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Look here for a list of commonly used abbreviations and terms.
If you’re experiencing technical issues, consider looking at Aurian’s guide.
Also check out the list of user–made guides for even more stuff!

Below are some frequently asked questions. They might not solve your problem – in that case, feel free to reply to this thread with your question. The answers may be outdated because this game is updated frequently.


  • Q. Why did I lose my save file?
  • A. I don’t know. Perhaps you cleared your cookies, or ran a program like CCleaner. But there are many other reasons why your savefile can be lost, so it’s highly recommended that you backup your savefile frequently.

  • Q. I lost my save file because of [insert reason]! What can I do?
  • A. Nothing. Really sorry :(
    Oh, and make sure that you are not playing on a friend’s computer, and your browser’s private/safe browsing mode is turned off.

  • Q. My game won’t save, EVER! What can I do?
  • A. Right click on the game screen, click “Settings…”, then the third icon from the left (Local Storage). Drag the bar to the right, so it shows “Unlimited” instead of 100KB. It should work now.

  • Q. How do I delete my savefile?
  • A. Press Shift + 1 in Options screen.

  • Q. Where is my savefile?
  • A. Windows 95/98/XP/2k:
    %AppData%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(random letters/numbers)\\antiIdle_file0.sol

    Windows Vista/7:
    %AppData%\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(random letters/numbers)\\antiidle_file0.sol

    Userlibrary>Preferences>Macromedia>Flash Player>#SharedObjects>(random letters/numbers)>>antiidle_file0.sol

    ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/(random letters/numbers)/

    If you use Google Chrome, the path might be different, for example:
    %AppData%\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\(random letters/numbers)\\antiIdle_file0.sol

    Usually, just searching for a file called antiIdle_file0 with searching for hidden files turned on should do the thing.
    Note that file0 can be file1, etc. depending on which savefile you play on. If you have unlocked Speedrun, it’s also essential to back up the ATG_Global.sol and antiIdle_file10.sol (or file 11/12/13, depending on which file you play on) files.


  • Q. How do I get Secret Achievements?
  • A. They are called Secret Achievements for a reason.
    <To earn the “Walked Through” secret achievement, enter the code tJv89gX6 in the text box in the achievements screen.>

  • Q. What is that green star in the Achievements screen?
  • A. As you earn achievements, you gain more EXP and Coins from the Progress Bar. The % next to the green star shows how much extra EXP and Coins you get!


  • Q. Why do Careers get more expensive? I recall them being cheaper before.
  • A. Careers get more expensive as you level up, and as you activate more at the same time.

  • Q. Are Careers permanent?
  • A. No, they last for 72 hours of playing after activation. However, when you reach level 100 and 200 for a Career, you gain some permanent bonuses for it.

  • Q. My Career is level 100, yet I still have to activate it for its bonuses!
  • A. Only the “Level 100 Bonus” is permanent, the Activation Bonus is only available when the Career is activated.

  • Q. How do I gain Career EXP?
  • A. By doing stuff related to it when the Career is activated.

  • Q. What do Random Career Potions do?
  • A. It blesses a random Career for 30 minutes. When a Career is blessed, you gain Activation Bonus from that Career, and more Career EXP for that Career.

  • Q. What do Mega Career Potions do?
  • A. It blesses all Careers for 60 minutes. When a Career is blessed, you gain Activation Bonus from that Career, and more Career EXP for that Career.

Mystery Boxes

  • Q. Am I supposed to get the same thing over and over from Mystery Boxes?
  • A. What you get from Mystery Boxes is random. If you get the same thing over and over, consider yourself (un)lucky.

  • Q. How do I get Mystery Boxes?
  • A. Usually, they are available for purchase in the Mystery Shop. However, some boxes cannot be purchased and must be obtained through other things in the game.

  • Q. How do I open Mystery Boxes?
  • A. In the Mystery Boxes screen. “World” dropdown menu. Click a box to open it. Hold Shift on a box to quickly open all boxes of that type.


  • Q. How do I get Cards?
  • A. You can get them from opening Legendary Boxes. There are some other ways to get cards too, you will know them when you find them.

  • Q. How do I deactivate Cards?
  • A. You can’t. Wait for time to run out.

