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There is a problem I have with logging onto Kongregate. I originally set up my account by adding the Kongregate application on Facebook. I like Kongregate and would normally visit the site more often directly via the url rather than by logging into Facebook and only then going to Kongregate from the Facebook application.

Unfortunately, because I registered via Facebook, I did not get to select a password. This means that – and I could not believe it at first – my account had no password assigned to it, and no e-mail address either. The only way I was able to log into Kongregate was by going to my Facebook profile, starting the Kongregate app, and then going to my Kongregate profile through the link in the application. I managed to add an e-mail address by editing my profile on Kongregate, however, I cannot add a password, since to do that, I would have to submit the original password first, WHICH I DO NOT HAVE.

I would like to be able to log into Kongregate without having to go through Facebook first, and I really do not want to set up another Kongregate account to be able to do that, since I do not wish to lose all my cards and badges. Please tell me how I can set up a password for my Kongregate account. I have searched through the Support Center and the Technical Support threads, but I have found nothing to help me here. I think this problem (even if its due to my not understanding a part of the account setup procedure correctly) can be common among Kongregate users who started off on the Facebook app.

This situation is a problem even when trying to go to the Kongregate site via Facebook, i.e. it’s ok if one goes to the Kongregate Facebook application first, and then follows through to the Kongregate profile page via the link in the application, but when I click on the game link in the HOME part of my Facebook profile (where Kongregate publishes “stories” about the games I recently played), I go directly to the site, not to the Facebook application, which means that I am not logged in, and that means that I CANNOT log in because there is no password set for my account. I have to go back to Facebook, go to the Kongregate application, and then go to my profile through there. This is very inconvenient.

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