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Originally posted by SeventhStory:

I know you said you don’t like most metal but I’ll see if I can give a variety lol: (gonna be kinda long, as I have my own playlist for Tyrant, hope you enjoy HH) (also sorry, I can’t seem to get links working so it’s in regular text)

3 Inches of Blood : Deadly Sinners
Anti-Flag : War Sucks, Let’s Party
Anti-Flag : Die for the Government
Apocalyptica : Life Burns
Apocalyptica : One
Arch Enemy : Taking Back my Soul
Black Flag : Black Coffee
Black Sabbath : Children of the Grave
Blackguard : Wastelands
Blackguard : Firefight
Blind Guardian : War of the Thrones
Blind Guardian : Wheel of Time
Blue Oyster Cult : Don’t Fear the Reaper
Bonded by Blood : Immortal Life
Bonded by Blood : Severe Violation
Brocas Helm : Cry of the Banshee
Bullet for my Valentine : The Last Fight

The Creepshow : Run for Your Life
Cybrax Industry : E.O.D.
Death : Lack of Comprehension
Death : Cosmic Sea
Dethklok : Laser Cannon Death Sentence
Dream Theater : Pull Me Under
Dream Theater : Sacrificed Sons
Dream Theater : Prophets of War
Eluveitie : Helvetios
Eluveitie : Havoc
Ensiferum : Twilight Tavern
Ensiferum : Sword Chant
Galneryus : Holding the Broken Wings
Galneryus : New Legend

In Flames : Gyroscope
In Flames : A New Dawn
Iron Maiden : Be Quick or Be Dead
Iron Maiden : The Trooper
Judas Priest : Painkiller
Judas Priest : Leather Rebel
Kamelot : Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
Kreator : Civilization Collapse
Kreator : Cry War
Lacuna Coil : Trip the Darkness
Led Zepplin : Communication Breakdown

Megadeth : Peace Sells
Megadeth : Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Megadeth : Poison Was the Cure
Misfits : Hunting Humans
Misfits : Mommy Can I go Out and Kill Tonight
Norther : Hollow
Norther : The Final Countdown
Norther : Endless War
The Offspring : The Kids Aren’t Alright
The Offspring : Smash
Psyborg Corp. : World Genocide Blast
Rammstein : Mann Gegen Mann
Ramones : Blitzkrieg Bop
Rhapsody of Fire : Flash of the Blade
Rhapsody of Fire : From Chaos to Eternity

The Sex Pistols : Holiday in the Sun
Skeletonwitch : Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
Skeletonwitch : Bringers of Death
Soman : Noise Anthem
The Sword : Freya
System of a Down : Attack
Testament : Powerslave
Trivium : Into the Mouth of Hell We March
Wintersun : Starchild

That’s it, again sorry for long list, but I wanted to cover all the bases :D

Flash of the blade was originally an Iron Maiden song, but both versions are pretty awesome.

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I know :d I prefer Rhapsody’s version and so I picked that one

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Originally posted by SeventhStory:

I know :d I prefer Rhapsody’s version and so I picked that one

Dream theater is such a badass band. You could probably make the entire 6 hour playlist with any two of their albums.

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Mastodon – Blood and Thunder

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Originally posted by DANzam111:
Originally posted by SeventhStory:

I know :d I prefer Rhapsody’s version and so I picked that one

Dream theater is such a badass band. You could probably make the entire 6 hour playlist with any two of their albums.

Lol maybe not two, but they are definitely a fantastic band, I especially love Train of Thought.

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Metallica – Welcome Home

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This is a great topic!
I have a few more…
1. Immigrant Song—- Led Zeppelin
2. Rooster—- Alice In Chains
3. Flies on the Windscreen—-Depeche Mode
4. Bullet the Blue Sky—- U2
5. Spacelord—Monster Magnet
6. The Warning—-Nine Inch Nails (Xeno Themesong? I think it would be perfect)!