  • Q. Does card duration run out when I’m offline?
  • A. No.


  • Q. The “Destroy All” button doesn’t work!
  • A. You have to hold Shift and click that button at the same time.

  • Q. Something is wrong with Harvest Value.
  • A. Harvest Value is random, level–based and based on Plot Grade. Nothing is wrong with it.

  • Q. Why did my tree disappear?
  • A. Trees grow and expire when you’re offline.

  • Q. How do I get seeds in Another Garden?
  • A. You can get seeds #1, #26 and #51 through harvesting in Home Garden, and all others through Breeding.

  • Q. How does breeding work?
  • A. You choose 2 seed types and use 10 of each, and get the seed type in the middle of the 2 selected seeds. Each breeding combination has 3 different outcomes.

  • Q. Why won’t my trees be ready for harvest for the next 10 bajillion hours?
  • A. There was a glitch with your system clock, causing trees to grow incorrectly. You should destroy your trees and replant them.

Battle Arena

  • Q. How do I move items?
  • A. Hold CTRL, then click on the two items you want to swap.

  • Q. How do I enhance items?
  • A. Click the enhancer, then click the item to be enhanced.

  • Q. How do I gain Skill Points?
  • A. By increasing your Arena Rank. Each time you Rank up, you gain 20 SP. After reaching Rank 500, you can loot up to 2500 additional SP from monsters (depending on your current BP).

  • Q. What does the “Rage” bar do?
  • A. Increases your damage. You can also improve Rage advantages with some skills.

  • Q. Does higher combo give you anything?
  • A. No. Unless you have the combo skills – in which case, you shouldn’t be asking this.

  • Q. What does Unobtainium Enhancement mean?
  • A. Unobtainium Enhancement increases the power of bonuses (the green, orange and purple lines) on equipment. Each Unobtainium Enhancement increases the “bonus tier” by 1. By default, the “bonus tier” of an item equals to (Required Rank / 10), rounded up.

  • Q. Why am I seeing Spirit skills and a Spirit bar instead of the MP bar I used to see?
  • A. That’s because you’re equipping a Spirit weapon.

  • Q. How do I increase maximum Spirit?
  • A. Equip Spirit armor and accessories.

  • Q. Why am I dealing 1 damage all the time?
  • A. Your attack power isn’t high enough to break through the monster’s defense. Improving “Ignore Defense” helps. Or increase your attack power.

  • Q. What’s with all of those “Miss” when I hit monsters?
  • A. Your Accuracy isn’t high enough.

  • Q. Why did I lose all of my hard–earned rings?
  • A. You died. Sorry. You also lose 10% Arena EXP when you die.

  • Q. What do the different color monster names mean?
  • A. Yellow means the monster is too weak for you. White means it’s suitable for your level. Red means it’s too powerful. Purple means the monster is a boss.

  • Q. Sometimes, monsters’ name tags have a yellow or green border. What does that mean?
  • A. Yellow name border indicates rare monsters, and green name border indicates epic monsters. Rare monsters give more loot, Coins, Pixels and certain exclusive items such as Superior Crafting Material and Pendants. Epic monsters give even more loot, extra EXP and also give Unobtainium.

  • Q. How do I obtain Proof of Training / Proof of Mission?
  • A. Proof of Training can be obtained from The Special Arena (the crack in Advanced Training Zone – if it tells you it’s dangerous, that means it really is dangerous). Proof of Mission can be obtained from all types of Battle Arena missions.

  • Q. How do I give Robacon a weapon?
  • A. Open your inventory, Ctrl + Click a weapon in your inventory and click the weapon slot in Robacon’s interface (which appears when you talk to Robacon). The weapon’s Rank have to be lower or equal to Robacon’s Rank (1 if you haven’t ever used Robacon).

  • Q. What’s the password for that place in Mystic Path?
  • A. It’s very easy, just take the hint literally. It tells you right in that screen. Oh, and the password isn’t “very easy”.

  • Q. How do I get to Pokayman City?
  • A. From Binary Battlefield.

  • Q. How do I get to Secret Beach?
  • A. From Dark Portal, choose the leftmost arrow. It’s almost invisible.

