Poorsoft is Back!

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I’m Poorsoft. I used to play Everybody Edits, when it was in development. Small boxes for lobbies. Then I quit for a year, to learn how code Lua and played a game called “The Powder Toy”. Very fun, and it seems Benjaminsen likes powders too. I’m interested now in the development of EE. I could make some smileys and textures.

A shout-out to Atilla, who was a good friend before. And a shout-out to Cyclone and some other.. moderators. I left before MRSHOE came, but I hope he will be a nice friend to me too. My “bosses” will be active by tomorrow. I won’t get any more smileys, for the fact that I am.. a veteran.

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I’m sure old people will remember you. ;)

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Hmm, don’t know you. But good luck!