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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – Read before posting

This thread is used for bug reports.

Please do NOT post in this thread unless the game asks you to do so. If you want to report a bug, please use the purple “Report a Bug” button in the game, fill in the required information and post here once you get the bug report form (Step 3 of the process).

In case you really need to post in this thread but have no bugs to report, please write something helpful at least, and do not use the formatting of a bug report. Quoting a bug report just to say that it happens to you as well is spammy (unless requested otherwise).

If you want to cancel a bug report you submitted, do not say stuff like “nevermind”. Just press “Edit post”, then “delete post”.

If you came here after filling in the required information in the bug report form, press “Reply to topic”, press CTRL + V then press “Submit Reply”.

A correct bug report should look somewhat like this:

[Bug Title]

[Bug description]

Kongregate Username | 1 / 0 | [d1]–0 | F4 | v1,500 | WIN 10,2,159,1 | Sat Oct 13 09:14:27 GMT+1337 2012

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Game Crash on BA

Entering the Battle Arena in the Secret Save File with arenaZone = 53 causes the game to crash and flash every single BA enemy, including unused ones.

EDIT: SSF zone was set to 53. Why didn't I think of this earlier?

James1011R | 9,001 / 17,256,723 | v1,436 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Battle Arena Potion Recycling

When you try to recycle potions to get crafting material the small ones and only the small ones will not be recycled. Then if you click it again it disappears. 

winnerguy9 | 1,155 / 5,133,768,200 | v1,436 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Originally posted by winnerguy9:

Some things can’t be recycled; also the potion doesn’t disappear, it is just sent back to your inventory.

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Minor Achievement Display Bug

As I just earned 2 Achievements (No Death + Pacifist) at the exact same time, the chat window displayed them with identical number (576/630 + 576/630 making my total achievement count 577/630)

Screenshot of problem:

Detlef | 5,276 / 489,487,911,865 | v1,436 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Secret Crystals kill me

Today i decided to try the new mining update. I found secrct crystals and then I started to mine them. It took a while. And then RIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE, THE CRYSTALS KILL ME INSTANTLY AND STOLE ALL MY RINGS. That makes completely no that a hunk of  secret crystals can kill you instantly. I mean, it just kept on inflicting 1 damage and then boom. I die.

Daniel156657 | 466 / 336,629,862 | v1,436 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Originally posted by Daniel156657:

*deep inhale * * deep exhale * Okay. First Sercret Crystals can kill you, it’s not a bug, and you have to use the pickaxes to encounter/hurt the crystals.

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Enhancer filter and Invisible Ally in front of items

In the menu of BA, when i open items the "Enhance filter" and 
"Insvisible Ally" are in front of the item box and still clickable.

Truub | 1,200 / 5,764,989,829 | v1,437 | WIN 11,0,1,152

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Battle Arena: Menu buttons overlap inventory pop-up

In the Battle Arena's Menu screen, when I open my inventory from the Item tab at the upper-left of the Menu, the green Enhancer Filter button and red Invisible Ally button overlap the inventory pop-up.

Screenshot of problem:

LionelAndras | 482 / 374,130,145 | v1,437 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Boss of Dooooom Invisible Ally Invincibility ability not working

Instead of invincibility, it shows Boost in the buff area, and even boost doesn't work (or at least it doesn't update in the stats window)

fourhundred | 9,000 / 2,796,471,131,893 | v1,437 | WIN 11,0,1,152

After some further testing, it is just a display bug.

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Loots Appear over Teleport Screen

All other things have loots behind them, so…

calvindang | 1,3XX / 8,XXX,XXX,XXX | v1,437 | WIN 11,0,1,152

BTW sorry, can’t go on my CPU and not allowed to play flash games on this laptop.


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You can’t quit the PSOD. The return button doesn’t work.

I’m not reporting from in-game, because I would waste my GC if I ended the PSOD.

Arrrl | 2,007 / ???? | v1,437 | WIN 10,1,53,64

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Originally posted by Arrrl:


You can’t quit the PSOD. The return button doesn’t work.

