Can't ever log in. System forgets my password?

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Hi, I registered recently and each time I’ve tried to log on I can’t. It says that my password and username don’t match up/exist/whatever. This obviously isn’t true as I’m using it right now. Whenever this happens(every time I try to log in) I have to use the “Lost your password?” thing to change it. Every time I do, the same thing happens once I log out and then try to log back in.

I’ve cleared my private data…all of it…twice. Didn’t help. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Get FireFox it automatically saves your passwords and lets your instantly log in each time.

The problem might actually be from your lack of disk space. It happened to me quite some time ago, nothing saves anymore and you need to log in everywhere even though you clicked the “save info” box…Try getting rid of some old files and make room on your hard-drive.

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caps lock was on?