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I’m new to this. When I log into Desktop tower defense 1.5 I’m automatically placed in a chat room. I can’t see a way to get out of it. The “x” just mutes. I’m sure there’s something really simple I’m missing. Help! Thanks!

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The “Change room” button, look for it at the top.

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If you’re trying to not join chat at all, there currently isn’t any way to choose not to connect to chat. If you’d like to, you can force it to disconnect by loading up a second game, which will force a session conflict and disconnect you from the first one. Then you can close the second game and continue playing on the first. Keep in mind that if you’re ever disconnected from chat, you won’t be able to receive any badges or cards or send any high scores though.

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This is basically due to the very nature of Kongregate.

The website integrates a chat and an achievement system into the gaming environment.

So you can talk to others while playing, and also receive awards for doing certain things in some supported games.

These features are what distinguish Kongregate – as a games site – from many of its competitors, compelling thousands of players to play games on the site :)

I’d recommend saying hi and embracing the Kong community :P