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[DEV] 11/22/2011 Homeworld Released! v1.10.1

Witness how the Blight has ravaged your home continent and fight back against the evil that lurks all around.

This new expansion includes:

- 60 Card Set
- Packs purchasable with 60k GOLD or War Bonds.
- 25 New Missions some of which revisit previous locations
- 10 New Achievements
- 14 New Reward Cards

Tournaments will have a similar set up to the release of Purity. 2 hour tournaments will be all sealed that rotate between War Bond and Gold buy-in for Homeworld packs. And 24 hour tournaments will be standard.

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[DEV] 12/2/2011 New Promo Cards v1.10.6

The following changes have all been made in this update

- 3 New Promo Cards
- Added 2.5k and 5k Gold to Daily Crates
- Fixed a bug that prevented Factions from removing certain members from Applicants
- Fixed Tournament exploit that allowed players to always go second
- Fixed a bug that made starting decks for new players empty.
- Added indicator symbols for Status effects (protect, enfeeble, jam, etc) on cards in

play. The pop up of those cards will also show current status effects on those cards.

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[DEV] 12/9/2011 Homeworld Side Missions!

- 12 Missions
- 5 Unique Reward Cards
- 9 Achievements
- Homeworld cards are now in available in the Elite store
- Fixed an achievement bug that was incorrectly awarding certain achievements.

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[DEV] 12/20/2011 Winter Solstice Released! v1.10.13

Prepare for the blistering new Tyrant: Winter Solstice event!

- 8 new side missions in a new location Arctis Prime!
- A chilling new raid, Jotun, Sacred Guardian
- 3 new wintery Promo Cards
- 7 Reward Cards including a new Legendary with special limited-time art
- Free gift: 25 War Bonds for all players!

Also for a limited time
- The 8 new Missions have discounted energy requirments
- Jotun Raid gives out double Honor and awards Honor up to 1500 damage.

Also the new UI on the Home page and Deck Editor are now up. Included are 6 deck slots that can be bought in the Upgrades tab of the Store. Unfortunately we were unable to complete advanced filters with this update, but we plan to release them in the near future.

Also included
- Faction Wars now have the remaining time inside the War screen.
- Achievements have been re-ordered. It now proceeds: Currently Active, Inactive, Completed.

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[DEV] 1/3/2012 New Promo Cards! End of Winter Solstice v1.10.19

We hope you guys enjoyed our Winter Solstice promotion. Here is a rundown of the changes with this update.

- 3 New promo cards including a new Xeno Legendary!
- Winter Solstice Missions are now set at 25 Energy.
- Raid no longer gives double honor (still awards up to 1500 damage).
- Any Hephatat bought now will not have the exclusive art.
- Fixed a typo for Gift of Giving 2 (should have to use the skills 5 times not 4).

Also some changes to the UI

- Commander for the deck is displayed when mousing over deck names in drop-down menu.
- You can now scroll left and right to view the battlefield (scrolling is enabled when your hand comes up and disabled after you play a card)

Advanced filters for the Deck Editor:
- Filter by Set
- Sortable by either Attack, Health, or Cooldown (Can choose ascending or descending)
- Clear All button for filters
- Skills drop down filter now shows name of the skills as well as the symbol.

Also we implemented another change to faction chat that will hopefully help with the lag players have been experiencing. Let us know if it helps at all and thank you for your patience while we worked and continue to work on the issue.

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[DEV] 1/19/2011 New Promo Cards and UI changes!

3 New Promo cards are now available on the main page!

In addition we made a couple of changes to the UI.

We have removed the pop up for the skill filters and moved them back to their original position (we kept the new filters that we added last update). They are now expandable and start out collapsed so new players aren’t intimidated by it when they first see it. The game will remember whether you leave it expanded or collapsed.

We also added a search/filter option for Find Rivals in Factions.

