[Update5] WARNING: Upcoming "nerfs" (locked)

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The following “nerfs” will be applied in the next version:

  • Quest/Event Token cost of numerous Special Shop items will be increased.
  • Unobtainium will have a base drop rate of 4% (0.2% x 20) from Epic monsters, and no longer drop in Dark Pyramid and Spooky Crypt.
  • Accessory Unique Enhancers will be moved to the bottom of the list of Spooky Crypt prizes.
  • Some monsters will give less Coins / Pixels.
  • A few bonuses on equipment will be nerfed.
  • Purple bonuses “Pixel / Loot” and “Material / Loot” will be removed. Most other purple bonuses will have a decreased effect.
  • Unobtainium Enhancement will have a lower impact.
  • Limitations will be applied to the “Secret Accountant” adventure for currency trading.

Be prepared.

[Update1] The following nerfs will also be applied:

  • The required score to obtain some Secret Dungeon items will increase.
    • Chaos Armor: 2,500 → 2,800 (Dark Angel Armor is awarded for 2,100 ~ 2,799)
    • +3 stat Unique Enhancer: 3,000 → 3,200 (+2 stat is awarded for 2,700 ~ 3,199)
  • Some harder Random Quests will be added.
  • Wait time for Adventure Energy will be raised from 3min 20sec to 4min.
  • Dominator Gems obtained after the update will have a 7 day time limit (can be extended with Life Rocks).
  • All elemental weapons (not Ultimate) obtained after the update will have 100 less Attack.
  • Rank requirement of THE MEGABOSS’s Earrings will change from 90+round*2 to 100+round, and awarded every 20 rounds instead of 10.
  • Cost to plant certain trees will increase.

[Update2] It is quite unfortunate, but for the purpose of balancing, the following nerfs will also have to be applied:

  • The drop rate of Rings will be one–thirded.
  • Damage dealt in Tower of DOOOOOOM will be reduced by 25%.
  • Melee bonus for Super Knockback will be reduced by 0.20x (making it 1.30x at max level instead of 1.50x).
  • Damage dealt by Robacon / Robroccoli will be reduced.
  • Activity gain rate for Business will be reduced by 50%.

All of these changes are to ensure that nothing is too overpowered before they are left untouched in the game code.

[Update3] The following nerfs will also be applied:

  • All monsters in Defend Mission will self–destruct after 60 seconds for high damage. This effect can still be removed by the use of Dark Ruler.
  • Drain will be disabled in Prehistoric Mission.
  • Rare chance bonus from mastered IA bonus will be reduced to 5%.
  • Epic chance bonus from mastered IA bonus will be reduced to 0.5%.
  • Rage Depletion will be doubled increased by 100% in Worst Moon (upper limit will be 200%, or 2%/sec).
  • Potion Efficiency bonus from Adrenaline skill and equipment will be halved. Base HP/MP gain from recovery from potions will be increased to 100,000.

[Update4] The following changes will also be applied:

  • Damage Resist % bonus from Equipment Defense will be reduced to 1% per 100 Equip DEF (from 50). The Attack of some monsters will be reduced accordingly to make up for this change.
  • Some of the Main Quests’ requirements will increase, particularly ones about Invisible Allies, and possibly a few others.

[Update5] The following changes will be applied:

  • [Bacon Sword] will require Robacon/Robroccoli Rank 500 to craft, and will cost 50,000 10,000 Bacon/Broccoli in addition to 20 billion Pixels.
  • Bacon/Broccoli will be capped at 9,999,999 (x2).