[Spreadsheet] Anti-Idle: The Game Exp Rates for Assorted Areas in the Battle Arena (Now updated for game version 1,587) (Now with pixel and coin rates too) [Outdated]

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Short intro: I designed this spreadsheet to give a good approximation of how much exp certain Battle Arena areas will give when compared to other areas.

Google Docs (or I guess it’s called Google Drive now):

Direct Download (has a couple small extra features that I couldn’t get to work online, such as a graph):
Note: You do need to actually download the file. Mediafire does not have built-in a way to view .xlsx files online.

How to use this spreadsheet
On the first page, you can input some basic information about your stats: your Exp bonus (from equipment and skills, not boosts), spawn rate, rare rate, epic rate, how much extra exp you get from rare/epic/boss enemies (purple bonuses), how much time you would like the exp rate for (in seconds; the default I had was 3600, which is an hour), and how much spawn bonus you get from being in Worst Moon mode (the default being 60% from using the Invisible X IA, but it would be less if you’re using the Worst Moon Gem).

On the second page, you can see the actual exp rates for various zones, as well as a couple notes that some of the zones may not be entirely accurate.

The third page is a replication of the Bestiary page (even using the same colors as the game), allowing you to easily set the bestiary levels for all of the monsters in the BA.

The forth page contains some information about all 55 enemies (name, ID, spawn areas, base exp, whether or not they evolve, and if they are a boss). Here you can set whether or not you have mastered that particular IA. Please do not change the bestiary values here, as they are based on what the previous page says. The last column lists the exp bonus, taking into account the bestiary level and the status of IA mastery.

Feel free to leave any comments, as well as suggestions, or mentioning any errors that you found.

Change Log
Version Beta (3/24/2013):

  • First public version. Up to date with game version 1575.

Version Beta 3 (3/26/2013):

  • Up to date with game version 1584.

Version Beta 4 (3/26/2013):

  • Some slight formatting changes.

Version Gamma (3/26/2013):

  • Partial addition of coin/pixel (note: this is accurate through version 1575)
  • Fixed a major error (originally I was multiplying exp in hardcore by 1.2 instead of 1.25)

Version Gamma 2 (3/26/2013):

  • Finished adding in coin/pixel
  • I’m trying an experimental layout on the BeginnerTrainingZone page. Which format do you like better?

Version Gamma 3 (3/30/2013) [partial update]:

  • Added in a graph for exp/coin/pixel rate. Please note this is only in the downloadable version. The Google Docs version has not been changed.
  • I realized that there is an error in some zones, where instakill is either not possible (such as Mystic Path) or not recommended (such as Defend Mission). I’ll try to fix this by the next version.

Version Gamma 4 (4/10/2013) [Stealth update]

  • I protected a bunch of cells (most of them, actually), so the spreadsheet should be a lot less prone to vandalism.

Known issues

  • Does not take into account partial IA mastery. As of right now, it’s either 0 (you have not mastered it at all) or 1 (you have completely mastered it).
  • This spreadsheet assumes that all kills are instakills. As a result, some of the areas with max defense enemies or evolving enemies, are not as accurate as some of the other areas.
  • Does not take into account Apocalypse mode.
  • Does not take into account player level (i.e. impacted kill speed against enemies of a higher level, and decreased exp of enemies of a lower level.
  • Does not include raids (either because they can vary a lot, or you can’t spend extended amount of time in them).
  • The hyperlinks don’t work on the Google Docs version.
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You could probably change the mastery thing to 1-10 for the thousands, which is the EXP% you get from the monster bonus until its mastered.

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So, is it better idling at Throne room/ Castle grimm than NCI?

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It depends on your stats (spawn rate, exp bonus, bestiary, etc), so you should check for yourself.

For me personally, casual CG is not as good as HC NCI because I have lvl 6 bestiary for most of NCI but only lvl 5 at CG, but your results may vary.

Probably not as efficient idling at the Throne Room, though, because the bosses take a lot longer to kill unless you have really good equipment, and they also spawn a lot less.

Edit: a new version has been posted to correspond with the release of versions 1576-1584.

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Toa, I found this spreadsheet really interesting and wanted to thank you for all the time and work you put into it.

Any chance you could add YC and/or pixel gain in addition to EXP? I’d imagine there are some areas where, for example, YC gain is better compared to another area but EXP is reduced.

I understand your given reasons for not including raids. However, it is possible to calculate some figures for some of the raids with some minor additional inputs. I think the values for these would be interesting to see, despite the fact that they are not directly comparable to idleable areas.

  • Corruption could be calculated based off of 0% and/or 100% Reward Bar. Or 50%. Or a variable input given by the user.
  • ToD could be calculated based off of 0% and/or 100% taunt, or some other value, etc.
  • Special Arena could be calculated based on a base completion time, since the number of kills is known (i.e. 1 for each of the SA mobs). Yea, I know converting this into an hourly exp rate is a bit unrealistic, but it would be interesting to see the values anyways!
  • MBR could be calculated based on a specified number of rounds completed (this would be the number of kills), since the duration is known.
  • Dark Pyramid would be interesting to see as well, I’m sure you could find the maximum number of kills with all OHKOs, and the duration is known.
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Hmm, coin and pixel gain shouldn’t be too hard to do (easier than exp, actually, since there’s no purple bonus for getting more coins from boss/rare/epic enemies). It would only be for getting it from killing the enemies (so not including autosteal or loot drops).