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[DEV] 1/30/2012 Ancient Raids have been unleashed! v1.10.30

Battle 4 all-new Raids featuring Ancient Powers not seen in Tyrant before. Will you be able to band together with other commanders to overcome these mighty beasts!?

Included in this update is the following
- 4 Raids
- 12 Reward Cards
- 3 Promo Cards
- New in-game Profile for viewing your own and other player’s stats as well as practicing fight/surge against them. Currently you can view your profile from the Home page “Profile” button or other players’ from the Faction members/applicants profiles.
- 10 War Bonds, you may just need that extra burst of energy for the Raids!

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[DEV] 2/14/2012 New Promo Cards

3 New Bloodthirsty Promo cards await you on the front page. Get them now and terrorize your opponents.

Also we cleaned up some old combat code. It shouldn’t be noticeable from the player’s side but if you guys notice any bugs contact us and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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[DEV] 2/27/2012 Phobos Expansion released and Tyrant 2.0!

Control a power unmatched by any force in the Phobos Expansion!
- 60 card Phobos expansion
- Annihilate the enemy with new triggered skill effects
- Take the fight into orbit with 25 new missions
- New achievements and 11 Brutalizing Reward Cards
- A new and improved user interface

To celebrate the new release, 2 hour Tournaments will switch off between Gold and Phobos Sealed, all 24 Hour tournaments will be Standard.

Also introudcing Foil Cards! Each pack has a chance for a random card to be foil instead of the regular version. They have a shiny finish to them and sell for 5 times the amount of gold as regular cards. They will appear separately in your deck editor and the foil version will replace the regular version in your profile.

New features in the UI include the following.

- Update panel on home page so everyone can see what changed without having to come to the forums.
- Overview panel on home page – Will show current missions, Faction Wars, Raids, Tournaments.
- Map page contains access to Missions and Raids tab.
- Featured Tab on Store – Shows most recent pack and Promo Cards
- Vault – Now divided into ‘Core’ and ‘Promo.’ Core will only contain cards in Packs. Promo contains all Promo cards ever released including Legendaries.
- Battle page now contains the Arena and Touranements.

We have also changed the way the Elite store works. The bonus is now awarded as you purchase War Bonds, and can be claimed in the Featured Store page. We hope to add additional Elite levels in the near future to continue to reward players who support the game. These will be applied retroactively and will award previous supporters with bonuses as well.

We are also adding 25 free War Bonds to this update!

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[DEV] 3/1/2012 Bug fixes and Updates v2.0.5

We made some bug fixes that came up as a result of the new UI and also updated a few areas that players requested most.

- Auto button is added to combat screen. Can finish fights you started manually on Auto.
- Link to earn Kreds through offers added to the Buy War Bonds pop up.
- Fixed Raids panel so you cannot activate a mission through it.
- Fixed a bug with Level reward cards not unlocking properly.
- Fixed a bug involving cards with Regenerate causing weird issues.
- Faction loyalty now updates properly.
- Faction notifications in overview now open the war it is referring to.
- Card Vault now updates properly.
- Refresh button added to the Battles tab for Tournaments.
- Tournament tooltip now displays the next tournament for the same slot.

We also changed Tournaments back to their regular rotation and made some improvements to the tutorial.

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[DEV] 3/8/2012 New Promo Cards

New Promo cards are up on the Featured tab of the store and the previous ones can be found in the vault.

We also fixed a couple of bugs players may have been experiencing with combat. And also corrected a bug with loyalty not updating properly.

Side Missions for Phobos as well as the Warmaster rank in Factions is scheduled to be released next week.

