Free Kreds (locked)

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The only way to get free Kreds is by completing offers on the official Kreds page.

Step #1. Click “FUND YOUR ACCOUNT”.
Step #2. Click “EARN FREE KREDS”.
Step #3. Complete any offer you wish to earn free kreds.

Note: If you do not receive the kreds that you are supposed to, Kongregate can not help you. These offers are hosted by TrialPay, a third-party company. See this post for details.

Anyone offering free Kreds in exchange for your account and/or password is lying to you! There is no way to transfer Kreds between accounts!

If you see someone offering free Kreds in exchange for a password, please send an email to or report them from their Kongregate profile.

Current Promotional Free Kreds Offers:
None currently available.