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Originally posted by asmodeojung:

Possible bug in TFCG

After decking out I received 2 poison damage per turn instead of one.
This 2 poison damage was continuous, I received it until the end of the match.
There was no other source of poison damage, my hand was not full.
It seemed like decking out penalty was applied twice or something like that.

If you fix this bug, please restore my winning streak against lvl 8 TFCG opponent.
I would have won that match if there was no extra poison damage.

asmodeojung | 154,301 / 397,913,743,772 | [d2]–17 | F0 | v1,535 | WIN 11,5,31,5 | Sat Jan 12 19:48:11 GMT+0300 2013

Upd: I think I had full hand at the turn when the deck became empty, but after that I used cards, so additional penalty for full hand should not have been applied.

I get this when I deck out on mirror match. Then I get 2 poison dmg per turn and my opponent gets one. (he has nether full hand or throwing a card(s) and he has cards to draw.). So it seems the opponent gets 1 poison dmg due to me getting 2 poison dmg due to me decking out.

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menu battle arena

the new menu bonus preference cover item menu.

Screenshot of problem:

CarlosS19 | 34,304 / 265,820,016,678 | [d1]–104 | F0 | v1,535 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Sat Jan 12 13:00:19 GMT-0200 2013

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FCG Random Deck

Each time i try to play my deck isn't the one i chosed. It's like random I don't understand why (and i've got more than 25 cards).
Sorry for my english.

Omnislashh | 1,039 / 3,741,815,949 | [d1]–116 | F0 | v1,535 | WIN 11,5,31,5 | Sat Jan 12 16:48:00 GMT+0100 2013

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maybe because you’re using random deck?

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Arena Hardcore Bug

After I activated Hardcore more in arena it is not possible to use mana again - never ever.

By entering Hardcore Mode the Mana Bar becomes a Spirit Bar. Unfortunally when you switch from Hardcore Mode to Normal Mode it keeps using the Spirit Bar and it also keeps using all Hardcore Mode Skills :(

Please fix it if possible.

JenovaSYNTHESE | 93 / 2,709,099 | [d1]–2 | F0 | v1,535 | WIN 11,5,502,135 | Sat Jan 12 17:05:50 GMT+0100 2013

Edit: Sturmfeder is right and I would like to cancel this from the bug list. For some reason I triggered to Hardcore Mode just after I crafted the Noobie Spirit Weapon each time i tested this. I did not know about Spirit Weapons when I reported the bug.

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My bad didn’t see it :S

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Originally posted by JenovaSYNTHESE:

You have a Spirit Weapon Equipped. Unequip your current weapon and it should shift back to MP.

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Trees randomly disappearing without meeting the expire time

Hello, I had planted 3 black tree's, After I harvest them about 3 hours later one of the tree's disappeared. Would love to get this checked before i buy another. thanks

MidTheFox | 688 / 1,086,134,833 | [d1]–87 | F0 | v1,535 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Sat Jan 12 14:01:01 GMT-0500 2013

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Editing Technical Lights while in Awesome Adventures

Trying to write 1, 2, 3 (and 4 for some adventures) in a window, such as Technical Lights Edit, Options (->Custom Title) results in doing the adventure, but not writing the number.
For example. Trying to give yourself the title '111' on top of AA doesn't work at all, the text field remains empty.

MerrimanLyon | 48,681 / 2,180,496,929,758 | [d1]–112 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,3,300,273 | Sat Jan 12 23:48:28 GMT+0100 2013

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Inconsistent spirit costs

On the Chaos and Overkill descriptions in the skill page, they say they cost far less than they do in the actual Battle Arena.

Majildian | 353,344 / 186,895,045,188 | [d2]–5 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 10,3,181,23 | Sat Jan 12 21:26:33 GMT-0800 2013

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Weird Possible IA drop rate related bug.

I've noticed something weird when collecting Invisible Allies from earlier zones. When hunting for IAs in the first few zones (mystic forst, dark forest), I noticed a common theme. The last IA I had left in both occasions was the IA for blue jr. goop in mystic forest and dark jr. goop in the dark forest. In addition to this, a friend of mine was also complaining how he was having trouble getting water dummy IA from the training zones and goop jr. from mystic forest. So then it hit me. What do all of these monsters have in common? They spawn something else when they get killed. It occured to me that there might be a bug regarding IA drop rates of monsters that spawn other monsters, so I thought you might want to look into this.

