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No, it doesn’t. SC2 span rate is independent of epic rate (instead relying on things such as being in WM mode, HC difficulty, or higher ranked pickaxes). All the ring of luck will do is raise your drop rate.

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1. What does mastery ring do?
2. Does a weapon level faster on robacon than on me?

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Originally posted by Marine851:

1. What does mastery ring do?
2. Does a weapon level faster on robacon than on me?

Mastery Ring boosts your Mastery by a lot.
What does Mastery do? It reduces the randomness of your damage. How? By increasing your minimum damage.

Weapons level faster on Robacon. It’s also usually easier, since you can use your current strong weapon to fight in higher areas than your new weapon may have trouble with for now.

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Just for reference: the minimum damage is the mastery percentage of your maximum damage; Robacon levels items twice as fast as you do – the EXP you get for items is the same as the EXP you get for the Arena itself.

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I’m trying to plan for the (distant)future here.
I’m currently leveling up a Humblebee set, while doing that I figure I would work towards making the best weapon I can. I’m thinking almost completely about WM/apoc.

1)I’m using a G5 and a Greatsword I found as a base for my project. (a Pole-arm with decent stats + anything with decent stats as a base was my criteria)
2)Since I can use unique rocks to up the damage to 3k I figure that attack rocks are a waste of stats.
3)I’m thinking about maxing out with speed rocks, this is to save on SP with attack speed and DH

I’m wondering if I should think about tossing some accuracy rocks in the mix as well.

Also, is the max for Pixels 1 trillion -1?

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Originally posted by Ishakaru:

If you’re going to do WM/APOC, look into getting the ultimate elemental weapons from Secret Dungeon. They’re r500, have pretty good attack to start with (~1300) and are easy to find. Get them in HC+APOC mode and you’ll have Unob 7 on them as well. Then use them & Humblebee to get u20 CHAOS armor. CHAOS armor is a bit lacking in defense but it makes up for it with the unob 20 which allows it to have much better bonuses than Humblebee, better than basic Emperor’s Clothing.
Getting to 3k attack with unique enhancers is going to take a very long time. If you search the forum (I think it’s in this thread), there was a small discussion on what would be the best weapon if you used unique enhancers. If I remember correctly, it ended up being a fusion using Oversized Slingshots since they have +100% Accuracy to start.

Max pixels: 999,999,999,999

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I know the Empowering Gem gets it’s unob set at 500. However, does anyone know if having an unob on before it reaches max level changes that? I don’t want to drop an unob 10 in there if that negates it’s end bonus.

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Any unob pre-500 just gets replaced by a 25 unob for those trinkets. The gem of constancy however, doesn’t get any unob bonuses at r500, so you can put a unob10 on that if you wish.

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Page 299* is the “best weapon ignoring attack” discussion.

*Assuming this is page 313 for you. Can’t remember if you can adjust posts per page on Kong.

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Originally posted by Sturmfeder:

If you’re going to do WM/APOC, look into getting the ultimate elemental weapons from Secret Dungeon. They’re r500, have pretty good attack to start with (~1300) and are easy to find. Get them in HC+APOC mode and you’ll have Unob 7 on them as well.

Which of the ultimate elemental weapons are the best to use? Up to this point I’ve been keeping everything just in case, but I’m running out of storage space. >_>

On a storage-space-related note, are there any types of weapon/armor enhancers that I would never want to use and can safely discard? (e.g. HP regen for weapons)

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I’m pretty sure the Ultimate Lightning Spear is the longest (the bonuses don’t matter as much any more since you can change them with special rocks)

Personally, I would definately toss away weapon hp regen, as well as any defense rocks.

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So I got a U20 set a bit ago, and I’m just about done filling it up with attack rocks. But I still haven’t changed the Orange bonus on it, because I dont want to lose the Non-Boss Damage. So, I’m going to farm another couple of sets (or until I want to punch CHAOS through my screen) and save one with Non-Boss for a SC set.

My question is, what should I be trying to get on a U20 CHAOS set for SC? Is the set I have with attack rocks the best, or should I be aiming for something else? Essentially, I’m wondering if I should make this set I have into SC gear, or should I use different rocks on the next set.