Raids: Hmm. I’ll see what I can do. That seems a little more involving, so I wouldn’t expect anything on that front before the weekend. Thanks for the suggestions, though, as it gives me a good starting point to go off of.

Edit: ok, so in trying to do the coin/pixel thing, I actually found a pretty major error, so I’ll try to upload a fix as soon as I can…

Edit 2: Ok, so I’ve uploaded a new version. This one fixes a major issue (originally I had been multiplying exp by 1.2 in Hardcore instead of 1.25. I’ve also added partial implementation of coin/pixel gain (all basic zones, and a couple others). Please note that the pixel/coin gain is only accurate through game version 1575, while the exp is accurate through v1484. I’ll try to finish adding the other zones tonight, as well as fixing the coin/pixel rates so they’re up to date with the game, but I have to go to a rehearsal soon and figured it would be better to release what I have so far (especially because of that HC error. Oops!)

Edit 3: New version is up, with full implementation of coin/pixel rates I’m trying an experimental layout on the BeginnerTrainingZone page, to try to make it not need to scroll as much. Which format do you like better?

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PS: so this isn’t spam, very nice spreadsheet.

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Some problems with this: as you yourself admit loot is not taken into consideration. Big problem right there. But yeah pretty good start definitely

Another thing: for the love of god set bestiary levels default to 6 everywhere

Also: for everyone actually trying to use this seriously bear in mind the “instant kill” assumption, it will wreck havoc with almost all the HC WM lists. and also lets assume your exp boost % is around 2200 or thereabouts mostly. and you are ascended 5 or more times with 1.5x card on. then you must multiply the shown exp per hour by 22 * 2.25 = 49.5. We can just say multiply the numbers shown in the spreadsheet by 50 and you get something way closer to accurate… for your consideration

Well this list definitely does show Throne Room > Castle Grimm > NCI > Fortress Foothills > CS > 2012 Pub (highly dubious about instantkilling CN)

I guess that is good information although instantkilling in Throne Room is clearly out of the question also. So basically it “proved” Castle Grimm is better than NCI. Well… sort of widely already believed fact, but I guess a good demonstration

It would also be nice if we could input our Autosteal level, especially for evaluation of zones like PSI. By the way, it is definitely possible to “almost instant kill” in Mystic Path, at least nonWM.

But it was pretty good to confirm my hunch that indeed Censor Ship is the best zone for yellow coins (unless we account for autosteal in which case PSI is probably better, although not idleable 24 hours).

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Nice spreadsheet. (Now with huge titles)

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Good to know.

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omg such a comprehensive file… thanks for taking the time to do this!

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Please, upload the ugly bar chart. Thank you!

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Ok, partial update. There are now graphs in the downloadable version, but not in the Google Docs version (because those are tiny and hard to read and look terrible). I may fix that at some point.

The graph also exposed an interesting error, where assuming that you are instakilling the enemies is either not possible (such as Mystic Path), or not recommended (such as Defend Mission). And unless Defend Mission actually is one of the best places for coin and pixels in the game, I should probably change this. Suggestions are welcome.

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maybe if you make it work off of the charactor stats, it would fix that.

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Any Chance on a update?

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I have final exams right now, so probably not at the moment, but I will update this when I get the chance.

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Cool, Thank you and good Luck :)

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Love the file and your work. Is BA Exp (for ranks) roughly proportional to EXP?

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No. Check my guide for the spreadsheet for that. Both values are started with the base EXP value, but both have different multipliers and factors.

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Awww yiss. Muchas gracias!

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Shows 260b/h in CG, I get 220-230b/h. But I suppose that’s not a bug – I’m on hard asc so I think I have 10%? exp penalty. Adding hard/imp penalty checkboxes might be a good idea ;p

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Hey Toa, if you have some spare time, could you update this to v1616 please? I’d really like to see how the new EXP values in v1615 changed things (especially the nerfs to some of the Fairyland mobs’ EXP). Thanks!

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I’ll see what I can put together tommorow.

Edit: Ok, it’s a little bit after 2 pm EST on Tuesday June 11th, and I have begun work on finally updating this thing.

Edit 2: Well, hopefully this should speed up now that I’ve figured it out for the first one, but it took me around an hour to fix one page, so this could take a while…

Edit 3: I regret to inform you that this spreadsheet has been placed on indefinite hiatus. The change to how rare/epic/boss exp works is quite a major overhall, made worse by the fact that when mixed together addition and multiplication aren’t commutative. I’m a bit busy with a couple of other things, and simply don’t have the time right now to fix things. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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I was playing with this and noticed a bug. You use Epic% to calculate rare rate instead of Rare%. On the tabs for each area in cell C4 should read PlayerInfo!B3 not PlayerInfo!B4.

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Sorry for necroing old thread but this is document is very useful if maintained.

In result sheets it would be better if adjusted fable land areas (from Lullaby Lake to the Throne Room) used cross sheet references instead of cells above them. MS Excel 2010 has trouble keeping proper references when cells are formatted as table which is use full for sorting data without really moving cells.