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Xeno Walker decks (locked)

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want to do it in auto ?

check this :

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For Xeno Walker I’m using this deck (is working fine for now):

Atlas: Artillery Encampment x2, Command Center, Dozer Tank, Missile Silo x2, Mirror Wall, Bulldozer and Orbital Cannon x2.


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What I’m using right now:

Sidoze: 2x Scropinox, Omega, Command Center, Havoc, Tremor Hunter, Cannon Walker, Bulldozer, 2x Fury Walker

Don’t have Dozer Tank yet, but looks like it would be a great card to use like in No_Stress’ deck.

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I use the same deck i used to beat mission 66
Leader: Duncan
hydra, Fury Walker, Scorpion (replaceable), rally flag, Tiamat, Poseidon, Chronos, Cannon walker, Omega, and Arc Trooper

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bump, check OP post update

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Anymore good deck?