Also…what makes a good SC set? I’m thinking just maxing Mastery/Crit/Speed and going for Evasion, but I’m sure there’s a better method out there.

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Would it be a good idea to keep the weaken bonus on the ice spear?

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is 792 attack good for a fresh +7 unob light glaive or should i try for higher?

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I’d say that’s pretty good. You should be fine.

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About to post this in the Accomplishments of the Day thread as well….finally mined a G5! Even better, happened to do it on idlle hc master’s pickaxe!!

Now, the question: what should I enhance it with? And how good are these stats compared to the best I could loot (or basically, how good is the one I looted)?

Atk: 739
Attack Speed: 7
Defense 225
Crit: 20%

Green: Rewards (6/11/11)
Orange: Min 22% Max
Purp: Atk+1452
(what bonuses should I be using?)

And finally, I also looted and oversized slingshot at the time. Would this be a reasonable secondary instead of a GC or G5? And if so, what enhancers should I use for it?

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The best G5 I’ve looted is a G5 +3:

Rank: 198
Attack: 701
Speed: 25
Critical: 43%
Accuracy: 30%
Regen: 475
Unobtainium: 7

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Hey, couple of quick questions.

Firstly I’ve tried searching google and the forums but I can’t find a list of where to get all the skill books anywhere. Mostly skill builds I’ve found want you to be able to max skills but I can’t because I have no idea where to get the books!

Secondly here are my stats and equipment. I don’t know what I should really be aiming for now. Anything that is significantly better than my stuff needs loads more pixels and CM than I have or seem to be able to farm.


Player Name: lordbanana
Lv. 3,434
Rank: 280
Robacon Rank: 126

Ring: Speed
Buff: Reward (Effect: 107%)
Invisible Ally: [#124] Robo Spirit

ATT: 82,323 (53,571)
DEF: 43,109 (33,998)
ACC: 30% + 17,748 (7,174)
EVA: 0% + 19,678 (7,161)
MaxHP: 386,859 (249,909)
MaxMP: 111,596 (101,022)

Equip ATT: 1,480
Equip DEF: 1,370

Max Damage: 7,383,831 (at 0 Combo + 0% Rage)
Mastery: 41%
Ignore DEF: 36%
Damage Resist: 13% + 326,253
Magic Resist: 0%
Attack Speed: 25
Double Hit: 89%
Crit. Chance: 95%
Crit. Damage: 413%
Reflect: 60%
Magic Reflect: 0%
Instant Kill: 0%
Non–Boss Damage: 115%
Boss Damage: 181%
Potion Efficiency: 100%
Negate Effect: 0%
Rage Depletion: 100%
Rage Power: 40%
Rage Speed: 0%

Autosteal: Lv. 32
EXP: 238%
Coin: 232%
Pixel: 232%
Drop: 196%
Spawn: 106%
Rare Rate: 160%
Epic Rate: 160%

Fire: 0%
Ice: 0%
Wind: 0%
Earth: 0%
Thunder: 0%
Water: 0%
Light: 0%
Dark: 0%


Pixel: 320,107,419
Crafting Material: 15,377,154
Superior Crafting Material: 3,484
Unobtainium: 564
Enhancer Fragment: 3,525
Chaotic Fragment of Chaos: 2
Proof of Training: 26
Proof of Mission: 88
Crystal of Rarity: 279
Crystal of Ultimate Rarity: 143


Robacon’s Weapon
Partisan [+0]

  • Rank: 48 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 202 | SPD: 12 | DEF: 21 | CRIT: 7 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [Reward] – [Mastery] – []

Pyrabow [+10] – FUSEDTEMP.

  • Rank: 106 | Unob. Enhancement: 4
  • Item Level: 25 / 25
  • ATT: 845 | SPD: 20 | DEF: 178 | CRIT: 78 | DEX: 86 | HP: 6
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Damage] – [Attack Power]

Blue Hat of Loot [+0] – FUSEDBONUS LOCKED

  • Rank: 70 | Unob. Enhancement: 6
  • ATT: 54 | SPD: 1 | DEF: 270 | CRIT: 10 | DEX: 10 | HP: 10
  • Bonuses: [Drop Rate] – [Autosteal] – []

Elite Shirt [+5] – FINALIZED

  • Rank: 100 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 20 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 216 | CRIT: 29 | DEX: 39 | HP: 3
  • Bonuses: [] – [] – [Attack Power]

