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Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

So… non-WBers annoyed, and WBers annoyed?
Wow. Just… wow.

Well its like any F2P w/ micro transactions. Plenty of games have been completely ruined because the devs squeezed their own client base into fragments by paying for power. You get a second class citizen effect. Eventually the paid customer base isn’t big enough to hold the game’s future and the unpaid player base is to fickle to stick around and it implodes. It has happened and happens all the time.

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I appreciate the support on this. I firmly believe that up until Phobos Aftermath packs were a decent “investment” for long-term players due to the fact that cards released by new packs often synergized well with cards from older packs. However due to the power-creep and the higher number of crap rares that water down the market for WB players, I don’t believe packs are worth the money…hence the boycott. I don’t think I am asking anyone to fall too far behind with this first occupation expansion as the majority of the cards are crap.

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The problem lies in the fact that the devs are FORCING players to spend large amounts of money in order to be competitive. Lets say player A spent $500 a pack on each pack up to the Awakening set then lost his job and had to stop buying packs. That player is at a considerable disadvantage in this current meta, despite spending so much money on the game in the past. In this same theory, player B who just got a bonus at work could spend $250 dollars on Terminus or Occupation and be more successful in the current meta than player A.

It doesn’t matter that player A spent $3000 in the past. He has less of a chance to win than someone who just spent $250.

That is a flaw with Tyrant. Power creep is fine, but there must be at the very least a constant buffing of previous cards to keep up with the power creep. Player A’s $3000 worth of cards SHOULD be able to compete and win in this meta.

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I want to add something that LDV, the OP, mentioned the other day and I think rings true with many players:

We (ALL, there i said it) think that the DEVs have created something golden. I cling to few games and this has been it for a year+ in money and time.

As a group we get mob-frustrated by small changes, and there is not enough recognition for changes the devs do make. We may feel their uptake is slow, but on some key issues they are as swift as possible, and we do not heap on congratulations like we heap on punishment.

Personally, I’ve been weak on WB purchases lately because I am waiting to see the game take a turn for the fun. It’s not WB that’s the problem, it’s the perceived fun-per-WB.

I agree with this LDV sentiment: In recent months it really feels like small, long-standing issues are not being addressed in favor of new packs.

I agree with this ShadowHopeful sentiment: Frequently Asked Questions, such as tournament weirdness, faction bots, tile-swapping, etc, do not get addressed like FAQs should; the Devs need a PR front that at worst acknowledges new playerbase concerns. Currently the response time is generally 1-week+ for one of the major issues. This rate is slower than new major issues appear.

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I have a spent a fair amount on this game like quite a few others but I am in the same boat is Varamond I am close to quitting and not spending anymore money on the game in its current state. I think this is probably the best solution people leaving will be a small wakeup now people not spending anymore money is a bigger one.