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[DEV] 3/15/2012 Phobos Side Missions and Warmasters! v2.0.12

New Phobos Side missions have been released! You may have destroyed 2 Nexus but now you must battle yourself out of troublesome situations. Will you prevail?
Included in this update is the following
- 12 Missions
- 5 Unique Reward Cards
- 8 Achievements
- Phobos cards now appear in the Core tab of the Vault
- New Warmaster rank for factions. A rank below Officer that can declare wars but cannot promote or demote members

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[DEV] 4/16/2012 Bloodforge Update! v2.0.29

We’re excited to announce Tyrant’s newest feature Item collecting and Crafting! As well as more updates. Overall 15 new cards were added! Full list of updates:

- Collect Items from Missions, Raids, Factions, Tournaments, and Daily Chance to craft Energy Refills, Gold, and New Cards including a new powerful Legendary!
- Arena has been revamped and now features Live battles! 2 New ranks with 2 New Reward Cards!
- Max Faction level has been increased to 20 and new Reward cards have been added!
- New Promo Cards!

Head to the forums for any questions!

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[DEV] 5/8/2012 Tyrant Optimizations

We pushed some small optimizations that should help with the bugs and lag that players were experiencing in tournaments and live Arena. Let us know if you guys notice any differences or issues.

We plan to make a full push by the end of the week with more optimizations and changes to achievements to make up for the bugs. Also in that push will be new promo cards.

We are also still considering what to do with components earned in factions.

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[DEV] 5/11/2012 New Promo Cards and Bug fixes

- 3 New Promo Cards are now on the front page and in the Featured tab of the store.
- As mentioned earlier this week, we have pushed more optimizations and fixes that should help with bugs players experienced in Tournaments and Arena.
- Fixed a bug that displayed the incorrect number of cards bought in Reputation or Arena reward stores (any players that were affected by this bug your gold for the cards that appeared to have been lost was returned to you after refreshing)
- Removed 10 WB Standard Tournaments from rotation due to lack of participation.
- Achievements have gone through some changes
- Achievements that required players to win battles against players in Arena have changed to participation (this applies to Arena and Tournaments)
- We alsod decreased the requirements for these achievements. If this triggered an achievement for you, you will not receive a pop up. You will get your reward after participating in a battle and then refreshing.
- Other various achievements that required beating players with other requirements now require missions. Additional requirements were adjusted to be appropriate for missions.

In our next update we will change components earned from Factions to be dependant on either Faction level or Loyalty level, whatever gives the highest percent drop.

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[Dev] 8/8/2012 Awakening Missions Released! v2.2.21

Awakening Missions have been released! Find out what lurks at the final Nexus in Lockeheart, where no creature other than Bloodthirsty has traversed since long before the spread of the Blight.

- 23 New Missions in 4 Locations
- 5 Achievements
- 7 Reward Cards
- Awakening Tournaments have been added
- 3 New Promo Cards

Also have fixed these bugs:
- Fixed errors that Summon sometimes caused in Arena and Tournament battles
- Fixed Jam on Play bug
- Fixed minor display bug that sometimes prevented Cleanse from removing the animation for Poison

We are still working on the Faction update proposed earlier. Aiming to release at beginning of September. We will provide more info to you guys as it is available.

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10/23/2012 Buffed Cards Released!

We have released an update that buffs a ton of old cards! In addition we lowered the energy requirements for early missions to encourage faster game advancement for new players.

Terminus and our Halloween promotion will be coming soon!

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Terminus has been released!

This new 90 card set features 2 new skills Blitz and Augment! Both should help create new and excited strategies for deckbuilding.

In addition our Halloween promotion for this year begins today! One change has been live since last update, a beloved card has received a temporary art change, have you found it yet?

- Battle through 4 terrifying new missions and receive exclusive art for a new Commander card featuring a familiar face.
- Bloodthirsty are invading the Conquest map and altering the flow of battles in horrifying ways!
- 3 Spooky new Bloodthirsty promo cards ready to ravage their opponents.

Also Awakening Cards have been added to the Vault and gave everyone 10 Terminus Shards to celebrate the release!

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Terminus Missions have been released! Will you be able to gather a force strong enough to take on Typhon’s endless power!?

