Make Robacon Have Ultimate Damage (locked)

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Follow This Step To Get Ultimate Damage
Req:SSF (Secret Save File)

Step 1:Log In With Secret Save File (Hold Ctrl In Save File 2)
Step 2:TYPE This In Save Far RobaconLevel And Type This In New 1e+24
Step 3:Go to BA
Step 4:Buy Dark Ruler
Step 5:Equip The Dark Ruler TO Robacon Or The Vegetarian One
Step 6:And Adacadabra The Robacon now Have Unlimited Damage

Note:Why Dark Ruler Because Dark Ruler IS The PowerFul Weapon In BA
You Can Easy Kill Chaos And CHAOS With robacon Ask Me If You Want
If You want Learn More About Anti Idle Tell ME

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You sure know a lot about Anti-Idle. I think it’s about time I retire.

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this is cute too