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My friends have wanted to give me Kreds, but could not. If someone could add a Kred giving section or soemthing it would be most appreciated. I am trying to buy 10,000 coins on TDP4, but have no Kreds. So my friends said they would give me some. Please give me feed-back and maybe add the Kred-Giving section. Thanks for your possible consideration. >:^D

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At this time we do not give users the option to transfer Kreds amongst each other, as this could lead to fraud and make a pretty big mess for us in the financial department.

You could, however, buy your friend a GameStop giftcard. We sometimes make a one time exception and can transfer the Kreds for you, but you’d need to PM me about that.

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Thank you, but I do not wish to transfer Kreds to anyone, people wanted to do that to me. Also, the free Kreds section with the survey’s is very not helpful I guess is how you would put it.

I also am wondering why whenever I do surveys that I do not get the Kreds, I should have at least 100 Kreds by now with all the surveys, if not more.

Thank you for your help! >:^D


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You can check the status of your offers by going to “Support” on the free Kreds offer page.