Included in the update:
- 25 New Missions
- 5 Achievements
- 6 Reward Cards (all Reputation rewards are now Rares!)
- Terminus Tournaments have been added to the tournament rotation

This release also marks the end of our Halloween Promotion, you can still get Halcyon the Corrupt but with different art. A new promotion will start next week which will drop hints as to what will happen next in the Tyrant storyline.

Also one Terminus card received a change. There was a bug with Lightning Strider summoning a unit with Blitz and that unit not activating even though Blitz did. The version that was released was not the intended version of the card, but was not changed before release. The new version of Lightning Strider has Summon Spew Glider on Play and Health has increased from 6 to 7. We apologize for any confusion this causes.

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11/13/2012 Xeno Domination Special Event!

The Xeno have taken over the minds of your fellow Commanders! Crush the Xeno and earn special limited-time rewards.

Players can earn reward points from either the 4 Xeno Domination missions (They are in the first location and require Mission 93 to be completed before they unlock) or playing in tournaments. Those reward points can be exchanged for New cards and new alternate art cards! The new cards will appear in the vault sometime after the event.

The event is scheduled to run for 2 weeks at which point players will no longer be able to collect reward points from missions. Tournaments that ended in the event time will start award Reward Points and players will still be able to collect rewards for 3 days after the end of the event.

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12/4/2012 1st Occupation Expansion Released!

This is the first of 3 mini expansions that will eventually be merged into 1 whole expansion. There are 30 cards total in this set and introduces a new skill – Emulate, which can create some tricky and puzzling battles.

Grab Occupation now in the store or trade in 10 Occupation Shards for a pack! To celebrate the release we’ve given all players 10 shards to start them off!

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Big update for Tyrant that includes changes to Conquests, Shards, and Bug Fixes! Everything is detailed below.

New Conquest Rules

- Guilds cannot attack if they have more than 31 tiles.
- The closer tiles are to the center, the more conquest rating they have. tiles range from 1 to 20 rating.
- Reward tiers are now based on Conquest rating.
- We extended the map and removed all level cap tiles.

We are planning on a map reset for next week. We wanted to make sure player’s have enough time to play with the new rules before starting over.

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… continued from previous post

New Universal Shards

- All packs that required shards now require just the generic “Shard” (was once Awakening Shard) We will convert all players’ shards after release.
- Top bar now shows how many Shards you have as well as the max allowed.
- Packs on the pack tab have the shard cost rather than having to go through collections
- Quests are guaranteed to give 2 shards, Daily chance saw major changes, huge chance to get shard with minimal chance to get WBs, Energy Refills, Gateway Nodes, or 2 Shards.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed tournament showing wrong rankings/ratings issues
- Fixed issue that prevented players from playing in a tournament if their deck didn’t have a Commander
- Fixed issue that would make a resumed Surge battle a Fight battle in regard to “Do Again”
- Prevented characters that are not accepted in chat from being typable
- Fixed card ordering issue when adding cards to deck.

Other small fixes here and there but those are the most notable.

Feel free to post any feedback! Another announcement coming soon!

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Our Winter Solstice event has begun! Featuring a tribute to TheRealPip for all of his contributions to the game and community. There are 3 missions in the first location each at a higher energy cost than the previous so players can grab Event Points at their own pace. The missions require Mission 119 to be completed before they unlock. There are 3 new reward cards and 3 alternate art cards. Get them before the Solstice is over!

We are also resetting the conquest map as mentioned last week.

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[DEV] 2nd Occupation Expansion Released!

This is the second of 3 mini expansions that will eventually be merged into 1 whole expansion. There are 30 cards total in this set and introduces a new skill modifier – on Kill. Skills with on Kill activate whenever the unit destroys another Assault unit with Attack damage, making every destroyed unit potentially more devastating for your opponent!

Grab Occupation 2 now in the store for 25 WBs or 15 Shards a pack! The first Occupation is still available for 25 War Bonds or 15 Shards. To celebrate the release we’ve given all players 15 Shards!