Random's Guide no. 1: LOLMarket

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Random’s Guide no. 1: LOLMarket Version no.: 1.3

The LOLMarket is a very useful tool. It is a feature that may be bought at level 400 for 40,000,000 Coins. Its purpose is to give players of Anti-Idle: The Game an easier way of raising Green Coins. For those of you reading the guide, make sure that you read it in its entirety, as it is short, sweet, and to the point.

As a general note for this guide, “n” in formulas, will always be equal to “Gem Lv.” and “X” will always be equal to “Gem Cost.”

Pt. 1: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) The BIG portion of the guide

Q: What is the Max and Min. Demand for Gems?
A: +40 is the maximum. -40 is the minimum. Although, it is possible to temporarily achieve a higher(or lower) Maximum(or minimum). (See below)

Q: What is the Max and Min. Sell price for Gems?
A: n*500 is the minimum. n*2500 is the maximum. Where n=Gem Lv. As above, it is possible to attain slightly higher(or lower) maximum(or minimum) prices.

Q: HOW do you get above(or below) the max/min?
A: There are two green stars in the features shop Pg.2 that allows you to buy “Market Control” one will raise the demand, the other will lower it. If you raise the demand, you can effectively achieve higher maximum for a short period. If you lower it, then the same goes for the minimum.

Q: What is the Maximum that a Gem’s demand can increase/decrease by?
A: A Gem’s demand will increase and decrease at random, however, the maximum that it can decrease or increase by is n+1. (e.g.: Gem Lv. 6 can increase by a maximum of +/-7)

Q: How many Gems can I have at one time?
A: To begin, you may have 60 Gems in total. That means 10 Gems per Gem Lv. For a rather large cost on Features Pg. 2 you can increase your maximum stock up to 60. It is possible to obtain higher than the maximum amount of gems.(See Below)

Q: Well how do I use the LOLMarket effectively?
A: See below.

Pt. 2: The Guide: Albeit small.

Obtaining maximum yield off of the LOLMarket is a simple task if you know what to look for. There is a formula you will want to know when deciding whether to buy or not. This formula is (X/n) Where X=Gem Cost and n=Gem Lv. Below is a list of what to look for to obtain maximum yield:

1. Is the demand for the Gem on the rise? If so, continue. If not, look at another gem.

2. Is this rise above +30? If so, continue. If not, decide whether or not to continue anyway and take a risk.

3. Calculate X/n. Is it below 1750? If so, continue. If not, look at other gems.

NOTE: The reason for calculating X/n is because once that number hits 2500, you can’t go any higher without spending Coins.

4. If all three of those conditions are a yes, then buy the maximum amount of that gem you can afford for maximum profit.

5. If you purchased a gem(s), then you may want to sell if one of two conditions are met:

~The gem reaches a low Demand. The lowest Demand a Gem can reach without worry of losing some profit on the next change is n+1. Although n+2 would yield a +1 outcome at the very least.

~If you see another gem with a low X/n and a high demand(+30 or more) while your gem is in a decreasing demand trend. In this case. Sell your gem(s) and buy out the max stock in the other(s).

Pt. 3: Random LOLMarket Tips. Tips that don’t fit elsewhere in the guide.

~You can obtain LOLMarket Gems from Awesome Adventures randomly. I suggest you don’t focus your gem obtaining via this method. However, if you give the man advice, he will randomly give you a gem.

Pt. 4: The Visual Guide For those who like Pics Nao.

Green: Max/Min is (+ / -)40. Changes based on formula: (+ / -)(n+1).
Red: Changes Depending on Demand(In Green). Changes after updates.
Pink: Number of Gems you own. Possible to be higher than the max.
Blue: Maximum number of gems you can own via purchasing for Green Coins.

Pt. 5: Other Great Guides. Because mine isn’t the only one.

Woto’s LOLMarket Guide For those who like MORE pictures and descriptions. As well as a different WAY of profiting off of the LOLMarket
failure2d’s Awesome Adventures Guide It’s got PERCENTAGES! Check it out.

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First thought: Already made.
Last thought: Good you put links to the other guides :P

Other thoughts:
I find this very easy to read, you know, with the bold and italics :P
A little sad that there’s no pictures, but not nessessary right now :P

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no pics, no read bro.
Woto’s is better bro.

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To each his own opinion. I just wanted to put mine out there so people could have a slightly easier read. Thank you for the free bump, destroyer. :D

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I’m a helpful troll.


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I didn’t say you were a troll. You gave me your opinion that Woto’s guide is better and said you were not going to read mine because I didn’t have pictures. Since you didn’t read my guide, your post is little more than a bump, as I already advertised Woto’s Guide in my own guide. :) So…Thanks again for the free bump. You helpful non-troll. :P

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Good job. I’ll edit in a link to this in mine so that people who want a shorter version can have a look =)

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Thank you woto. You are an exceptional user, and I appreciate that.

P.s. For those not liking the lack of pictures…I don’t even know how to take pictures on my MacBook atm >.> Let alone edit them in a PNG format :o

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please don’t add pictures. Woto’s guide is illustrated and thorough and complete and bores people like me after 20 seconds (for other people, of course, it is EXACTLY what they need). Yours is short, simple, and clean. If you added pictures, you would lose the audience to which you are currently appealing.

EDIT: oh, and you should probably mention that you can buy more gem slots, up to a maximum of 60

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Thank you for the comment ddueber. If I added pictures, I would still keep the entire Guide neat and simple. And Thanks for mentioning the Max of 60…I thought I’d mentioned it but I must have forgotten :P

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Updated. If you don’t like my small portion of the guide that includes a picture, let me know, I might delete that portion if you feel it clutters the guide too much. :)

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Originally posted by Randomthought31:

Thank you woto. You are an exceptional user, and I appreciate that.

You aren’t half bad yourself :P

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Do you think my picture section takes it a little too far?

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shockingly, I actually think the picture is good (very rare for me).

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I would say the picture is just like the rest of the guide, short and concise. You have all areas marked on the same image, and short explanations below so it still sticks to the entire concept of simple and short. But then again I like pictures, so :P

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Random bump

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best lolmarket guide is:buy when the price is low and sell when the price is big=PROFIT!!!!!

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Originally posted by aaro54:

best lolmarket guide is:buy when the price is low and sell when the price is big=PROFIT!!!!!

Uber necro.

Note:T(e)h EXPlosion adds level 7, 8, 9 and 10 gems =P

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I don’t think lolmarket prices ever go “big”. Cough cough.

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