Chaos armor enhancing (Possibly up to date with v1522)

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Since the appearance of purple bonuses, a lot of people in chat rooms and on the forums have been asking what the new optimum way to enhance Chaos armor is. And as a result, there have been several different suggestions as to an answer, each supported with their own set of arguments. So, I decided to create a spreadsheet where you can experiment with different enhancement strategies.

Download link (.xls file):
Note: You do need to actually download the file. Mediafire does not have built-in a way to view .xls files online.

If you have an older version of Excel, some features may not work. Try this file:

Note: I threw in a fix to account for the new damage formula in v1522, but I didn’t have time to test it so it may not be 100% accurate. I am also in the process of studying for final exams for this semester, so I haven’t had time to add any of the new armor sets.
Old version:
Old compatibility version:

How to use the spreadsheet:
On the first page, you can specify your skill levels for any skills that directly influence your damage (Strength enhancement, Invisible Weapon, Critical Force, Keen Eyes, and Legendary Weapon), as well as your base stats (such as attack power and critical chance).

On the second page, you can specify whether you want to use level 10 enhancers or level 9 mystery enhancers, as well as how many of each kind of rock (armor attack and armor critical), and the level of your armor.

The third page works the same as the second, with the additional ability to select what kind of armor you want to use (I went with Chaos, Fairy Godfather, Fairy Godmother, and Nightmare, since those seem to be the most popular choices).

On the fourth page, you can select what kind of enhancer you want to use for the final enhancement. You can also select how much unobtanium enhancement you have on each armor piece, what purple bonus to use (equipment attack or attack power), and also the bonuses on your Fiend Glaive.

In order to decrease the amount of variables I needed to work with, I made the following assumptions:

  • Damage listed at the end does not take into account the +250% bonus from wearing a full set.
  • Green bonuses were not taken into account.
  • All orange bonuses on armor are Attack. Orange bonus on weapon is something else (note, this may change in the next version)
  • Purple bonuses are either Equipment Attack, or Attack Power
  • Bonuses from equipping an Invisible Ally were not taken into account.
  • Bonuses from Robacon/Robroccoli were not taken into account.
  • Bonuses from buffs were not taken into account.
  • Penalties from facing higher leveled enemies or being on hard/impossible ascensions were not taken into account.

Warning: This spreadsheet only works with version 1501. Changes in the future versions may result in a different optimum enhancement strategy.

Feel free to leave any comments, as well as suggestions, or mentioning any errors that you found.

Change Log
Version Δ (10/3/2012):

  • First version posted on forums

Version Ε (10/3/2012):

  • Added preliminary accessory support

Version Ε2 (10/3/2012):

  • Added a note about resetting the armor level to 1 when switching from Chaos to FGF for secondary, which could otherwise cause incorrect results.

Version Z (10/13/2012):

  • Preliminary support for v1500 (may not be 100% accurate).

Version Z2 (10/13/2012):

  • Fixed an error with HP, Evasion, and Critical Damage being integers rather than percents on accessories.
  • Due to a bug with older versions of Excel, the validation for armor levels has been changed. It used to reference what armor was selected, but now just limits it from 1-13. If you are planning on fusing Chaos with FGF armor, please remember to manually set the FGF level to 1.

Version H (10/22/2012):

  • Added two more armor options: Fairy Godmother (FGM) and Nightmare.
  • Added skins.
  • Added an alternate version of the file. Try this one if you are experiencing any errors caused by using an older version of Excel.

Version Θ (12/16/2012):

  • Changed the damage formula to account for the change in v1522.

Special thanks goes to:
Palparepa and his fusion simulator:
The members of AI Chat room number 1, for suggestions, data gathering, and bug identification.

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great guide thank you!

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Ya this guide hasn’t gotten any responses, and it is probably for the same reason I never replied which was that I don’t have a use for these yet. But it seems well done quite useful. Excellent work.

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Already done with a preliminary 1500 version, I’m impressed

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Is the chaos armor still best fused with FGF or should it be fused with Knightmare for the optimal results?

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Originally posted by Budeghei:

Is the chaos armor still best fused with FGF or should it be fused with Knightmare for the optimal results?

I’m not sure. I’ll have to run some tests with the armor stats later. All I did so far was update the change in bonuses and tiers.

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Please dont quote the OP seeing as its so long and at the top of the page, this tool was/is handy, needs an update though. So feel free to insult someones hard work when he shares it for the community.

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In terms of an update, what would everyone like to see added to it? (just so I know what to work on)

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Oranges bonuses and 250% attack for set bonus