Presumed bug on frontpage using Opera that has been around for ages

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I’m not 100% certain that it’s a bug on the front page. Maybe it’s my configuration. I only have this issue while using Opera, the issue being:

The left and right arrows on the front page to manually navigate the recommended badges/recommended games/new games lists do not work all the time. I have to click the arrows in one or the other direction (choosing the same direction on each click) at least three times, sometimes more, before the lists will actually flow through the content. Once all the content has been displayed once, the problem goes away and I only have to click a single time to navigate through them as intended… until I refresh the page.

I’ve had this issue for ages (probably since the lists were introduced), never bothered to report it and don’t even know if this is a known issue, if it’s related to Opera or to my configuration of Opera and if it’s something that is likely to be solved.

Any helpful comments are appreciated.

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I don’t believe Opera is all that compatible with Kongregate. :(

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Something I just happened to stumble upon. The mentioned problem above only seems to happen with the ