Battle of The Brick (Deticated to michaelan) (locked)

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Chapter One: The Beginning

It was 1784, And it was dusk. A hard working man named Michaelan had been working all night. He was a prisoner at Brickville Prison. But this wasn’t his hometown. He lived in Betatown, But been sentenced to 20 years in prison, After killing their president, Cyclone Washington.
While Michaelan was sitting on his bed, he suddenly saw his sword. I should escape this prison, he thought. I could go back to Betaville and start a new war, As he stood up bravely, but then sadly lied down on his bed. He didn’t want to start Civil War II after 5 years. So he just went to sleep.
Michaelan stood thunder straight in his bed. He didn’t have a nightmare, but a loud boom woke him up. “Get those traitors!” a guard yelled. Michaelan looked through his cage. Wait, who is that? he thought. “GIMME THE KEYS,” A familiar voice said. The “familiar guy” threw the keys to his partner, which also looked familiar. The partner unlocked Michaelan’s cage, Then said, “It’s me, Michaelan. You should remember us.”
He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Cpt. Canetaros And Sgt. SpeederShoes.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” Michaelan Studdered. SpeederShoes glared at him, then sighed, “We are keeping you safe.” They all got on the cart, Then the horse pulled them to the safe zone.

Looks like its the end of Chapter One. a short chapter for a beginning, but a good story in the future. Will do Stories as possible. Stay Tuned!

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Also if you want to join the story, PLEASE tell me quickly. Thank you!

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Quadruple post? -_-

ON-T: Is this an RPG?

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I am not american, did the civil war end in (1784-5=)1779?