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According to opening post, both Mahogany staff and Expensive suit is missable.
In that case, is the Money attack from Posh zombies also missable, or is it an error?
If it’s true, at what point does Saul’s dungeon become inaccessible (besides after starting the final battles)?

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As far as I know, Saul’s dungeon never becomes inaccessible, and the posh zombie never stops spawning. This means you can only miss the mahogany staff and the money attack after the final battle. The expensive suit has no actual use in the game besides selling, so I wouldn’t call it a missable item anyway.

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I suppose none of the items that can’t be gotten after the final battle should be called missable until we know they aren’t available in chapter 4, since that’s fairly obvious. Expensive suit may have a use yet, though unfortunately Pseudo doesn’t seem to be the kind of developer to do such things (similar to the shirts from child Mardek and child Deugan). Other than that, it’s a collector’s item.

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Use Mardek. Solo. End of. Heal if you need to. Just attack. When he attacks you, then he will heal you. Unless you attack him and it’s a reaction. In which case just let him hit you on the next turn. And heal yourself. If you’re damaged. A Dark-Elemental sword MIGHT help, though I’m not sure if it means the Paladin will deal more damage to Mardek or not because of the Dark Sword. Please someone check because I can’t fight them any more. (BTW they only give equipment for Vehrn.)

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Originally posted by Procyonpi:
Originally posted by romania356:

I had a speedy potion to give you haste’ but i used it. Does anyone know how to get another speedy potions or a spell that causes haste.


There’s 10 in one of the shops in Aeropolis, and you can brew them in gloria’s cauldron, although it requires griffin feathers, of which there are limited numbers. The only boss you really potentially need them against is Animus, though :o

but i found a posh zombie in 5 tries and i didnt even want to encounter it

Originally posted by Going2hell:

Posh zombies are a rare encounter in Saul’s dungeon they happen very uncommonly so don’t count on getting it in even 20 battles.

Speedy potion drops from Griffins, can be made in Gloria’s cauldron pot, and a bought from the Aeropolis shop in the Northern district.

I’m missing Sharla and Donovan’s last skill and Verhn’s Second skills, if anyone can help it would be greatly appericiated.

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Originally posted by jayv66:

but i found a posh zombie in 5 tries and i didnt even want to encounter it

That doesn’t change that they are a rare monster. Whether you want to find one or not doesn’t matter.

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Just found out it is possible for the security demon to kill itself with Death.

Yes, I seriously watched it kill itself with the spell while it was confused. All that preparation and it ended up unnecessary. Not sure whether to [VGS] or [VGTG] here.

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Originally posted by runescaper266:

Anyone by any chance knows where the tribolite warrior in the dark rooms of the dark temple is? Give me directions, If you know where it is of course. Lawl.

you can go to this site to get the room map which gives all the locations of the trilobite.

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Not sure if this is where to post this, but I found a little secret path in the cave above the 1st lizard village, if you look carefully at the walls it will have little tan dots rather than brown and the wall will stop having a border, that is where you can enter. Haven’t gotten through yet, will post when done unless told not to. It’s pretty cool.

Alright so, it leads to a hidden cave with a “plot item” ancient spearhead.

EDIT: FFFF- There’s a skull on the ground that you can X to fight a savage marauder or something – and it killed me, setting me back an hour or so. Damn. Why can’t there be more save stones?!?!

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Didn’t you know that hidden paths are all shown in the map?
The game is FULL of them. Also, if you actually saved at every save stone you wouldn’t have any problem.

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If you master one of Elywen’s songs, make sure to sell it afterwards. It gives you 5000 coins if you need some cash. Also, once the skill is mastered, the song has no value to you.

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Hi all. I hope that’s the right way to ask for an help on a game trouble.
I am playing Mardek III and I want to find the ‘impossible’ achievement.
But there’s something wrong, I’ll try to explain it.
I am in Fire Temple, I took everythings possible to taken (even talisman and beat trilobite off course) but the “Miasmal Chalice” is just 79% complete and I can’t take it!
I looked for an hint on walkthrough but I didn’t find nothing that helped me…
So I got a bit mad :)
I hope you could help me in someway

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Fight monsters. Each monster killed fills 1% of the chalice total. Take the chalice when it’s full.

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For anyone who have a hard time beating Muriance,use the Flametongue together with Fire Slash to deal around 1K a hit.

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Originally posted by joanacnsa:


There isn’t really a best character combination, each character has strengths, weaknesses, uses, etc. Certain characters are better in different situations, like Vehrn is good against the undead and dark monsters in general, as well as being a decent physical attacker with high Spr, Sslen’ck is useful against monsters weak to fire or physical attacks and so on. If you’re looking for the most versatile characters then Legion can learn many useful skills, Gloria gets all elemental attacks, a heal spell, and a “remove taint” of sorts ith a defense booster, she can also lower the stats of her enemies if you wait long enough to do that with her, and Elwyen has all her songs to heal allies, harm opponents, reduce damage taken, increase damage dealt, etc. all of them can be very useful additions to Mardek.

