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Here’s my tribe:

Tribe Name: Act of Valor
Requirements to join: Kindness, trust, activeness
When the tribe was made: somewhere around may-june 2013

Cheif: Cheezhunterz

Leaders: Cheezhunterz, Taraloser

Co-leaders: Rishabhrock, Cheersforted, Aljama

Members: was about 200+ but tribe got hacked and now there’s 40+ D:


Shaman Apprentice – 10 recruits or take a test
Initiated – 8 recruits or take a test
Sniper – 7 recruits
Spywolf – take a test
Assassin – 6 recruits
Hunter – 5 recruits
Treasurer – 4 recruits
Soldier – 3 recruits
Medic – 2 recruits
Cooker – Starter rank
Stooge – Punishment rank

Forgot the other ranks though i’ll add the other ranks soon.

Information about the tribe:
Were a friendly and active tribe that likes to play minigames and also like to help each other and also others if we can we also don’t care about your cheese and saves or first ratios all we like to do is meet new people and gain more friends so everyone’s welcomed to join the tribe just make sure your friendly and active ;)

You guys could also gain ranks not only through recruiting or taking tests but also by helping out in the tribe or being active in the tribe chat and tribe forum or also possible winning in contests and events, gaining my trust and having a few friends in the tribe. ;)

Just wanted to add that one :D