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This is one of the most informative and useful forums I’ve seen. Thank you tim0tim0. :)

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list of weapons with min dmg (when it is complete i will start the calculations):
Glock 18:20

Colt King Cobra:40

Gold Eagle:70


Skorpion vz. 61:50



Beneli m4:90



Steyr Aug:140


WA 2000:450





M249 SAW:220

Laser LGM:300

Laser LGH:250

Plasma Shocker: 350


6G30: 900



please people post the min dmg of all the weapons, if you all post the ones you have itll be full soon and i can start
for some reason the < p > doesnt work right :/

Alright got it all. Thanks to lazyguy and Blind for the rest.

Now Start Already Tim! :D

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Originally posted by los3r33:

Now Start Already Tim! :D

its 1am !!
im not gonna start now ;)

Originally posted by Amazingone:

This is one of the most informative and useful forums I’ve seen. Thank you tim0tim0. :)

thanks for your support
i started (12:30) and its going much faster than the first time :D

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woohoo all min dmg are collected time for party!!!!

here some cookies,that you get your sugar, while you do your calculations^^

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oh… you just made me hungry :( stop the calculations, its time for breakfast ^^
blame lod for the 30 mins delay >;D

grr… i found a mistake at benelli so its going to take longer :/
im also planning on trying to post it in two collumns (min dmg left max dmg right)
that would be so awesome (IF kong doesnt mess up the layout)

i just finished the 10/10 i dont feel like doing more right now so ill post it another time (stupid beni)

just started again and ill post it today (26th)

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yay its going to be added today.
or do you want more cookies?XD

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Originally posted by Lod89:

yay its going to be added today.
or do you want more cookies?XD

dont set him back 30 mins again

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It was a day ago =.= He would’ve calculated a long time ago.

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^ that statement is false
i edited the post, so it only looks like it said that yesterday (that why i added a date, when i said today)

youve ever spend a long time on something only to look at it again and see a mistake which forces you to do it all over again ?
well i can tell you its not funny

im gonna start over again I WONT GIVE UP !@!

i posted the first part, revisited posts are marked with:"
this post is done :D"

so you can see actual progress ;)
im now at page DONE :D !@! (27th)

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wait i think hz minimum dage is 700 :L XD

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^its 600

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So that’s how much damage ah do with ma barrett. I see.

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tim0tim0 is planning to finiish the thread today or tomorrow, depending on the cooperation of the layout

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lololo posted it on the wrong thread XD

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IT IS DONE C:> <:3

let someome sticky it LIGHT NAUU

| lolo

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ya stickydie stick this thread already!!!!

P.S:i flagged my own post asking if they could sticky the threadXD

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^ Yeah take one for the team. Awesome. And so it this thread.

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btw should i change the title → no all caps ?

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no need to change it,the caps show this thread awesomeness^^

btw seems like flagging my post didn’t work:-(

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Who wants this thread to be stickied say bump. When I receive more than 10, I will sticky it for you guys.

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people who already literally asked to stickey it
(bumps and “awesome/usefull thread” are not counted)

tim0tim0 (page 1)
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Lod89 (page 3)
imacheater (page 3)
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elmoundo (told me in chat)
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cllazyman (page 6)

well apperently it was more than 10, so i need to bribe some more people

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just if whatever675 starts to count after his post

pictures say more then a 1000th words^^

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Is whatever675 some kinda mod?? If he is, STICKY THIS ALREADY!