I’m not reporting from in-game, because I would waste my GC if I ended the PSOD.

Arrrl | 2,007 / | v1,437 | WIN 10,1,53,64

I had this on the old topic.

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BA Loot Disappearing

When one has the weird box invisible ally equipped, occasionally when it drops the pixel loot any other loot on the scene will instantly disappear.

Kalkaph | 1,250 / 6,506,217,396 | v1,437 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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buffs tick down slowly

When I activate a buff, the buff stays for 3-4x longer than it should.

wecl0me12 | 6,161 / 779,689,936,469 | v1,437 | WIN 10,3,181,34

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3 Minor Problems

Sorry to bug you with minor problems/annoiances
1. I an unable to get back to the message board/savefile screen after turning on the purple screen of death
2. I got 2 achievments at the exact same time and in the little update box in the lower left hand corner they both had the same achievent number.
Ex. ......... 45/630
. When i found number one, I was going to report it, but i couldn't and it took me about an hour and a half of creating a new save file and getting 450 anti idle rewards.
I hope these were useful, and Sorry for bugging you.

Chuckster102 | 114 / 4,908,045 | v1,437 | LNX 10,2,159,1

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Bestiary still shows old bonuses.

When you enter the bestiary, and rollover an enemy, the EXP it gives is still increased by the old way (e.g. a level 2 bestiary would show xxxxx + 20%).

dariofg | 1,708 / 16,619,618,319 | v1,438 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Career Blessing deactivated

I had the Arcade Career activated. Then I used the Random Career Potion and got the Arcade Blessing.
I bought some tokens, I started to play.

When I was starting the next game of pong, i checked the time left, it said: 6:45.
I was doing quite well, but was killed seconds after activating 2nd pong power (about 2:30 before finishing the survival).

The message in the box said, that I earned 2440 Career EXP, but no message about the blessing appeared. When I checked the Careers window, the blessing was gone.

Could it be because of some lag? My antivirus started updating during the play, which caused fps reduce to 20-25 and the gameplay to slow down

Arrrl | 2,087 / 30,288,790,082 | v1,438 | WIN 10,1,53,64

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The stadium bug..

When i race in stadium,the cpu player crossing the obstacle block and that cause them win.

LoudovickP | 3,463 / 138,479,875,517 | v1,438 | WIN 10,3,183,5

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Originally posted by wecl0me12:

buffs tick down slowly

When I activate a buff, the buff stays for 3-4x longer than it should.

wecl0me12 | 6,161 / 779,689,936,469 | v1,437 | WIN 10,3,181,34

Potion efficiency pendants now also affect buffs.

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Pixels and crafting materials

When I entered corruption my pixels and crafting materials just show ----- where it's supposed to show the amount and still does even after I left corruption. And the enemies in corruption was instantly killed without me even attacking, and they gave ----- coins, pixels and craftingmaterials. I think my battlerank exp went down to 0 when I entered too but I'm not sure. 

mikke85 | 3,836 / 188,122,366,262 | v1,439 | WIN 11,1,102,55

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Invisible Allies don’t appear Mastered

Minor visual bug--once an IA now hits 10K exp, the bar says 100% instead of changing to Mastered.

Screenshot of problem:

Deathborn668 | 9,000 / 2,578,221,000,865 | v1,439 | WIN 10,1,53,64

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Elite Temp. Boosts

When i receive Elite Temp. Boosts (through dragon or attendance box) 
I don't actually get the boosts, only the cap get's raised by the amount i got. 
No screenshot needed for this i guess.

Also, I use Firefox and Flash Player If this also has to do with
the flash player updates then ofcourse disregard.

Truub | 1,694 / 16,209,008,316 | v1,437 | WIN 11,0,1,152

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Previous Version

I went to refresh from 1439 to 1440, and somehow ended up in 1438 instead,

ShadyKnight | 2,735 / 68,217,883,236 | v1,438 | WIN 11,1,102,55