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Draconi, for getting and interpreting the game code

Correct as of v1506, 2012-11-18

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General information

To work on a career, you must activate it. To do so you simply click “not activated” to change it to activated. However, this costs yellow coins. The more careers you have active at once, the more it costs.

Careers gain experience when you do things in the feature it’s related to. The maximum level of careers is 100. More exact information on how to level each one can be found under each individual career below.

Each career has two different kinds of bonuses. Level bonuses, and max level bonuses. Level bonuses are active when the career itself is active, and the bonus increases as you level up the career. Max level bonus is given when you reach max level, and it’s active all the time.

Cost to activate career
10 * multiplier * (sqrt(level) + sqrt(career level)) * 1000 + (careers activated * sqrt(level) * 10000000)

300 for Arcade Player, Gardener, Item Maker, Racer
400 for Adventurer, Button Basher, Card Player, Fighter, Gem Trader
600 for Idler

Note! This formula uses your highest reached level, so the price does not go down when you ascend.

Exp required to level up a career

Exp for next level: 100 + 5 * (level + level^2)

Total exp needed for level: 5/3 * Level * (Level^2 + 59)

Every time you activate a career you get (100 + career level) exp

If you find the formulas confusing, Arvedui’s has a spreadsheet with exp required for each level and some activation costs that can be found here.

Career potions

Career potions are used to bless careers. A blessed career gains double career experience, and blessings are therefore very useful to level up a career faster. Additionally, a career does not have to be activated to be blessed, so if you are short on cash, it can be a good way to work on your careers for free.

Random career potions blesses a random career, and the blessing lasts for 20 minutes. Mega career potions blesses all careers, and the blessings lasts for 1 hour. If a career potion is used and an already blessed career is blessed again, the additional time will be added.

If a career is activated before it’s blessed, it’s duration will be paused until the blessing runs out.

Career experience trade
Once a career is maxed, you can trade in surplus career exp using the trade function. It costs 500,000 career exp, and the rewards vary between careers and are therefore listed under each career.

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Feature: None.

Career experience gain
When the game is completely idle (you aren’t moving the mouse around in-game or clicking anything), you will gain idler career exp every 10 seconds. The amount depends on how long you have been idle

After idling for
1 minute – 3 exp / 10 seconds
5 minutes – 6 exp / 10 seconds
1 hour – 10 exp / 10 seconds
3 hours – 15 exp / 10 seconds

Career rewards

Every level gives:
Progress bar speed +0.2% when idle for more than 1 minute
Boost depletion -0.1% when idle for more than an hour

Max Level Bonus:
Idle Mode speed +10%

Career exp trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Idlebot Cards
  • 2 Battery Charger cards
  • 500 Insta-Progress
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Feature: Garden

Career experience gain
You gain experience by harvesting trees, based on how much Garden EXP the tree you harvested gives.

Garden EXP of harvested tree * 0.8 * (1 + (Garden Exp on Slot tree is planted on / 2000)) Caps at five times the garden points the tree gives, which is when you have 105,000 Garden EXP on the slot

Breeding seeds in AG gives 500 career experience

Garden EXP values of normal garden trees
Grey – 5
Blue – 10
Pink – 20
Green – 30
Lime – 40
Yellow – 50
Red – 45
Black – 75
For AG, simply check the seed description
Interesting fact: A tree gives the same amount of Garden Points as Garden EXP.

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Harvest Value +0.2%

Max Level Bonus:
Garden Points +20%
Garden EXP +20%

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Autoharvest Cards
  • 5 Fertilizers
  • 1 Mega Fertilizer
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Feature: Battle Arena

Career experience gain
Fighter career experience gain is a tad complicated, and consists of many things that stack together.

Career exp gain is based on enemy name color, bestiary level, and casual/HC, and certain special conditions for raids. These all add together. Note that you only receive the bonus corresponding to the bestiary level you have for the monster in question.

White enemy – 1 career exp
Red enemy – 1.5 career exp
Boss enemy – 3 career exp

Rare monster – 10 career exp
Epic monster – 40 career exp

Level 2 bestiary – 0.5 career exp
Level 3 bestiary – 1 career exp
Level 4 bestiary – 1.5 career exp
Level 5 bestiary – 2 career exp
Level 6 bestiary – 3 career exp

If you are on hardcore, you gain an additional 0.5 career exp.

