[Update2] NOTICE: Upcoming Money Printer + Speedrun Mode changes (locked)

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On Jan. 10, 2013, a few changes will be made to the Money Printer:

  • Maximum charges your battery can have will be reduced to 400. Charges over 400 will be permanently deleted and converted into Legendary Boxes (10,000 charges = 1 Legendary Box, up to 500), so if necessary, please take a screenshot.
  • Battery Charger Card will work at increased speed to allow players with the 2x Money Printer speed perk to constantly have max charges.
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Also, on Mar. 01, 2013, Speedrun Mode will be permanently discontinued because of several reasons. Please finish the current Speedrun if necessary and clear your Speedrun file to claim rewards for your main file before this change arrives. Unspent Speedrun Coins after Speedrun Mode is removed will be converted into Event Tokens (1 Speedrun Coin = 10 Event Tokens, up to 200,000).

Creation of new Speedrun Mode files will be discontinued on Jan. 10, 2013.

Speedrun–based quests will be replaced with other quests.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience these changes may cause, and hope you enjoy the game.

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Due to popular demand, Speedrun Mode will stay, but the rewards will be removed. Instead, it will be an optional, no–reward challenge for people who want it. The leaderboards, as well as the Speedrun records, will remain.

You can continue to gain rewards from Speedrun, as well as spend your Speedrun Coins, before Mar. 01, 2013. Unspent Speedrun Coins will then be turned into Event Tokens (1 Speedrun Coin = 10 Event Tokens, up to 200,000).

Speedrun–related quests will still be deleted.