Make there be a level limit for each gun, as well

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I’m getting tired of being oneshot by people the same level as me with guns that you have at level like 27, if you play legit. This is annoying and is a problem that must be solved. There’s level threes with sniper rifles. I mean, really?

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Does an aug count as a lvl 27 wep? 8)

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Originally posted by ChangelingDash:

I’if you play legit.

Lol, reading your text, makes me think like. If you buy Kreds, you play illigal.
If you do Survey to earn kreds your illigal.

Actually just make friends with Non Cash ppl, and play with it.
Tbh, this problem won’t be solved, Becuz TDP4 stuff members need money, So they won’t Screw Buyers with changing weapons with a lv limit.

Who knows they will make a button where u can choose to let Artifact ppl join or let them out.
We will see it.