Special cases

Special Arena – 10 additional career exp per monster, 400 additional career exp for completing the raid
Chuck Norris – 300 additional career exp
Secret Dungeon – 700 additional career exp for beating CHAOS (200 if you used Anti-Curse Potion)
Tower of DOOOOOOM – 1 + floor((Taunt-% / 20) + Enemy # / 2)) additional career exp. (Example: You kill Doom Treeman with full taunt. He is the 5th monster that appears. 1 + floor((100 / 20) + 5/2) = 1 + (5 + 2.5) = 8 as floor rounds down.)

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Attack, Defense, MaxHP, MaxMP, Accuracy and Evasion +0.1%

Max Level Bonus:
EXP, Coin and Pixel gain in BA +5%

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Large Power Potions
  • 2 Large Reward Potions
  • 2 Large Master Potions
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Item Maker

Feature: Battle Arena

Career experience gain
For career experience gained when crafting items, it’s listed in-game along with costs for the item. Outside of crafting, you can gain career experience from enhancing, looting, mining and crafting keys.

Pyramid Key – 100 career exp
Defend Mission Key – 200 career exp
Secret Arena Key – 1000 career exp

Secret Crystal 1 – 10 career exp
Secret Crystal 2 – 200 career exp


Crafting Material – (0.5 * amount^0.1) career exp (rounded down)
Superior crafting material – (amount * 10) career exp
Crystal of Rarity – 25 career exp
Crystal of Ultimate Rarity – 50 career exp
Chaotic Fragment of Chaos – (amount * 10) career exp
Unobtanium – (amount * 50) career exp
Enhancer Fragment – (amount * 2) career exp

The formula for career exp gained from enhancing includes three variables. Power, X, and enhancer level. Some types of enhancers have their own formula, listed below under exceptions.

Power * X * (5 + Item enhancement count) * 1.1

Power – The base amount the enhancer type adds, for example a weapon attack rock level 10 gives +50 attack, which means it’s power is 50. Armor speed rocks have 1 power per 5% attack speed
Item enhancement count – The enhancement count on the item you are enhancing. For example, an armor that is +9 would have item enhancement count 9
X – A set number that differs depending on enhancer type, listed below
Weapon Attack = 1
Weapon Speed = 20
Weapon Defense = 2
Armor Defense = 2
Armor Speed = 40
Armor Attack = 4
Growth/Critical/Dex/Health/Mystery = 10

Life Rock: Power * 10
Unique: Power * 500
Spirit Rock: 250
Mystery Identifier: 500
Unobtainium: 500
Success: (Power * 2 – 200) * (5 + EnhanceLv) * 1.1
Protection: (100 – Power) * (5 + EnhanceLv) * 1.1
Anything not included in the above: 100

A failed enhancement gives 25 career exp.

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Drop Rate +1%
Crafting Material gain +1%

Max Level Bonus:
Pixel/CM cost to craft items is reduced by 20%
Enhancers are 50% less likely to destroy items if the enhancing fails

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 100 Superior Crafting Material
  • 25 Unobtainum
  • 5 Crystal of Ultimate Rarity
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Button Basher

Feature: Button

Career experience gain
X * (Button Multiplier / 300) where X depends on what kind of click it was.

Perfect: 15
Excellent: 6
Great: 4
Nice: 2
Good: 1

If button breaks, you gain 25 career exp

Career rewards
Every level gives:
EXP/Coin gain from Button +0.2%

Max Level Bonus:
Each PERFECT click gives 1 Insta-Progress

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Invincibility Star cards
  • 500 Purple Buttons
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Arcade Player

Feature: Arcade

Career experience gain
Pong: Score / 500
Ultimate Avoidance: Score / 500
Math Master: Score / 600
Whack-a-Greg: Score / 400
Mindsweeper: Score / 500
MMR: Score / 500 (Only with autoplay off)
Balance 3: Score / 500
Triangle Count: Score / 600

Career rewards
Every level gives:
EXP/Coin gain from Arcade +0.5%

Max Level Bonus:
Daily Arcade Token increased to 75
Daily Blue Coin Prize gives 50% more Blue Coins

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and 1000 Arcade 100k Medals.

