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Some of the data in this guide might be outdated, I do not update it anymore.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 – 1969):

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

Epic Pyramid Battle

Dark Pyramid (DP) is a raid zone in Battle Arena.
It is the first raid you can successfully complete.
Using Dark Pyramid is an easy way to greatly improve your progress in Battle Arena .
This guide covers raiding DP at low levels and ranks.


  • Tons of experience from killing monsters in pyramid.
  • Rings, crystals and a powerful weapon as a reward when you complete the raid.
  • Superior Crafting Material.
  • Some other less important rewards.


  • The number of entries is limited by the number of keys.
  • Weapons from Dark Pyramid have limited lifespan and cannot be extended now.


  • Battle Arena rank 40 or above. Although you may enter DP at rank 35, it is not recommended until rank 40.
  • Fire Gun or a better one ranged weapon with at least 10 attack speed.
    You can craft Fire Gun for 15000 pixels.

The goal of Dark Pyramid raid is to deal as much damage as possible.
You need to deal at least 900k damage to get a weapon as a reward.

To increase your DPS (damage per second)

  • Upgrade your Attack Power stat for pixels as much as possible. In fact, this is the only stat that really matters at low ranks.
  • Maximize power attack, strength ehnancement, weapon mastery and combo power skills. Put the rest SP in other damage-increasing skills or learner. Do not waste SP on quick attack, basic attack and other skills you won’t be using in DP. And don’t forget that until rank 100 re-assigning SP is absolutely free. Make a specific build just to score higher in pyramid.
    If you are doing this at rank 70 or above, put several points in mana eater skill so you will less likely run out of mana during the raid.
  • Equip a ring, if you have any.

In general, the ring preference is as follows:

  1. speed
  2. mastery, critical
  3. power
  4. experience, greed
  5. accuracy
  6. all others

Speed is usually the best when you first time raid DP.
Note that if you already have a weapon with high attack speed (i.e. Laser Gun), you should prefer mastery or critical ring.

  • Use a mastery or power potion if you got any.
    You can craft a small mastery potion if you have enough resourses. Do not use mastery potion with mastery ring, you will waste it’s potental.
  • Equip an invisible ally if you have any.
    Allies that increase your damage output are preferrable.

Raiding Dark Pyramid

  • Before entering, make sure you did all the preparations listed above. Assigned points in necessary skills, equipped ranged weapon, ring (if any). It is important to make sure you are ready before you enter the pyramid, because you don’t want to waste your precious pyramid keys, eh?
  • Give your robacon a weapon and some bacon. He will not attack monsters in pyramid, but he will still get the experience. Also, if his weapon has any bonuses, they will take full effect.
  • To enter the Dark Pyramid raid zone, travel to the right until you reach The Desert zone.
    Click the entrance of pyramid there and then click enter.
    Warning: if you are doing this at rank 40 or near, The Desert might be a dangerous zone for you. Do not stay there. Enter pyramid or leave fast.
  • To kill monsters in pyramid, use power attack only. When you have low mana, press W to restore it.
  • DO NOT LEAVE DP until the raid is over. Do not close Battle Arena, too. You will not be awarded with anything if you do this.
  • If you do everything right, you should be able to deal at least 900k damage and get Pyrabow or Evil Sword at the end of the mission as a reward.


The number of entries is limited by the number of Dark Pyramid keys.
To see how much you have, go to key crafting menu or just click the pyramid entrance.
You start the game with 3 keys. To get more keys, you can:

  • Craft them in key crafting menu. The minimum cost is 400 000 CM (crafting material), it increases by 100 000 CM each time you craft a key. Crafting cost is reset at midnight. Try to craft several keys daily while the price is relatively low.
  • Throw To-Be-Nerfed gems in Dark Pyramid. This randomly gives you a key sometimes. The chance is pretty low, however. It is even lower if the “nerfed” counter increases.
  • Get keys as daily rewards.

Pyrabow and Evil Sword
Pyrabow (PB) and Evil Sword (ES) are weapons that you receive for winning Epic Pyramid Battle.
You randomly get one of them each time you score at least +1 in pyramid.
The chance of getting PB is much higher than ES. PB is often used as primary weapon in fusing, while ES is secondary almost all the time.
Althhough they were nerfed in recent updates, they still have decent stats and can become your main weapons for some time.

