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When viewing my earned badges page from another account/not logged in, my username appears to be two words in the tab description.

Is this a problem with my computer, or is it a Kongregate thing? I haven’t noticed it on anyone else’s account. If it’s my computer, how can I fix it?

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Erm… Maby its because another capital letter is a new word like my youtube channel


3 words:
Jammie Mc Tuts


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Alas, it seems you are right. Looking at other people’s accounts who have a capital letter in the middle of their username shows the same problem. Thanks!

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When I load one of these pages, the name initially appears incorrectly (as shown here), but then fixes itself when the page finishes loading. This might be because of a Better Kongregate script (I know there’s one that “fixes” the titles of Kong pages in order to make it clearer what the page is actually about).