  • Q. How do I tame Invisible Allies?
  • A. They are sometimes obtained as loot drops from Rare or evolving monsters.

  • Q. How do I master Invisible Allies?
  • A. Just fight with the ally equipped. Note that the ally only gains EXP if the monsters you fight aren’t lower level than the ally’s level.

  • Q. What do I get for mastering Invisible Allies?
  • A. You get extra EXP from the monster which you have the ally mastered for, and it also has a higher chance to appear as a Rare monster. It also has a higher chance to appear as an Epic monster on Worst Moon.

  • Q. What’s all that thing about Worst Moon and Invisible X ally?
  • A. When Invisible X ally is equipped, you enter Worst Moon mode. In this mode you’re significantly weaker, but your rewards are also increased, and monsters are more likely to appear in Epic form.

Button Machine

  • Q. What does the red background mean?
  • A. It means that the button is about to break.

  • Q. Does repairing the button when it’s working do anything?
  • A. Yes. It refills the button’s “health”.

Money Printer

  • Q. Does the Money Printer work when I’m offline?
  • A. No.

  • Q. Why does it take 5 battery power per print?
  • A. That happens when you have above 160 battery power. Still though, your printer charges much faster with the Super Battery, even if it’s just for a while.


  • Q. How do I play MindSweeper?
  • A. Figure it out yourself, it’s more fun that way ;)

  • Q. Why can’t I enter my answer in Triangle Count?
  • A. You have to use the left and right arrow keys.

  • Q. How are par scores calculated?
  • A. Par scores are random in a range manually determined by the top scores of players. These par scores are occasionally updated based on scoring trends, but if some people cheat to get high scores in Arcade, it is not going to affect the par scores.


  • Q. Why can’t I finish a race by jumping over the flag?
  • A. If you jump over the flag, that’s YOUR fault. Seriously. Don’t jump over the flag.

  • Q. How do you use an item in Item Fight / Death Match?
  • A. Press Space.


  • Q. What is LEVEL in the TukkunFCG used for?
  • A. Higher EXP gain and FCG Cash when you win.

  • Q. Why do I keep drawing cards I don’t put in my deck?
  • A. Turn “Random Deck” off in the difficulty selection screen. You need at least 25 cards in your deck to do that.

  • Q. Why can’t I sell cards?
  • A. You need at least 25 cards in your deck to sell cards.

  • Q. Why can’t I turn “Random Deck” off?
  • A. You need at least 25 cards in your deck to turn “Random Deck” off.

  • Q. How do I get the cards with “Infinity” cost?
  • A. You can get them from card packs, and from some opponents.

  • Q. How do I use someone else’s deck?
  • A. Copy the PvP / Deck Load Code of that deck (yes, the long line of numbers) – NOT THE ENTIRE THING!!!, then paste it in the Deck Load screen in the TukkunFCG. You need all cards in that deck to be able to use it. You will be told of missing cards when you attempt to load the deck.

  • Q. Why do opponents gain more HP every time I battle with them?
  • A. As your win streak increases, opponents get harder to beat.

Awesome Adventures

  • Q. What does that Progress Storage / Progress Bar Extension in the Awesome Adventures do?
  • A. It allows your Progress Bar to keep filling after 100%. Useless when Idle Mode is turned on. When you get the adventure to buy it, you can pay Green Coins to increase your Progress Storage. Maxes out after 49 purchases. Click the Progress Bar for more information.


  • Q. How do I fish?
  • A. Press any key. Or just idle.

  • Q. How do I view the fish and stuff I got in Fishing?
  • A. Click the “bucket” in the background.

  • Q. Why is it that nothing appears in the Fishing screen?
  • A. Either your bucket is full or your Fatigue is too high.

Epic Skills

  • Q. Do Epic Skills stack?
  • A. Yes.
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Hi Tukkun, congratulations on all your hard work!

How do I get my old v1380 antiidleX.sol file working in the new v1381? Do I rename it to antiidle_file0.sol?

Edit: All set! It took a few times and I think AI needed to be not running.

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Originally posted by AuntieIdle:

Hi Tukkun, congratulations on all your hard work!