Here are examples:

1. The weakest Evil Sword I got with minimal (+ 1) positive score in DP. Compare it with weapons that you can craft at rank 46.
2. Tier 2 Pyrabow that has much more DMG.
3. An example of Evil Sword that you can get at higher level. Fully levelled, but yet not fused and not enhanced.
After enhanception, fusion and finalizing tier 8 PB+ES can easily have above 1300 attack.
Getting higher score in pyramid increases the tier of awarded weapon. Each tier gives 90 extra attack and +1 to unobtainium enhancement that affects bonuses on weapons.
Weapons from pyramid have 30 days lifespan. YOU CAN NOT EXTEND IT.
But 30 days is long enough to get a better weapon.
You can return to the pyramid to set a higher score and obtain higher tier Pyrabows and Evil Swords.

Fusing Pyrabow and Evil Sword
At rank 50 you get access to Items Storage in BA menu.
Once there, click the “F” button to open fuse window.
The instructions in fuse menu are pretty straightforward.
Just make sure you use Pyrabow as a primary weapon and Evil Sword as a secondary.
The fused weapon will be timed with lifespan of the component with shorter lifespan. This means, fusing 22-days PB with 14-days ES will result in 14-days PB+ES.
The resulting Pyrabow will have high and well-balanced stats.

If you got some enhancers you can use them on Pyrabow.

  1. Cheap craftable weapon enhancers. Give very little stats, have limited success rate. Not bad if you are not going to use this weapon for a long time.
  2. Normal enhancers you get from boxes. Might be useful, but make sure that you always have 100% effective success rate before applying them. You can see the effective success rate by clicking the enhancer and moving mouse cursor over the item you want to enhance. Using an enhancer with less than 100% effective success rate may result in complete destruction of enhanced item. Better think twice before. Use them on “fresh” weapons, recommended if you know how to enhance items properly.
  3. Weapon relics from special shop. Quite expensive, but worth the price. If you have enough quest tokens to unlock shop and buy relics, you can do it. Just don’t forget that you won’t be using this weapons for a long time.
    Better save relics for Glaive.
  4. Mystery rocks from quests. Give decent random stats. No bad for high tier enhancements.
  5. Craftable Growth rocks. Too expensive for low level.

Random Advanced Tips

The following information will not help much when you raid the pyramid at low ranks. Yet they might be useful later.

  • Invisible allies with level below 86, including ones from -Infinity, can be mastered here very fast.
  • You can use pyramid to recollect some rings if you lost them.
  • Monsters have 1 attack, 0 defence and 9001 HP at casual difficulty.
  • Everything but the Pyramid Dragon is a zombie, so everything but Pyramid Dragon takes damage from the Heal skill.
  • Everything inside is Dark Element. Light Element from bonuses, skills and invisible ally will significantly increase damage you deal. Light Glaive special bonus helps, too.
  • All monsters are non-boss. Therefore non-boss damage bonus is extremely effective.
  • Your attack is greatly reduced while you are inside the pyramid.
  • You can use super knockback (SKB) with a melee weapon instead of power attack you use with ranged weapon to maximize DPS. SKB costs much more mana. Not recommended at low lvl.
  • Insta-kill still works but doesn’t seem to add to the damage. Useful if you’re doing a loot run.
  • The Mana Power skill works in here as well. It boosts your damage at the cost of MP.
  • Drop rate is disabled in this area. Most items never drop.
  • All pyramid IAs give 30% spawn rate and 5% non-boss dmg. It is strongly recommended to master all of them.
  • Combining high epic rate and epic kill/exp bonuses in hardcore worst moon/apocalypse mode allows to get good experience and lots of stat increase loot drops for players who reach level 1500 on Impossible Ascension.
    Recent nerfs reduced the effectiveness of this strategy.
  • Many of Battle Arena random quests can be completed in Dark Pyramid. They are:
  1. Kill X monsters in Battle Arena.
  2. Kill X undead monsters in Battle Arena.
  3. Kill X rare monsters in Battle Arena. You need to master pyramid allies and/or rare rate stat to complete this quest fast.
  4. Kill X epic monsters in Battle Arena. Worst Moon mode + epic rate stat for this quest.
  5. Kill X monsters in Dark Pyramid area.
  6. (Not recommended) Collect X loot drops in Battle Arena. Epic rate, rare rate, mastered IAs, Worst Moon mode.
  7. Collect X Stat Increase loot drops in Battle Arena. Again, Worst Moon mode, rare and epic rate, mastered IAs.
  8. (Not recommended) Collect X Ring/Crystal of Rarity/Enhancer loot drops in Battle Arena. You get few for finishing the raid.
  9. Use Any BA ability or attack type X times in Battle Arena. Combining raid and random quest saves some time.