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Feature: Stadium

Career experience gain

Simple Race/Item Fight: 50 + (25 * Difficulty) + (25 * (5 – Position))
Easy difficulty = 1
Medium difficulty = 2
Hard difficulty = 3
Impossible difficulty = 4

Death Match: 100 + PWNts + (250 * (5 – Position))

Practice run: 200

Betting (only when you win): 200

Career rewards
Every level gives:
EXP/Coin gain in Stadium +0.3%
Stadium Token gain +1%

Max Level Bonus:
You may play 3 Death Matches per day
Green Coin gain in Stadium +100%

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Stadium Pro Cards
  • 40,000 Stadium Tokens
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Card Player

Feature: TukkunFCG

Career experience gain
Match won gives: 50 + (FCGexp * 2)

Match lost gives: (FCGexp * 2)

Career rewards
Every level gives:
AI: TG EXP gain in TukkunFCG +0.3%

Max Level Bonus:
FCG Cash gain +50%

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 TukkunFCG Power User Cards
  • 40,000 FCG Cash
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Gem Trader

Feature: LolMarket

Career experience gain
When you sell gems, with positive profit, you get: 5 + (Profit / 200)

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Gain EXP when selling gems equal to 10% of profit (must be actual profit)

Max Level Bonus:
Every time LolMarket updates, there is a chance it will change demand in your favor. If you have a gem, demand may go up, and if you don’t have it, demand may go down.

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and 2 Demand Master cards.

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Feature: Adventures

Career experience gain
Note, it does not matter if reputation is positive or negative.

Adventuring in Town gives: 50 + (Reputation^0.4)
Adventuring in Untitled zone gives: 55 + (Reputation^0.4)
Adventuring in Titled zone gives: 60 + (Reputation^0.4)

If you gain or lose rep, you get: 10 * Amount Reputation changes with

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Energy waiting time -1 second

Max Level Bonus:
Max Energy cap +2 (New cap 11)

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Quick Adventures Card
  • 10 Energy Refills
  • 500 Special Pet Foods
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Pet Trainer

Feature: Pet

Career experience gain
Feeding the pet gives: 9 * Food Level (EXP Bonus on the food type you feed with / 0.3. Capped at 100) If pet gained health when you fed it, you get additional 100 career EXP.

When Pet updates (once every 5 minutes) you get Career EXP equal to Pet fullness after the decrease.

Career rewards
Every level gives:
+1% chance to get 2 additional Pet Mana when feeding pet
+1% chance if pet is not sleeping to get 2 additional mana when pet updates every 5 minutes

Max Level Bonus:
50% slower Pet Health and Pet Fullness decay while not playing
When Pet Fullness is 0, 50% chance to lose no Pet Health when pet updates every 5 minutes

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and 6 additional random career potions.

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Feature: Fishing

Career experience gain
Regular/Idle catch: Fishing Mastery gained
Perfect Catch: Fising Mastery gained + StreakBonus

StreakBonus is based on your perfect streak
1-9 = It’s equal to your current streak
If your streak is 10-99 you get: 9 + round up(streak / 10)
If your streak is 100-499 you get: 20
If your streak is 500 or higher, you get = 0

Fishing Mastery gained is calculated by FishExp * 1.5 * CareerMultiplier (+5 if using basic rod)
List of FishExp:
Treasure: 200, 250, 300
Key: 100, 125, 150
Energy Drink: 50, 75
Pet Food: 50, 75
Junk: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 41
Fish: double the junk values
Refill: 75
Fertilizer: 100
Mega Fertilizer: 125

Career rewards
Every level gives:
Fishing Mastery gain +1%
0.2% chance to gain no Fatigue

Max Level Bonus:
Chance of catching fish when idling +10%

Career experience trade
Each trade gives you 3~5 random career potions, and one of the following:

  • 2 Golden Treasure Boxes
  • 2 Golden Keys
  • 5 Elite Energy Drinks
  • 5 Elite Pet Foods
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Dark Ruler

Disables Auto-Fight

Max MP = 100
Permanent loot magnet

If you use Dark Ruler as Robacon’s weapon inside SC enemies get their attack increased by 3x

Mana Potion
Used when MP < 80 and you’re not potion blocked
Cost 500 pixels
Recovers (PotionEfficiency / 100) MP

HP Potion
Used when HP < 50% and you’re not potion blocked and you’re zombified
Cost 10000 pixels
Recovers (50 * PotionEfficiency) HP

Used when you’re not zombified, when you have less than max HP or if opponent is a zombie.
Cost 10 MP
Heals HP fully
Skill Power: 150 + TotalCareerLevel * 0.15 against undead enemies (100% ignore defense)
Delay 6.175 / AttackSpeed seconds

Quick Attack
Used if enemy has spawned for less than 0.5s or if enemy has more than 10 billion defense
Cost 5 MP
Skill Power: 19 + 0.019 * TotalCareerLevel
Delay 2.5 / AttackSpeed seconds
2 knockback

Power Attack
Standard attack.
Cost 20 MP
Skill Power: 190 + 0.19 * TotalCareerLevel
Delay 6.175 / AttackSpeed seconds
4 knockback

Note! Although the names of Darkruler skills are the same as player skills, they have nothing to do with each other. Your skill level on a skill does not affect Darkruler skills.

