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Well…conquest map got bigger: sounds perfect for claiming some rightfull lands to me ;P …don’t be shy, there’ll be conquest for anyone above lvl 40 in Aksala! Limited seats available…hurry up!-)
Here is the link:

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new faction everybody welcome any lvl (an yparxoun kai ellines edw eimaste kai emeis) ://

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Originally posted by tkokmo:

Brothers in Arms

[now: level 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]

Salutes you!

We are looking for applicants that know how to construct decent offensive and defensive decks, whilst still contributing to a ‘chillaxed’, ‘communicative’, ‘friendly’ and ‘harmonious’ atmosphere. We also ask that you be at least level 30 however we would prefer if you were level 40+. As far as LP requirements go an easy 100 LP per week is all we ask for.

Whisper kurimen (English, Spanish), muckling (English, German) or N0R080T (English, Dutch), for more info, or come to Room #14 and talk to us. By the way: we will test your defensive deck and comment on it.

Status update:
Level 13: July 14, 2012
Level 12: June 28, 2012
Level 11: June 14, 2012
Level 10: June 04, 2012
Level 09: May 26, 2012
Level 08: May 18, 2012
Level 07: May 11, 2012
Level 06: May 03, 2012
Level 05: April 25, 2012
Level 04: April 18, 2012
Level 03: April 12, 2012
Level 02: April 07, 2012
Level 01: April 02, 2012

So hurry up and join here —> Brother in Arms

We have 19 spots available!

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Originally posted by cikitaa:

looking to join top 5 factions/i like surge and at level 101 now with many cards

im surge level is 102 and im active.i want to apply you and to be accepted in a 2 hours or i will start to dislike you all of the team
TOP 5 factions.reqruit me now im 3 or 4 year active player.

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A rising level 6 faction; for active members only!
Join thirty three (we kicked a few inactives) dedicated Players in their pursuit of fame and the tiles!
Be our newest brother-in-arms!
- We have got a Tile (Yee!)
- We are having daily wars!
- We are a friendly faction!
- We kindly invite you to join us!
- Are you the level 25 plus player, who is still looking for a decent faction?
- Do you have the requirements, mentioned above?
And still thinking: “I don’t fit in?” “I Have doubts to join a low level faction, like them?”

  • Then don’t join on a Monday! Do not! We dont want you on Monday!
    Thinking: I don’t feel happy in my high leveled faction?" THEN: “Why not start again?”
  • JOIN!, We will give you a very warm welcome in a faction that needs your expertise!*
    JOIN this faction with potential!
    Yes, you will !
    - You are the player we need!
    Apply HERE
    Or: Check us out, on the Fansite
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Screw you guys, level 5 faction, closing in on level 6. We’re looking for few more casual members. No formal requirements, but we want people to participate in wars at least some of the time. No level requirements, but you probably want to be 15 or so to help out in the wars.
This is a link

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Looking for a faction? Accepting all applicants. Click below.

Flag Post a link to be a Nobless Obligater but it’s just lvl 1 faction new, for ppl who want to start over~

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Peace Keepers
Faction 8lvl need members 20lvl+.
warmaster to all.
wars 24/7.

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noob but highly active looking for a faction to boost stats… anyone can drop me an invite :)

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Brothers in Arms (level 15, 2 tiles, top 40) recruits new members.

A new conquest map, new challenges – it’s cq time! We need more people who are hungry for tiles.

Are you level 75+ and wanne do conquest? Are you a teamplayer? Do you want to be in a faction with a friendly and harmonious atmosphere?
Join us!

Or talk to Muckling (German, English), Norobot (Dutch, English) and me, Zezzer (German, English) at Kong channel #14.

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Looking for faction: I’m a casual player, online daily, but not 24/7; I’m closing in on lv.20, mission 93, arena silver, mostly playing with a slow Xeno deck that looks like it’s going to work up to higher levels, so I saved up on gold, honor and shards for the moment; mostly looking for a group with experience that can tell me in what cards/packs best to invest my savings to improve my decks, in return for my firepower. :) Not spending money on online-games, so no WBs. Drop me aline if you think I could be useful for you, and vice versa. No lolspeakers plz111

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Hey there Akir. We accept anyone and everyone into our faction. All are welcome!
Apply →

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Faction Name: Warmongers
Faction Points: 5327
Faction Level: 18
Faction Rank: 1

Minimum Level Required: 60

Anyone interested should have a fansite profile, a decent card pool, most important raids completed and a level of activity higher than average.
We are using net point damage to evaluate players.
Please contact mariuca, kevinexmx or bergenboy if you are interested to join.

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NoobLingZ recruting faction for the NoobZ recruiting. All Welcome to Join. Looking for active players. All will be Warmasters. Thanks.

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Boah, fuckin spam in here ^^

NOOBZ (#9) is also looking for 2-3 new ppl to enforce the squad. What we look for is:

active people (also hyperactives ofc)

friendly (no brags or schmoozers pls)

decent card pool (syco decks or metalworks wall stalls would be awesome)

knowledge how to build an ok deck (for the rest we can help)

Please gimme a whisper or write me a PM! (or to BillMoor)

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Level 8 faction looking for active players to join!

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We are One, We will Rise and We want YOU!
Come join Arc Mithril! Everyone is invited as long as you are active.
We prefer lvl 40+ players. (If You are lower lvl but active and willing to get better, write me pm).
We won’t accept players without fansite account.
No WB requirements.

Let’s get strong together!
We are level 13, FR 3000, 5 tiles!

If You like to use Your stamina we are the faction for You – we have wars 24/7.
When You gain 500 loyalty You are promoted to Warmaster.

Join NOW!

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Noblesse Obligaters I’m trying to help new people through this fraction and anyone could join and help me too if u want. trying to make the world friendly and better ^^

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Pulp Faction is recruiting!
We are a lvl 5 faction and are quickly rising in the ranks. We have 6 tiles and are ready to conquer more.

-Must be able to chat during conquest.
-Active player.
-Lvl 70+ preferred.

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Peace Keepers – 8lvl.
Need active members 20lvl+.
Warmaster to all.

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Aneki – top 30 – lvl 15 faction is seeking active players for conquest.

Any questions stop in chat room 8.

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Peace Keeper
Need players for conquest.

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Originally posted by Avery00:
Originally posted by Avery00:

(Image via Animal Planet)

Rabid Polar Bears, Aksala’s level 12 training faction is looking for new members! If you are new to the game and want some help with the finer points, we can help! As a member of the Rabid Polar Bears, you will have access to the Aksala forum and knowledge gained from our higher level members. If you are at level 15 or above, we want you!

If you have any question you can find us in chat room #17 or contact 20thgirl and Avery00.

Come join Rabid Polar Bears →