So. Quatation marks seem to be broken.

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Right. Any time we begin a line in a forum post with quatation marks, everything that was in that set vanishes. It’s not even there when we go to edit or quote. :<

Y’all should fix that; it makes FG really annoying. It doesn’t matter what line it is… It seems to only happen when the quotation mark is the first character on (any) line.

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Hmm. This isn’t the first thread I’ve seen on this subject, and it certainly is a very strange problem. Anyway, for now I suppose you could a) Make sure to save everything you type in a Word document before posting it, so it’s not lost and b) Taking everything that would appear in quotation marks and putting it in bq. form as a workaround until the problem is fixed.

Though knowing the problem only occurs when the quotation marks begin a line might help Kong to figure out what’s causing the problem and how to fix it.

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Let’s give it a test.

“This is a test,

this is a test.

“test test test

Edit: I can’t seem to re-create your bug – am I understanding it correctly?

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Z, the problem only happens when the entire paragraph is surrounded by quotation marks, not just the start or end. I assume this is what’s happening to them, as they’re writing large paragraphs without line breaks, whereas you had a few line-breaks in between the quotation marks in your test thing. Whenever I surrounded a paragraph with quotation marks, everything else in the post disappeared except for whatever was within the quotation marks, so I assume this is what’s happening with the people in the Forum Games forum.

The problem is that textile is a really touchy thing to work with, and that’s where this problem stems from. Surrounding something with quotation marks seems to be like a textile thing now (like how surrounding with asterisks makes something bold). Therefore, there are a few workarounds.

=="Hello world"== and <notextile>"Hello world"</notextile>

Become: "Hello world" and "Hello world" respectively. So there are some rather simple workarounds which do not require any extra effort other than a few little characters.

So there, finally got to the bottom of this issue.

Oh, and if you’re skeptical that it allows for them to be put on a new line, all by themselves, without buggering everything up:

"Hello world"
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this also happens on shouts…
a fix for forums is to hit it 3 times, that seems to fix things.

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“I don’t seem to have this problem.

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Let us see if I can replicate the results. I will type this whole bit in these Quatation marks and see if this gets deleted.
Edit:It seems that effects vary. Here it only removed the marks I put on either side. Sometimes it has removed whole posts of mine.