How do I get my old v1380 antiidleX.sol file working in the new v1381? Do I rename it to antiidle_file0.sol?

I know where it should go in my macromedia directory, but it doesn’t seem to stick. Thanks again, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done for us.

Auntie Idle

No, it’s transferred automatically. You have to do nothing.

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I didn’t get any Legendary Boxes after completing the Quick Tour event. Did this happen to anyone else?

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Originally posted by Esuohlim:

I didn’t get any Legendary Boxes after completing the Quick Tour event. Did this happen to anyone else?

me neither

how do you get minimum boost after 550%? you certainly can’t purchase past that point, but there’s an achievement for 650%

oh, you need to buy more max boost if that happens

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Is there autoloot?

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Originally posted by Tolni:

Is there autoloot?


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Where can I get blue coins? Lotz of coins makes me confused. I guess red coins is red coins, but blue coins??? Were they mystery pointz?

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how do i auto-loot in arena? missing out on most of the loots is not a fun idea…

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No auto-loot! The loots are an advantage for those that anti-idle. You are not really missing out on that much anyhow most of the time. A small amount of YC and GC, occasional pixels. (remember even with auto loot you would have lost 80% of them)

Tukkun has explained this several times, he is not going to add an auto-loot.

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Originally posted by Dronican:

Where can I get blue coins? Lotz of coins makes me confused. I guess red coins is red coins, but blue coins??? Were they mystery pointz?

Blue Coins are for doing stuff while anti-idling (e.g. drops in BA, Perfect Clicks in Button Machine, possible reward in Adventures, etc).

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okay so no auto-loot…. how do i auto-potion then? also if i leave the game open but unattended for long enough it kinda folds into itself…. does it mean it still works? moving the mouse makes it normal again.

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Thnx slain087

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No auto-potion either. Sorry.

Yes, the game is still running when it folds in on itself like that though. Just saves your computer some work not having to draw everything.

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Auto–Potion has been removed, but HP regen is much higher now. With the correct items, you can easily survive in harder areas without Auto–Potion.

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So uh…what are we supposed to do with Green Coins exactly now. There’s almost nothing to buy with them…

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Tukkun, will a alternate way to buy boosts be available? Just like pre-explosion since lvl 1000, i realized its not worth buying boosts with YC’s, and i only used to buy with green coins, what about now? Also, its IMO harder to ready how much boosts you have from max, leading to “overbuys”, if you cath what i mean.

Anyway, great!
Oh also, i did laugh a lot at the grammar pill, amazing.
Thanks for the extra RCs, now i have 10620, even without MANY easy to get achievs, for instance, arcade ones. Secret shop, here i come! (as soon as they´re all refunded, of course)

Also, idlebot was everything i always wished, but didnt have any idea, because often i used to look at A:TG to buy boosts, harvest and stuff, and most of the time i just kept staring at the game, checking things for minutes, and didnt even remember to turn idle mode off. Thanks!

EDIT Whats the cap for arcade tokkens?

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Wheres my house? ;(

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EDIT Whats the cap for arcade tokkens?

None currently, but I will add a soft cap at 50 soon.

Originally posted by Diablo52665:

Wheres my house? ;(


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and how can i get it back?
how can i get blue coin?

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That wasnt my only question :P
ttyl, gotta sleep.

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btw ty for this great game :D

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Why have my 1000 rc for finishing the task not showing up?
and why is there an auto play in mmr?

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I know this is going to sound retarded, but is there any way to make Pong not impossible? I spent the last hour, trying this damned game, and never got a score about 25,000. My problem is that, between the paddle moving like it’s stuck in molasses, and the fact that the ball becomes nearly invisible, when it reaches high speeds, I either have to be lucky or, apparently, psychic, to get it to hit, once it’s bounced about ten or fifteen times in a volley.

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Regarding Pong, once the ball reaches high speeds try to bounce it off the walls. The AI almost always misses it. Though the AI gets smarter the more goals you get on it so for high scores I try to score a bunch of goals quickly.

Tukkun I have 2 questions. First, what is the plan with the remaining space above the quick access bar? And two, unlike the garden why do the cooldown skills and career times remaining not constantly count down when hovering over them?