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I did not see a topic on this already, but there seems to be an issue with the points received for rating games. When I rate a game I receive the message ‘…You are only 241 points away from Level 35.’, and the top section of my screen changes to a point value to reflect such

Total Points: 7219 Points
You are only 241 points away from Level 35.

However, when I go to actually look at my points, the correct amount is shown:

7243 Total Points
217 Points Until Level 35

Just a minor issue, but thought I’d bring it to your attention.

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Weird. Never seen that before. I can’t think of any explanation either O_O

Edit: The server may have lagged. That would cause it. Especially if you were rating many games in a row, a “backup” type thing may have occurred. IDK, best guess.

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Reason is badges you probably got a badge (medium) then rated it didnt say you got the medium badge but you realy did