ton of flashing fireflies yuh know? but then… it didn’t work out =P /fail xD

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The underlined text…. eeeeeeuuuuggghhhh….

But I’m one to talk. Mine’s probably gonna suck. A lot.

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Yah, mines pretty crappy, i alrdy know =P Though, it reminds me of sherbet, so it can’t be horrible =P

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I actually did this a long time ago as random practice:

I’m actually excited to do a new one.

Final Entry

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Welllllllllllllll, what can i say, some people just suck at typography =P (like me) lol. Those are pretty cool though, whats that font? It looks nice =P

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Helvetica. The only font you need.

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Another sig i’m not happy w/ lol, i’m just gunna go to bed xD

Edit: Soooooo glad i didn’t just go to bed xD

Finally, something I’m happy with =D CC plz

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my entry, I am really satisfied with it. good flow and lighting

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The text is way too hard to read. “stop” is almost completely illegible.

Your Paint it Black sig is great, Ozzy.

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This is an interesting theme. :)

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Originally posted by Laxaria:

This is an interesting theme. :)

Yes. Very.

Originally posted by GraphicDesignC:

my entry, I am really satisfied with it. good flow and lighting

Sorry. I though it said

Don’t Believin’

from a quick glance. You should make the font color darker? Or at least take a bit of light from the background of the render. I dunno. I suck at giving CC. xD

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My entry:

I’ll probably update/make a new one later.

Edit: Forgot to resize >.<

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I was so bored…

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We really need to reduce the maximum size limit on sigs. I think 350×600 is big enough. 600×800 is a wallpaper (on crappy monitors).

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Originally posted by Marh:

Sent to dra-ee-a-ee-ain.

Secret destroyer, hold you out through the pain…

+1000000 cool points if you know the song.
Unfinished BTW, how should I improve it?

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Originally posted by rawismojo:

The text is way too hard to read. “stop” is almost completely illegible.

Your Paint it Black sig is great, Ozzy.

Ty =)

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Now that I look at it again, it might be over-sharpened.

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hahah, raising my hopes just so u can crush the dream =P thanx Raw xD I’ll get to it sometime between now and sunday =P

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Crushing hopes is what I do.

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Lol, stay the f—- out of the help Haiti threads then, mkay? =P I’m now holding you responsible for nything else that happens over there >_> watch out =P


I’m not sure.. I kinda like the sharp version :S

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I feel like making a simple vert tag. >.>

Do the rules allow me to?


Vert with 100 by 350. :D