If you rely on Mardek to deal the damage and just have the other characters supporting him, Sharla can heal and do air based magic, as well as being a good support unit with removing paralysis, boosting Agl, and PDef, while Solaar can heal, revive, and use useful skills to damage opponents or protect himself and allies if teamed up with Elwyen to boost her spirit. Elwyen, as already mentioned, has a multitude of skills to choose from, and Gloria can also help support. In addition to Sslen’ck, Zach is another good physical attacker. He can get the evasion 50% ability, has air based physical damage with soulstrike, can do heavy damage to light and dark enemies with immoral justice, an increasing power move in crescendo slash, coup de gras, beserk, and sinstrike to deal damage based on number of enemies Zach has killed. The more Zach is used (just like Legion) the better he gets.

Donovan is Sharla’s counterpart in magic. While she deals mainly with support (healing, boosting Agl, etc.) he is more aligned for dealing damage, although he can also boost Str and protect allies from fire. Meraeador uses his skills hrough his inventions, so while he cannot master his attacks and requires his inventions to function, he becomes more useful as you create more of them. His range of skills are from converting potions and other items to entire group heals and such, to creating mass shields and Mshields, to damaging enemies physically, through fire, poison, or putting them to sleep. Being completely customizable to your party is always a nice perk.

I apologize if this upsets anyone, I’m not trying to say that joanacnsa’s character combination isn’t good, I only wanted to point out that there isn’t a “best” combination as every person tends to have their own style, and the variety of playable characters allows them to choose which style fits each person playing MARDEK best rather than which allows them to beat the game “easiest”

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All characters and their usefulness and weakness


Pros:Can support in healing while other members keep attacking.Morality block is extremely helpful,especially against Karnos(Blocks Galaxy burst,shatterwave and Maelstrom),all Guardians(Blocks Mega barrier)and against Bernard(If you have a physical attacker and attacking better use this first if you don’t want to get hit by Heh.)Elemental slash is very helpful in most battles.Remove taint can be helpful when curing poison,zombification,curses or blindness.

Cons:Healing spell just heal a bit in Chapter 2.Not very powerful in that chapter.Physical attack can only attack one target at a time


Pros:Power attack is good to use in most battles.Barrier Break is extremely helpful when fighting bosses as it removes shield.Earth Slash deals huge damage to lake hag and Aalia.

Cons:Can only target one enemy at a time,which can be a disadvantage.


Pros:Elemental attack is very helpful in most battle for quick victory.The only ally that can attack all target at a time(Not counting Mardek Healing spell).

Cons:Low HP,Low Defense.Dies pretty quickly


Pros:EXTREMELY powerful in catacombs,where many undead foes starts appearing.Disrupt undead deals huge damage to Zombie Dragon.Also useful when fighting Draceleon.Healing spell can kill undead easily at high level.

Cons:Main light attack can only attack one target at a time.Green lightning doesn’t deal much damage.


Pros:Deals massive damage to Karnos when he casts rainbow guard.Crescendo Slash is very good in long battles.Sure Slash is very helpful against foes with high evade.

Cons:Low health and defense


Pros:Burn is helpful with foes that has high defense(I.e:Annihilator:Animus).Can support physical attacker with Strength boost.

Cons:Low HP,low defense


Pros:Healer,extremely helpful when battling pixies if you want to remove Confusion.Aero Shell can be helpful when dealing with Delay Buster.

Cons:Low HP,low defense


Pros:Very good when dispatching many enemies that are weak against fire at once.High defense and HP.Perforate is helpful when lowering enemies defense.

Cons:Low MP,which limits his fire attacks.


Pros:High magic attack.Can slowly kills enemies that only uses physical attack(i.e Golem/Mythril Golem).Can support Magic users with Spirit graft.The only ally that has a revival skill.

Cons:Low HP,low defense.Can’t equip most armor


Pros:Flamethrower is a good alternative to Fire stream.Thermal spanner lowers defense making physical attackers deals higher damage.Potion Spray is very OP since you can turn Speedy Juice,Mirrilixir,Healthy juice or any healing potions from single use potion to all party use potions!

Cons:Low HP,low defense.


Pros:Supports ally either with magic attack,physical attack,magic defense,physical defense or healing too.Deals huge damage to undead monster.High evasion(IF you have Evasion 50% equipped)

Cons:Low HP.Dies pretty quickly when hit by a powerful magic.


Pros:Whirlpool is good when lowering SPR.Elemental attack is a huge help when fighting elemental monsters.

Cons:Low defense.


Pros:Candiathrope Gemplosion can deals massive damage to Animus.Have all 4 very powerful elemental attack.High HP and defense.

Cons:Low magic defense,Can’t equip most armor.Low MP

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strength and agility boost will lower enemy stats when used on an enemy

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Does anyone have any good tips and strategies for completing the Cambria Arena Champion Tournament?

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Originally posted by Cyberhydra:

Does anyone have any good tips and strategies for completing the Cambria Arena Champion Tournament?

Was it truly necessary to post in two different threads?

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Sorry, I just really want to beat the tournament.

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YAY! I finally beat the tournament! YAY

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Get ready for Solo Tournament though.

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Anybody know how to get social fox in the encyclopedia in chapter 3 i played through 1&2 doing all side missions, and zombie dragon, read book in meraeador’s home, still no luck, be a shame if i had to start again any other way?

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Is the wing shield worth it? Bandits take a some time to fight me, also does the loot finder skill affect each drop, or just the chance of getting a item?