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Sorry I haven’t gotten round to re-posting the selection of things I have posted, but here are most of the things that I have posted that have been deleted:

Sorry, but what a load of crap. Firstly, you don’t just delete a post full of valid points that have been based on pure, solid evidence. These claims are not empty ones based on faith. These claims have evidence that I had provided with screen-shots.

Secondly, do realize that I have PM’d mods about this a lot, in fact, the third complaint in the post was an actual complain to a mod, and guess what? I was told to shut up.

Sorry, but I don’t trust you enough to be able to do anything by yourself through PMs, especially when you went and deleted an entire post full of valid points like it was just full of shit. Also, note that the screenshots i provided were only just a small sample of evidences, mostly the very vital ones of a much larger volume of screen-shots.

And excuse me? Include my account name? Why? So you can set me up and get my account banned for other things? Sorry, but considering you deleted my post that was breaking no rules that i am aware of, I don’t believe i will be able to work this out through PMs. Especially since i have PM’d admins, mods and everyone and no one did anything. And that was on occasion throughout several months.

All I’m asking is that Moiety gets de-modded (stripped of his modding powers), for his abuse of modding powers. Reporting a hacker to a mod is what it says in the rules. To disconnect me and tell me to shut up for reporting a hacker in the room that others in the room also verified was a hacker, is ridiculous shit. No one should have to be disconnected and told to shut up for reporting someone who was hacking to a mod. Especially when in the rules, it says to report hackers to a mod. Which was what I did.

I will not PM you, and I will not discuss this in private. Also, considering that once i was disconnected i couldn’t access the chat area, because i was disconnected, and i had no idea i was going to be disconnected, there is no way that i could have done that, unless i was recording the screen as i was playing. That is virtually impossible.

Also, to act as if there is no record log of this, is trying to take me for a fool. I know that the mods have a log of what happens and which mod bans what user in some sort of saved form. Especially if it’s only a day old.

Also, I don’t care if this isn’t the best place to voice my opinion. It’s the only place I can see that I can voice my opinion. I can’t post on the forums without it getting deleted, I can’t work out the PM-ing system there, and also, they don’t respond anyway.

It is time to cut the crap and stop being such a hypersensitive pussy who bans any criticism of anything any mod is associated with.

@ KnowingEyes Heard of civil disobedience? If I am in the wrong, then he should have no problem explaining how I am in the wrong. But instead, he’s decided to censor what I have said. Just look at the post above yours? “This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator.” Why? Why his and not yours? Could it be perhaps that the post above yours is giving support for what I have said and not the mods like yours, which has not been deleted?

@ uuu2 I will address your points one by one.

1. I don’t see what is wrong with publicly calling someone out for doing something bad, if he publicly disconnected me in front of everyone watching. And also, a mod publicly told me to shut up. He did it in public, it’s a public affair.

2. In the rules on Transformice, it says to report all hackers to mods, or use the report function. Also, I have whispered to other mods to ban hackers, and they have so, or they told me they were busy. They did not disconnect me and tell me to shut up for reporting a hacker in the game.

3. Way to assume all the fault is on me. Also, I don’t know which room each mod is in. The mod knows where all the players are. Note that that means I would have to then WHISPER the mod in a PM. Which was what I did. I PM’d him. And whether I did or not is irrelevant anyway. And how dare you say the issue is on my side when the screen-shot clearly shows he purposely disconnected me. He wrote a reason as to why he disconnected me.

Oh, and good job for trying to turn the table and assume that I’m the guilty one when it was the mod who disconnected me, I didn’t disconnect anyone.

Note to Person locking this thread: Don’t lock the thread, and don’t edit my post. If there is something wrong with what I am doing, do say so, and we can have an open discussion of this right here. Don’t go censoring things just because you disagree.

“but there is a good reason. Trust their judgment.” Oh, fuck no. Don’t give me that crap. You think that simply following “a script” is a good reason to follow rules? Hey! Let’s just follow rules because it says so. Let’s not bother to question whether it is right or wrong, but whether it obeys arbitrary rules. In other words, only we (the mods) are allowed to criticize you (the regular players), if you criticize us (the mods), we will silence you for 24 hours! Nice policy, hypocrite! I certainly don’t believe locking my thread for reporting something that is perceived as wrong, is the right thing to do. And note that he wasn’t offering help, you just said “We (mods) mainly, just follow a script.” Did you know I received that rough message from TransforMod about PM-ing him several months ago? That must mean he is following a script! Not to mention I don’t trust anyone who deletes legitimate criticism.