In conclusion

Thanks for reading, hope this mini-guide was helpful in some way.
Please, excuse my somewhat poor English.
If you have any suggestions on what should be added, reply to this topic.
Also, check my Infnity Guide

Thanks Aurian, darkmarty, Majildian, lackinglack, Ordian, Sturmfeder and other players for help and inspiration.

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Please, inform me if you find any mistakes, or if there’s information that needs to be added.

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thumbs up for this guide, also: i’ll remove this post if you want me to

3 from starting, daily bonus, CM, and with luck, TBN-gems
-the +n thingies, gives unobonus and 90 attack/n to the weapon (not sure if you should explain unobonus too… but.. tier is enough i guess)
-tips to get score up: (well… IF you are going to add this, cuz it’s for dummies) non-bossdmg, crit, mastery, attack, etc.

“You’re going to spend a lot on MP potions, so some autoloot might help cover the costs.”, i’d say use mp/kill instead, saves A LOT mp and since you don’t need to use “w” it saves time too

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Thatnks, Marty.
I am still too lazy to finish it :(
And no need to remove any posts, I got several reserved and doubt I will need them.

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Great to see this guide here, seems like a lot of people are paying attention to this raid now.
Just some stats for the enemies inside the raid:

  • Attack: 1
  • Defense: 0
  • HP: 9001
  • Everything but the “Pyramid Dragon” is a zombie, so everything but “Pyramid Dragon” takes damage from the “Heal” skill.
  • Everything inside is Dark Element, so a weapon that inflicts more damage to them would work better. You can try to get + Light Element on your weapons/gear to do more damage.
  • Your attack is reduced. I think it’s ~0.09% of normal. To be able to kill enemies in one hit, you need to be able to deal ~10.2M damage normally.
  • Insta-kill still works but doesn’t seem to add to the damage. Useful if you’re doing a loot run.
  • To-be-Nerfed gems are useful. Throw them in and you have chances to get keys for this and other dungeons/raid. Of note, is that the Spooky Crypt key is only accessible this way; you only need to find it once though.
  • If you leave the area, through going into the menu, skills or another feature (Garden, Feature Shop…) you end up at “Danger Zone” (safe spot), but if you leave using the arrow, you end up back at the desert.
  • Crafting keys for this event costs 100k CM more each time.
  • The Mana Power skill works in here as well. It boosts your damage at the cost of MP
  • You’re going to spend a lot on MP potions, so some autoloot might help cover the costs.
  • Got 2~3 extra Pyrabows/Evil Swords? Fuse them for an even better weapon! Fusion Guide: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/60-anti-idle-the-game/topics/283079-fusion-simulator

That’s everything I can think of…

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Kudos on making small guides about things new players may wonder about. It’s really needed, and I think you do well. It’s nice to have another person (with actual layout, yay!) join the group of guide-makers.

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You should probably add that DP means Dark Pyramid, so new players won’t be confused in there and chat.

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I would rank rings as speed > critical > mastery > power > experience/greed > others. You don’t need accuracy as monsters have 1 evasion, and attack damage is severely nerfed in pyramid, causing other ways of increasing damage to be far better. For this same reason, I would prefer master potion over power potion. For slightly higher level players, I recommend going to the Volcano Peak and getting an IA from there to use in the pyramid instead of a potion, as elemental boost will help you out a lot due to light element being quite hard to get early on.

Oh. Critical is only #2 ring if you have the master potion, otherwise I would use mastery ring.

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So power attack is the best option for this? I could of sworn I read super-knockback was better to use?

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Super Knockback is only better if you use a melee weapon.