Text taken almost directly from Draconi. Full credit to him for this section.

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Forgot to have this unlocked when I finished. Whoops!

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I know you provided the formula for the levels’ XP requirements, but perhaps this would be helpful to include as well, for the less theoretically-minded among us. :)

I included some various possible (and not-so-possible) activation costs on the side as well, just to give some concrete sense of how they work too.


Edited to add:
I like putting things in perspective, so I did a bunch of back-of-envelope (VERY) rough calculations about what it would take to earn the 1,676,500 XP needed to max out the various Careers. None of these are realistic or precise totals, but again, it’s just for comparison. Naturally, making good use of Career-potions and Businesses can help reduce these totals hugely.

IDLER: Note that every time you restart the Idle counter, you lose 6948 potential career-XP compared to 3 hours at a full 15 XP per tick (9252 XP during that 3-hour ramp-up vs. 16200 for 3 hrs at max rate). The theoretical maximum idle-score for one Career-activation is therefore 3 hours getting up to speed plus 20 hours at max-rate, for a total of 117,252 XP. If you timed it perfectly and did nothing but re-click the activation button every 23 hours, you could max the career in 14.3 days. Using a mega-career potion immediately before going full-idle would make up about 2000 XP of the 7k potential loss, while using two would make up 5600 XP, but that seems a bad waste of mega-potions unless you’ve already mastered everything else. (Idler-grinding goes especially well in conjunction with grinding Fighter and Pet-trainer, and to a lesser degree Fisher and Gardener.)

ADVENTURER: Assuming an /average/ Rep-change of 1.5 per adventure, you’d need 25,791 Town adventures or 22,352 Titled adventures (costing 22.35 million Green Coins).

RACER: You would need to do 8382 Practice Runs or Bet Wins, OR 9580 Easy-race Wins, OR 7451 Hard-race Wins. Or any combination of those (plus a few Deathmatches to help things along). Assuming a generous average 15 seconds per race (including the menu and starting countdown each time), it would take 40 hours of non-stop Easy-race Wins, 35 hours of Medium-wins/Practices, or 31 hours of Hard-race Wins to master.

ITEM MAKER: Make 16,764 Pyramid Keys (costing 6,705,600,000 CM), OR 8382 Defend Keys (same cost, or mine that many Secret Crystal 2’s), OR 1677 Secret Arena Keys (costing 6,708,000,000 CM). A better way though is to craft things using Rarity Crystals. A Premium Sword can accept 9 CR and 4 UR, which brings the total Career XP for making it up to 3,000 at a time, or 3,425 per sword if you picked up all the crystals as loot. You need to make just 559 of these (or 490 all-loot swords) to max the Career. If you only craft while Blessed, that drops to between 245-280 swords. Easy-peasy!

GEM TRADER: You’ll need to make somewhere less than 335,280,000 GC profit while the career is active. Assuming an /average/ profit of 1500 GC per gem, that’s around 223,520 gems total. I’m unclear whether you get the extra 5 XP per trade (i.e. with the spacebar) or per gem traded. If the latter, the profit required will be slightly reduced (around 1.1 million less). If not, best start selling one at a time!

GARDENER: The formula description here was ambiguous, and I don’t know how to interpret it. The Garden guide says Plots need 20,000 Plot EXP to get to L.11, but the description here mentions 105,000 EXP as the limit. It also mentions a cap of 5 times the tree’s GP, but I don’t see how that fits the formula in any way. So, I ran several calculations (math is fun!).

If the max is simply 5 times the stated EXP values, you’d need to harvest: 67,056 Grey trees 25 at a time would take 44.7 hrs (not including replant time), OR 7451 Red trees which would take 12.4 days, OR 4471 Black trees which would take 59.6 days.

If the formula is followed as written, you’d need to harvest: 7834 Grey trees 25 at a time would take 5.2 hrs (not including replant time), OR 871 Red trees which would take 1.45 days, OR 523 Black trees which would take 7 days.

You could also conduct 3353 Seed-breedings instead.

Happy Careering!

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That’s very useful. I will add a link in the guide.