“A moderator is a human being.” So am I, dumbfuck. And no, no-one deserves to be treated with respect until it is earned. UNTIL IT IS EARNED I don’t treat people who ban me for addressing criticism with respect (I’m talking about you). Note to you: Respect is earned, it is not something you were born with, idiot.

And how hypocritical of you to tell me that the thread is locked because I attacked another human being. If you are able to read, you should be able to notice the topic is about how a mod attacked me first, not the other way around. Not to mention, what are you doing now to me? Um, attacking me? So what you’re saying is not that you can’t attack another human being, but only a mod or admin can attack another human being, but the regular user can’t. Load of shit if you ask me.

I already explained why I haven’t contacted people through PMs or shouts: because I already have and nothing has been done! I stick by with what I said: “If there is something wrong with what I am doing, do say so, and we can have an open discussion of this right here.” Right here as in, right here in a thread for everyone to see.

You oversensitive, hypersensitive prick. I will continue to attack people who I believe have been doing me wrong, because um, I don’t see anything wrong with that because they did me wrong and they got away with it! And bravo for ignoring all the evidence, and all the screen-shots I provided and just assuming I made this whole thing up. You one-sided hypocritical fuck that btw, I have absolutely no respect for.


Although asking someone to “please stop” doing something that they don’t believe is wrong isn’t going to do much, let’s just see.

Also, considering the original reason why I posted isn’t because of admins or mods on this site, but rather mods on another game, it makes no fucking sense. But what the fuck. Not to mention, it makes no sense to contact the admins about the problems I have with… the admins and mods that are locking the thread.

Also, it should just be that I can have an open discussion about things where everyone can comment rather than a PM that may never even get a response, not to mention a response that I don’t accept.

Well, there you go anyway. Backwards stupid logic to me, but what the hell.


Morons Playing The Blame Game

“Your complaint has been sent to the admin of the said game (me)” NO. No it hasn’t. If you click the link, and followed as to where he directed me to complain, it sent me to That is not feedback to Transformice, that is feedback to the Kongregate staff.

“Please avoid sending your message over and over now.” If mods and admins are going to delete the message and misinterpret it all the time, then I will have to clarify because you are sending the wrong message, and since you delete the original post all the time, being silent would make everyone assume that I am silent because I did something wrong, which I absolutely don’t feel at all.

“It’s not helping you and it’s not changing anything.” It helps in the sense that I am exposing someone. I don’t believe anything would get done from the actions that I have already seen. But I still want what I have to say left up as an open discussion.

“If you feel bothered by Kong’s mods and admins behaviour, it’s better to deal with this problem in private with them. " Um, that’s what this post that you just deleted was about. And I wanted everyone to see what I had wrote to them, so that everyone can put urgency to probably get them to respond sooner. And btw, they haven’t responded to me in a fashion that I can accept yet or even responded at all.

“This forum is about Transformice and only Transformice.” Are you kidding me?! The last 6 threads the mods and admins have deleted were ALL ABOUT TRANSFORMICE. And why did they delete it? Because they told me to respond privately through a link. So I responded privately through a link. Did I get any response? NO! Now that I responded privately through the link they gave me because they said otherwise they’d keep deleting my thread, now you’re saying that I should be talking about Transformice?! That’s what I have already been doing!!!

- My first approx. 10 threads were about Transformice.
- My first approx. 10 thread’s content were deleted because they told me to respond privately through a link.
- I responded privately through the link provided (
- Haven’t got a response.
- Now you delete my post because I followed what they said.
- You also deleted my post because I didn’t talk about Transformice.

Am I now supposed to post about the things I want about Transformice only for them to tell me to post privately, only for you to tell me to post about Transformice, and have the cycle repeat over and over again?! Where is the logic?! Where is the common sense?!

Also, if you’re going to say something I disagree with, unfortunately, I’m going to have to say something, because I’m not going to keep quiet, if I dont’ believe you’re right. IF you think you’re right, let’s have an open discussion about it right here. And no deleting posts, no editing shit, no closing threads.

If you are so concerned about “negative energy”, perhaps you might want to try and resolve the issue rather than ducking it. Because ducking it isn’t going to satisfy my conscience, it’s only going to make it have a stronger urge to do something!

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I thought we had gotten past this. You had contacted Sydoline as well as submitted feedback to Kongregate.

Either way, we are not going to allow these topics on the forum.