Achievements and Cards, meet my Wit's End

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With much help and patience from Matt at Kongregate, I’ve been troubleshooting why my Apple iMac quite suddenly quit logging Achievements with Kongregate. To save the trouble:

- Yes, the “green light” is on.
- Yes, I wait a reasonable amount of time to be awarded.
- Yes, I flushed caches, logged in and out, etc.
- Yes, ports are open. There is no firewall in operation on my computer.
- Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Flash.

I’ve even taken it a step further: I’ve purchased a new router and opened the appropriate ports (5222 to 5229) to ensure there wasn’t a pesky firewall issue. This, unfortunately, is to no avail. I still cannot get the games to “see” me beyond the few first, initial seconds of any game.

My gut tells me this is some hiccup with my machine, or Apple in general. On the same home network, there is a Vista computer that has no issues with proper logging of my Achievements.

Additionally, I am reasonably sure it is not an ISP issue, since I have played some of these games (and receiving rewards) on other computers of friends using the same ISP.

I’m out of ideas. In a big way. Can anyone help?

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What browser and version are you using?

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Try some standard troubleshooting techniques, if any are possible…

a) if a friend has a computer or laptop, bring it to your internet connection, and try to get an achievement with your account.

b) try with someone else’s account.

c) try your computer with another internet connection (physically bring the computer to another internet connection – friend’s house, etc.)

This may give you an idea as to where the problem lies…

- your internet connection
- your computer
- your account