Godelboard | 16,829 / 1,061,673,386,971 | [d1]–348 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,1,102,62 | Sun Jan 13 03:08:49 GMT-0500 2013

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Originally posted by Godelboard:

That’s intended. It’s explained in the first item of section 1.4 of the IA guide.

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Cannot see stats by pressing ctrl s

I am using internet explorer and I am not able to see my stats by pressing ctrl s. I can do it while using firefox, but when i do it on IE it goes to a save webpage instead of my stats. Ive looked for some help and ive asked others playing in the chatrooms. but nothing could help me.

visa143 | 5,695 / 615,833,549,528 | [d1]–1,241 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,5,502,135 | Sun Jan 13 11:03:55 GMT-0500 2013

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Try pressing S before Ctrl.

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Cant use mouse w/ BA

When i use the keyboard to attack in BA, the mouse cant be used until i minimize and put the browser again.

spiny | 838 / 1,958,550,934 | [d1]–174 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,4,402,265 | Sun Jan 13 13:46:31 GMT-0300 2013

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Missed word in Spirit Recovery description

You accidentally a word in the description for the Spirit Recovery skill.  It reads
"It doesn't whether you are fighting or not."

CAdamH | 36,093 / 753,935,988,527 | [d1]–234 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Sun Jan 13 12:52:33 GMT-0500 2013

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Stadium Bug finish

Sometimes when i jump towards the finish i fly over it, and it does not register me winning. So im on the right side of the screen, having to walk back towards the finish.

Wcband | 814 / 1,794,897,529 | [d1]–86 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,5,31,137 | Sun Jan 13 20:24:55 GMT+0100 2013

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Originally posted by Wcband:

This is not a bug, it’s intended. To win, you must cross the flag, not go over it. This is due to a secret achievement related to jumping over the flag.

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Not going to write a regular bug report, cause this is old. The issue with epic skills resetting is not just if you upgrade them during an impossible. I just mis-clicked on epic skills when I wanted to go to mystery box screen, and I realized mine are now back to non-upgraded. I am doing a normal ascension, and I obviously upgraded them to max during a medium already.

I would guess it’s happened due to the imp ascensions I’ve done, but I’m not sure as I haven’t been checking. I could test it though, if you want help to figure out what causes it.

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Cannot equip weapons in Battle Arena

Hello! Now please bare with me, for some of my punctuations and spelling may be slightly off. I am use to spell check. Now, I have discovered that in the Battle Arena my player continuously swings his Original weapon. I cannot stop this.  Auto- attack is indeed off, and there isn't a single button sticking as you can see by this message. I clicked the mouse out of the game screen and it stopped. I tried equiping the wooden dagger but, my player again perseded to swing his weapon. The game repetitivly tells me that I cannot equip a wepon while attacking. Please help. I don't know how you will contact me so please if you could email me at P.S. I know I spelt dial incorrectly.

bobbyjones23 | 42 / 243,192 | [d1]–1 | F1 | v1,536 | WIN 11,5,502,146 | Sun Jan 13 18:00:05 GMT-0800 2013

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I appoligize I have discovered if I spam the weapon or armor at the right time it will equip. Thank you.

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Originally posted by bobbyjones23:

Did you try clicking any of your attack keys to see if that was the issue? Also, what browser are you using? Some browsers (IE, usually) have issues with the game. Switching browsers may help.

Also, if you have more info and no one has posted a response or such, please try not to double-post. There’s an edit post button right under your post count. If you could use that in the future, that’d be most helpful!

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not a biggy, but:

bar isn’t quite full as it’s supposed to be

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Click count differt

Yes in the button game some times the combo click is higher thant the click today's.

Screenshot of problem:

galopin | 809 / 1,767,919,078 | [d1]–43 | F0 | v1,536 | LNX 11,2,202,261 | Mon Jan 14 10:37:44 GMT-0500 2013

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Originally posted by galopin:

Not a bug. Click combo is not 1 combo per click, it varies. It’s supposed to go up a lot quicker than your click count.