Chat problems?

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So I just moved into my new university house. Woo etc.

However, since changing my internet connection to the current configuration I don’t seem to be able to connect to Kongregate chat. I can still play games, and post in the forums (obviously) but it says that it can’t connect to the chat server, and hence also can’t get cards/badges.

I’ve tried adjusting my firewall, deleting cookies, temporary folders and so on but I can’t work it out :( So uh yeah if anyone has a clue then help me out plzkthx

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Are you using a proxy?

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Let me say first that I know nothing of computers/the internet but apparently my ADSL modem uses network address translation? could that be it?

There’s also an integrated firewall with the modem that I haven’t tried fiddling with yet, but I’d have to leave that until tomorrow anyway.

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  • I am having Chat Problems recently while loading a game the game and chat screen turns brown. Any body else having problems?
  • I Also posted in this old thread for I didn’t need to create a new one.
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your adsl modem shouldn’t be causing the problem (mine doesn’t), go to start > run and type “systemroot\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” (without quotes) choose to open it with notepad and add “” (without quotes) to the bottom on a new line, if you haven’t already, that should fix it

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I have the same problem unproductive, except I haven’t actually moved anywhere. It just stopped working one day. I think it was just after they moved the servers.

And I tried what you said skyboy but it said there’s nothing to run.

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Where it says “systemroot” you should replace with your actual system root folder – typically C:\WINDOWS.

Or just find the hosts file yourself through explorer – just don’t touch anything else!

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that doesnt change anything.. :(

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every time i type anything in the chat it says

Kongregate Notice: To prevent spamming, we’ve limited how fast you can submit messages. Please try again.

but im not even saying things close together and it was working fine earlier today

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It could be that your enter key gets stuck slightly pressed, you the chat thinks you’re posting multiple messages quickly. I’ve had that happen to me when I accidentally press the enter key when trying to hit the shift.

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the chat works 1/10 times,
I’ve a red light, I open an another game to do a session conflict,
reconnect & I got a yellow light or a green if I’m lucky

i use firefox with the “web developer tollbar” and it says
there are errors in the css file:
Line(s) : 52, 53, 149, 261, 273, 276, 332, 963, 973, 1292, 1311, 1344, 1373, 1495, 1505.

there are errors in the js file:
Error : handler has no properties
Source file :
Line : 3883

Avertissement : test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)?
Source file :
Line : 2821, Column : 26
Source code :
if (m = e.match(p)) {

… and much more