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Seems like if you want to encourage war between tiles of similar lvl’s you would want to give extra reward for beating tile with higher lvl faction occupying it. Similarly to discourage high lvl factions from sitting on tiles… make them worth less daily.

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I think getting more factions involved in conquest isn’t a bad idea. Map expansion and tile limit would really help that. Not sure on the other ideas though.

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Almost every suggestion in this thread is rubbish.

Any suggestion that involved a lvl cap will be exploited. Faction reset. A lvl minimum is a better idea.
Any suggestion that involved more tiles/new map will result in the same problems that exist. Obviously.

2 things need to happen, more than anything.

Firstly, reward big factions (big = controls more tiles) for attacking/controlling more tiles than other big factions. Unless a mechanic is built in to conquest to force them to fight each other, they will form alliance blocks and stagnate/farm tokens. However I don’t know how this can be done without being exploited. I can think of a way to exploit almost every suggestion made so far.
My suggestion would be a King of the Hill type scenerio, with frequent resets. This means only the strongest 1-3 (or however many) factions will receive alot of tokens, with the rest of the factions on the board receiving less. At least a block of 8-10 factions couldn’t share the big pot, unless they just rotate their factions who wins on each reset? If they had an even number of tiles then no-one get the big amount. At least it might create some internal alliance conflict as to who receives more tokens. I have no real suggestion of how to implement this, however. This is similar to the ‘token rewards based on ranking’ suggested earlier in the thread a few times.

Secondly, restrict/handicap big factions attacking smaller (less tiles) factions.
This could be done on a sliding scale, or not, whatever I don’t really care. Factions should only be able to compete in conquest if they are good enough to take a tile as is, but I don’t think it’s fair they get knocked off the board straight away by faction #1. Faction #1 should be fighting factions #2-#20 (or something) to get additional tiles/better ranking. This is all assuming that every faction should actually be competing in conquest to begin with.

I am prepared for the trolling/raging of my post, which I will promptly ignore. Have a nice day.

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please dont be dumb enough to put the valuable tiles in the center of the board. the alliance will just divide up the worth of those tiles and never be attacked. the real hard tiles and least valuable tiles at the moment are the outer edges. THOSE are the tiles that should have value. areas that are hardest to hold should be the most valuable.

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On a not so related side, this is what i have in mind when “realistic terrain” is mentioned:

whereby there is trenches, cape, plain, mounts, dividers, peaks and all the topological feature (maybe island too :3)

- A fraction with some specific tile can only invade neighboring tile of progressive terrain(-1, 0 or +1)! Which means there can be more tactics like cornering, isolating, protecting only one side, and stuff like that.
- Strategic locations are to be given a boost in CR. Like the bridge of great fall, where fraction can only progress up or down to the other side of the land, instead of going a big loop around; or the Mount of Olympus, which obviously is some peak for fractions to fight over, while having only opening 2 side instead of 4. Since they both have limited direction of progress, these are location to simply wipe a fraction out of the map if they don’t move. Hence, dynamics :D
- Dividers of lower terrain (trench) or upper terrain (wall) could provide weaker fraction safe spot since their guarding are not as demanding (only at the open ends). They could also be used to cease a fraction’s progress and force them to loop around, somewhat like Istanbul or The Cape of Good Hope :)
- Traps, instead of giving CR, they reduces CR! This can force fraction to make decision on either 1) with capability, wait for the timing to make a path out of the trap, or 2) give up. This give fraction a choice to make a base, or temporary haven to work their way into the map. Tile limit would somewhat force a strong fraction to make a choice on either keep the trap, and get lesser token (CR being reduced) or keep the peak, and get war XD

And of course, some earthquake that shift the ground from time to time. While having their tile still neighboring, it could be separated like walls and stuff, and trenches are leveled and subjected to attacks :)

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So “end of the week” is when? Friday or sunday? Are there any additional informations or will it just be changed and devs log out after this? ;)

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I like all the ideas. Would be interesting to add disasters that eat tiles up from factions also. Like a raid boss that walks around the map crushing things. If he comes to your tile, your faction has to beat him off, or the tile goes back to neutral.

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I like the new map with more tiles now, gives a chance for the low level factions to claim tiles if they are good.