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One thing to note is that Robacon will gain xp here but not use up any bacon, so it’s beneficial to use him every time.

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I know this is a guide for new players so what I’m about to say might not really apply, but if you make an EC set full of epic monster rate, and exp/epic, you can get absolutely insane exp inside the pyramid. I stacked my epic rate to about 1500%, exp to 500% with 250,000 extra exp /epic and I managed to get between 22-30bil exp per run. This is one of the best ways to level in an impossible ascension without having to spend much resources I think.

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I just wanted to add that in WM/HC mode you can get 8-15 epic monsters per pyramid run, which can be very useful quest-wise.

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Originally posted by Leothyr:

I just wanted to add that in WM/HC mode you can get 8-15 epic monsters per pyramid run, which can be very useful quest-wise.

The rate for epic monsters is 0.5% for normal/HC and for WM 1% rate in the pyramid. IIRC, mastering IA also increases it by 0.5% but only in WM/Apocalypse mode.

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Originally posted by savag3blow:
Originally posted by Leothyr:

I just wanted to add that in WM/HC mode you can get 8-15 epic monsters per pyramid run, which can be very useful quest-wise.

The rate for epic monsters is 0.5% for normal/HC and for WM 1% rate in the pyramid. IIRC, mastering IA also increases it by 0.5% but only in WM/Apocalypse mode.

It’s only 0.1% if you are not in WM.

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You’re right. I should double check my stuff before I post.

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Thanks for the guide!

Thanks for the tip on Robacon…I will enable him in the future.

You might want to mention Invisible Ally choices, like who you would expect to use at those low levels…forest spirit, or a +spawn rate guy, or what?

Is spawn rate useful at all? I had spawn rate so I could kill them faster. Was that a mistake?

How worthwhile is it to keep doing Pyramid? It said the keys get more and more expensive, so how many keys do you make max? Compared to what you get from the Pyramid, is it worthwhile to keep doing it? Or only do it every 7 days to get another Pyrabow and Evil Sword to fuse together for a ‘cheap’ uberweapon?

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The cost for the keys reset daily iirc. And the spawn rate is instant in the pyramid.

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I think he meant he wanted to kill them sooner, giving a few more spawns before the 200 seconds starts. Useful for kills.

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Originally posted by joemama1512:

Thanks for the guide!

Personally I like doing the pyramid once or twice a day, and once you get stronger you can get a lot of to-be-nerfed gems per run increasing your chances of getting more keys.
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Thanks for help, especially the part about robacon.
I did not think robo can be used that way.

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What about crit? I pretty much 1 hit all the monsters anyways even at lowish rank of 190 with +2 fused pyrabow/evil sword. I can get to +4 bonus, and now have +3 fused weapon and added 20 pts to my Power attack.
Does “overkill” damage from crits affect the damage output?

Also, I dont get Power attack. It has a Delay that goes down as I put ranks into it. How does that interact with my actual Weapon Speed? I cant tell any difference between my speed 20 autoattack, quick attack, and power attack as far as speed goes.

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Power Attack only?

That depends on how tough your character is. I haz 230 Atk Laser Gun with 25 speed and I spam with quick attack. That gives me 9-10m of damage (+3). No, I don’t run out of mana (probably high mana recover, I didn’t look at that).

And I am “just” Rank 117 (or around that).

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The damage you deal over monster’s current HP counts. So if you deal 10000 dmg to a monster with 9001, all 10000 count.

I don’t know the exact formulas for attack speed, but it looks like attack speed is a multiplier for all attack types.

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Of note for beginners is that using a mana pot interrupts your attack, so spamming W is not a good idea. I have lost 10-20% of my damage potential doing this before I realized the mistake.

Also, anything with attack power bonuses (including from IA) is severely weakened; so, a good IA that can be equipped early on is one that gives +mastery or one from the pyramid itself that provides passive +non boss damage. If neither are available, the highest level one with enrage (Thunderbird/Fenix, Giant Rat) is good. Enrage modifies damage as opposed to attack power so it’s unaffected by DP nerfs.

This is also why mastery potion or Enrage (if mastery maxed) are better than power potion, and why upgrading attack power does not give nearly as much bang for your buck as you might expect.