Pure Darkness Gloves [+6]

  • Rank: 188 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 15 / 15
  • ATT: 51 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 322 | CRIT: 28 | DEX: 27 | HP: 3
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Autosteal] – [Attack Power]

Elite Pants [+3] – FUSED

  • Rank: 100 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 11 / 11
  • ATT: 16 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 215 | CRIT: 21 | DEX: 3 | HP: 2
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Attack] – []

Elite Shoes [+3] – FUSED

  • Rank: 100 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 18 / 18
  • ATT: 20 | SPD: 2 | DEF: 145 | CRIT: 23 | DEX: 11 | HP: 4
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [] – []

Red Skin [+8] – FUSED

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 24 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 24 | CRIT: 0 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Ignore Defense] – [MaxMP]

Pendant of Bosshunter [+10] – BONUS LOCKED

  • Rank: 180 | Unob. Enhancement: 3
  • ATT: 0 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 0 | CRIT: 0 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [] – [Boss Damage] – []

Triangle Gem [+0] – BONUS LOCKEDTEMP.

  • Rank: 274 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 250 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 0 | CRIT: 0 | DEX: 0 | HP: 0
  • Bonuses: [Spawn Rate] – [Critical Damage] – [Attack Power]

Nerf Accepted! [+5] – TEMP.

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 5 / 5
  • ATT: 0 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 0 | CRIT: 25 | DEX: 25 | HP: 25
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Attack] – [Attack Power]
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Originally posted by Garlow112:

How long do you want to work on the weapon.

If you go with absolute max damage, then you will want to up crit a couple times and accuracy a couple times, then to +10 with speed. Level the weapon to max, then use unique enhancers till the damage is 3k.
A good companion weapon is the Oversized Slingshot you looted, and follow the exact same pattern as the G5.

Fuse, level, then finalize. Tada: 4k+damage on a weapon that has a base stat of 25 speed + a good bit of double hit.

This will take MONTHS to do. At r450 I’m able to mine about 2.3b crafting mats with 24 hours of anti-idle mining. Cost of the +5 unique enhancer is 1.12 billion. This isn’t even considering the cost in pixels or the superior crafting mats.

For an in between weapon, get something with a relatively high speed to offset your G5’s and focus on damage rocks instead. I’m using a 1879 damage 14 speed G5 right now.

@lordbanana idle mine with a bronze pickaxe. When you hit r500 revive mine with a unob pickaxe on HCApoc.
This will get you skill books. As far as anti-idle mat farming, I’m currently looking for a good way to farm mats myself.

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- You should enhance your gear to +10. You don’t need to buy super-expensive enhancers at your level; Lv. 6 or 7 armor attack rocks are decent enough and relatively cheap to craft.

- Before fusing gear, you should enhance the primary to +10 and the secondary to +9. The fused product will be at +9 (it rounds down), allowing you to add one more enhancer.

- I’m pretty sure you can do better than +4 in Dark Pyramid. Use the Abandoned Lab machine to change your equip bonuses to light element, non-boss damage, and crit. Drink a mastery potion and equip a critical ring. Use power attack. That should get you a better weapon than you have (once enhanced and fused, anyway).

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Anyone can tell me what skills and weapon should I get to kill Chuck Norris in YO Pub?:P

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I actually made that out of crafted pyramid weapons, because the Dark Pyramid weapons only last 30 days and don’t take life rocks. The crafted ones are 365 days and do take life rocks. But I could defs make a more min-maxed weapon with those ideas so I guess I’ll play around.

I havn’t actually been to the Abandoned Lab machine, what’s that?

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My suggestion is to not worry about the 30 day thing so much. If you are half way active, then the cost to craft the weapons is not even close to worth it. If you haven’t created a G5 in 30 days, then it’s just 10 min to get another couple higher level bows and start the process over again until you do.

I assume you are using the Dark Pyramid guide?

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Yeah I’ve followed it, got half way to +6 before.

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RE where for skill books: All but the last two pages drop from rare mobs, so you want somewhere with good rare rates – mining and Secret Lab are all 100% guaranteed. Epic is from Epic mobs, and ?? is for r500 in Abandoned Lab.