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12/27/2012 New Promos + Bug Fixes

We hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and racking up Winter Solstice event points while there is less than a week remaining.

3 New Promo cards have been added to the featured tab of the store! We also fixed a bug in tournaments that allowed players to add more than 10 cards to their decks. We also fixed the profile bug with Necrogeddon not showing up in Homeworld properly.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Synapse Games :)

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Occupation Pack 3 Released!

This is the last mini expansion of Occupation and is available in the store for 25 War Bonds or 15 Shards. In addition the first pack now picks cards from the entire 90 card Expansion. Terminus is now available in the vault. Nexus is now available for 50k Gold and Gold buy-in tournaments for Nexus have been added to the rotation!

Lastly we made a couple small changes to faction chat like preventing players from sending the same line of text twice. Also the unclaimed rewards tab on the Overview section now takes you to the Past Tournaments instead of a specific tournament.

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Occupation Missions have been released! Typhon may be gone but all is still not well in the world of Acheron.

Included in this update:
- 23 Missions
- 5 Achievements
- 6 Reward Cards
- Occupation Tournaments have been added to the Tournament Rotation
- Cards from the Xeno Domination Event (not alternate art cards) are now in the Promo Vault

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1/25/2013 Card Upgrades Released!

Card Upgrades are available in the Upgrades tab of the Store. Upgrades require 1 or more copies of the Level 1 of the card and an amount of gold. Please Note: Any foils used for upgrades will result in a non-foil card regardless of how many foils are used.

In addition we added an option to purchase Gold with War Bonds. You can access this from the ‘+’ next to the Gold amount.

We also updated the overview panel to include Quest steps and claiming Conquest Tokens.

As previously announced, We have also removed all ways to gain components in the game except for Shards and Conquest Tokens. Players can still sell their components. Craftable Cards have been moved to Level Rewards.

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We released an awesome new set of Promo Cards and 5 more cards are upgradable!

In addition with this update

- We increased the gold payout of early missions to closer match the payout of end missions.
- The second Mini-Occupation pack has been removed from the store.
- We believe we have a fix for an error players are receiving while they are idle.
- Now when players start a new battle by clicking “Do Again” too quickly the player will not be booted to the map but be told to wait a moment before battling again.
- Fixed a bug with Supply interacting with Emulate
- Fixed a bug that was displaying the next tournaments incorrectly

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2/5/2013 New Upgrade Cards released!

10 New cards are ready to be upgraded and taken to battle! We also added filters to the upgrade screen and made a few other UI tweaks to help with use. In addition we changed the requirement for upgrading all Legendaries to only 1 copy of the card rather than 2. Anyone that has upgraded a Legendary that required 2 copies will receive a copy of the level 1 version.

Other changes
- You can now view grayed out cards in the profile by hovering over them and seeing the expanded version.
- Fixed Reward store so you are able to buy copies of reward cards as long as you ever owned a copy (This will allow you to purchase previous versions of a reward card if you upgraded one)

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The Heart of Corruption is upon us! Defeat the missions and dominate tournaments to earn event points and acquire special edition and all new cards! Missions are in the first in the first Ashrock location and require Mission 119 to be completed. (Mission 10 for lower energy/reward mission for newer players)

In addition these changes have been implemented to sealed tournaments
- Players will not receive 2 of the same rare.
- Players will receive at most 1 Rare Commander.
- Players will receive at most 1 Legendary.

Bronze and Silver packs have been removed from the store and the starting gold for new players was adjusted to make acquiring gold packs easier in the beginning. We also removed the 3rd mini-set of Occupation from the store.

Lastly, 10 new Card Upgrades available!

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2/19/2013 New Promos and Upgrade Cards!

10 New cards are ready to be upgraded and 3 new Promo Cards are available!

In addition we released more Energy upgrades (2 are gold purchasable at high levels) and the bug with the Advancement III achievement is fixed. Sorry for any confusion it caused.

Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements coming soon!

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Worldship Missions are now avaiable! Witness the continuation of the Xeno’s largest invasion yet!

Included in this update:

- 24 Missions spread out across 2 New Locations
- 5 New Reward Cards, two of which are in…
- 5 New Achievements
- 2 more Energy Upgrades purchasable with War Bonds
- Worldship Tournaments have been added to the rotation
- Occupation is now in the Vault rotation

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The first pack of the new expansion Flashpoint is now available! See the beginning of the Imperial response to the Worldship falling to Acheron. The set contains 30 new cards along with the new skill Sunder! The new pack is in the store for 25 War Bonds or 15 Shards.

The United Conquerors event has begun! It is a week long Conquest event. Special tiles with battleground effects not currently found in Conquest offer a significant increase in Conquest Rating! But the tiles will swap after 24 hours so better grab them quick! Half of the tiles also have a new Battleground Effect that only benefits the Defenders!

In addition the Faction level cap has been increased and 2 new reward cards were added. There are also 2 new Level reward cards to battle for and a gold purchasable Energy Upgrade!

To celebrate we have given all players 15 Shards!