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I’ve been having problems getting games to load lately. Pandemic 2 would run fine through the options until the map loaded and then I’d get an “unknown” error box. I tried Shift+Refresh several times with no improvement. I went to another website and the game loaded fine, then one day it just started working. I played several games of Protector, but now it isn’t working either. On the opening screen with the xray of the skull I see the loading icon go to completion and dissappear but the “play” button never appears. I updated to the most recent version of flash and have a fairly good computer with a fast internet connection, I’m not getting any error messages, it just says “done” at the bottom of the screen (using firefox). I’m sure some of you guys that know more about computers can help me out with this problem, thanks.

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Couple of things you could do:

1. Try IE, Safari or Opera.

2. Repair your connection, or unplug and replug the adapter.

3. Contact the person who manages your network

4. Get another computer (If you have any other computers in your house, try playing on them and see if it works)

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same results with IE and after reseting modem. Anyone else have any guesses?