Morons Playing "The Blame Game" (locked)

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“Your complaint has been sent to the admin of the said game (me)” NO. No it hasn’t. If you click the link, and followed as to where he directed me to complain, it sent me to That is not feedback to Transformice, that is feedback to the Kongregate staff.

“Please avoid sending your message over and over now.” If mods and admins are going to delete the message and misinterpret it all the time, then I will have to clarify because you are sending the wrong message, and since you delete the original post all the time, being silent would make everyone assume that I am silent because I did something wrong, which I absolutely don’t feel at all.

“It’s not helping you and it’s not changing anything.” It helps in the sense that I am exposing someone. I don’t believe anything would get done from the actions that I have already seen. But I still want what I have to say left up as an open discussion.

“If you feel bothered by Kong’s mods and admins behaviour, it’s better to deal with this problem in private with them. " Um, that’s what this post that you just deleted was about. And I wanted everyone to see what I had wrote to them, so that everyone can put urgency to probably get them to respond sooner. And btw, they haven’t responded to me in a fashion that I can accept yet or even responded at all.

“This forum is about Transformice and only Transformice.” Are you kidding me?! The last 6 threads the mods and admins have deleted were ALL ABOUT TRANSFORMICE. And why did they delete it? Because they told me to respond privately through a link. So I responded privately through a link. Did I get any response? NO! Now that I responded privately through the link they gave me because they said otherwise they’d keep deleting my thread, now you’re saying that I should be talking about Transformice?! That’s what I have already been doing!!!

- My first approx. 10 threads were about Transformice.
- My first approx. 10 thread’s content were deleted because they told me to respond privately through a link.
- I responded privately through the link provided (
- Haven’t got a response.
- Now you delete my post because I followed what they said.
- You also deleted my post because I didn’t talk about Transformice.

Am I now supposed to post about the things I want about Transformice only for them to tell me to post privately, only for you to tell me to post about Transformice, and have the cycle repeat over and over again?! Where is the logic?! Where is the common sense?!

Also, if you’re going to say something I disagree with, unfortunately, I’m going to have to say something, because I’m not going to keep quiet, if I dont’ believe you’re right. IF you think you’re right, let’s have an open discussion about it right here. And no deleting posts, no editing shit, no closing threads.

If you are so concerned about “negative energy”, perhaps you might want to try and resolve the issue rather than ducking it. Because ducking it isn’t going to satisfy my conscience, it’s only going to make it have a stronger urge to do something!