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Originally posted by Golden119:

Faction War Playlist!

5 mins – auto dump – Benny Hill theme.

5h 50m of blank track (afk)

5 mins – auto dump – Benny Hill theme.

Golden understands the way this game was meant to be played.

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Originally posted by DANzam111:

Mission Statement – Stone Sour

The Glass Prison – Dream Theater

Quota met.

Originally posted by maboroshi83:

Neil Young – Are you ready for country

Great lyric

I was talking to the preacher.
Said God was on my side.
And then I ran into the hang man,
he said it’s time to die.
You gotta tell your story boy.
You knew the reason why.


Originally posted by zinthala:

great band – no metal – war theme
The Dreadnoughts – The Cruel Wars
The Dreadnoughts – Boneyard

Both added

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Originally posted by thror13:

add some epic classical music to the mix:

rise of the valks:

Already on the list

allegro con fuoco:

I’ve not heard this before, and I like it. Added. It reminds me a little of some of the better music from Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back.

some marches:
imperial march (hell yea) :

Haha. Too funny. I wrote the above reference before I started listening to this one—from Empire Strikes Back. hmm. Added!

erzgehog albrecht marsch (old military style) :

Not bad. There isn’t anything like it on the list and it fits the theme, so added.



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Originally posted by JMCrooks:

Why do you know this song? Where you tortured with this song or something?

Originally posted by Raindancej:

March of the Pigs—-Nine Inch Nails
I have this album, and like the song (but a little burned out), but is it about war or something related? I always interpreted as capitalism or something, but I never really listened that closely.

Dogs of War—-Pink Floyd
Oddly, not on Spotify

Mother—-Pink Floyd
Only crappy versions on Spotify


Killing in the Name—-RATM
One of the first songs I picked

I’m not familiar with Helmet. The little I had heard didn’t appeal to me. This is pretty good and I added it. I might take out some RATM or other band that is overrepresented though.

Holy Diver—-Dio

Sounds too much like hair metal for my taste.

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Originally posted by Rudgutter:

Its all about the classics:

Ride of the Valkyries

O Fortuna

Both on the list

Hall of the Mountain King


Night on Bald Mountain

How did I miss this one? I knew there was a song from Fantasia that would be great, but I didn’t even bother to look at the soundtrack. Added.

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Originally posted by Bennieboj:

Sabaton – Primo Victoria
In fact al Sabaton songs have a war theme, this is just one of the most popular ones.

Originally posted by J4RH34D:

Sum41 – WWVII Parts 1 & 2
pretty good song, though imo, the intro lasts a bit long
Dragonforce – Cry Thunder
Guitar’s sound great in this song, vocals finish it.
Avenged Sevenfold – Danger Line
Great song, good lyrics.
Avenged Sevenfold – Gunslinger
Another great song by A7X.
Dragonforce – Prepare for War
really good song, nice lyrics, much different from cry thunder.
Dragonforce – Valley of the Damned
another great Dragonforce song, again war related.
Dragonforce – Where Dragons Rule
I really love this intro, and the song itself is also very good.

I know these songs are not mainstream, but so are most in this topic. Enjoy!

I don’t care about mainstream, and I liked some of these songs, but Metal quota met. :/

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Originally posted by mookieblaylock:

Danger Zone—-Kenny Loggins. The song from Top Gun, kick ass jet fighter song!

I don’t like the song, but I don’t dislike it, and it’s not metal. Added.

Originally posted by Perfs:

Holst Planets suite mars:

Added. We might be getting close to a quota on classical, too! I can’t think of a lot of electronica war music. I think I will look at some Prodigy songs.

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Originally posted by Sighaknight:

Camouflage by Stan Ridgway

Fun story. Added.

If you want blood you’ve got it by AC/DC

Tyrant faction play: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Aces high by Iron Maiden

Metal quota met

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Hunter…we need this one.
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums.
A Perfect Circle.
Just the right fit for this game.