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Originally posted by zeus24:

DAMN IT THERE IS A STICKY THREAD, GO SPAM YOUR GUN IDEAS HERE —> http://www.kongregate.com/forums/59-tdp4-team-battle/topics/294958-got-an-idea-for-a-new-gun-share-it-here?page=28#posts-6811019 <——

Dats not a nice thing to say.

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^your not a nice thing to say. 8)

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Alright I got 2 awesome gun ideas:
Damage: 200 (first time it hits) then the bullet is really still sucking the life out of people taking away 50 health points 10 times.
Ammo: 4
Reload Time: 3.0 seconds
Shot Interval: 2.0 seconds
3 Accuracy
5 Strength
Costs 50000 Coins 28 Cash
Next one:
Damage: (Charged shot after 5 seconds) 500 (normal shot) 150
Ammo: 25
Reload: 2.5 seconds
Shot interval: 5 seconds for charged shots; 2 for normal ones
5 Accuracy
8 Strength
7 Explosions
Costs 40000 coins and 78 cash

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You can post new gun ideas here.