Disappearing Mardek 2 saves

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Hey eveyone,

I’ve been having some file save trouble while playing Mardek 2. I’m doing fine and all that, but then I will sometimes go to save and my save files have disappeared. I figured there may be a server issue or something like that, so I downloaded the game off of the fighunter site, but it’s still happening.

The strangest part is that when I go to my applications/macromedia/flashplayer/…/localhost folder, the Mardek__sg_0.sol and Mardek__sg_1.sol files still exist! That means that for some reason, the Mardek game (or my flash player) will randomly cease to recognize the save files.

I use firefox 3, the most up to date flash player (10.0.26.something), and all that goodness. Does anyone have any insights into what’s going on? I enjoy the game, but it gets really frustrating to have to start completely over every time.

Thanks again for your help.

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The files could be corrupt. Possibly everything is not getting saved. Maybe you are just below the amount of data that you allow Kongregate to save on your computer and have to raise that limit?

Well, that’s my only guess..

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See, I thought about that too, and so I have my storage set to unlimited. This is really driving me crazy.

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The saves are corrupt. It is a Flash 10 issue. Downgrade to Flash 9 in order to play this game.

I reported the issue some months ago to the forums before Flash 10 was released (I was the first person to report it) and I warned them that Flash 10 would be released soon and they’d better look at it right away. Guess what? They ignored it and are now plagued with error reports. :)

See http://www.fighunter.com/

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lol, I found the same thing when I downloaded version 10 2 days after coming out, it’s ridiculous that they listen to legitamte comments given by user.