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So I have tried the lure deck and several others but I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing/getting him to do? I think I’ve won only once and that must have just been blind luck :(

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Use monster killers to kill his monsters, wipe stats, regen some HP. Do not use moonster cards, or if you have to, imeediately destroy them hoping he will not use killer card before.

The point is in letting the opponent slowly die of poison due to full hand or decking out.

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That deck got me the quest done. Cred to Reorx8.

The plan is to not play any monsters, or id you do, kill them urself instantly before the opponent gets to use a kill-monster-card. The idea is simple: the ai wont play a kill-monster-card if there is no monster, it will discard it if theres no other cards to play. This means the ai gets 1 poison dmg per kill-monster-card you got in the deck.

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That’s a good deck, yet you need lots of luck to win 30 times in a row.

If you get expensive trash cards at start with no generators and enemy gets a high-attack monster that you can’t kill or probably casts some attack spells… well, never mind, spend another 6 hours to try again!

P.S.: The possible solution is to wait until you get lvl 50 in FCG and unlock extra generators superpower. It can greatly decrease the chance of losing due to lack of energy at low lvl.
I will probably wait till lvl 50 now, since I already lost 15+ streaks in lvl 8 matches 3 or 4 times.