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Apr. 28 – Apr. 30, Three-Day Recharge Bonus

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Event Duration:
Apr. 28 00:00 – Apr. 30 23:59 (Server Time)

Event Applicants:
All Servers

Event Details:
During the event, after you do a recharge of $299+, you will be granted with a 2,000 Gold bonus!

Bonus Delivery:
The Gold bonus will be given out in two phases. 1,000 Gold delivered in each phase.
1st Phase: May 2, 2013
2nd Phase: May 7, 2013

P. S.
1. This event lasts 3 days. Players can participate only once per day.
2. Remember that the delivery of the Gold Bonus is in two phases.
3. Only the players who do a recharge of $299 or higher (one-off, non-accumulative) are available for the bonus.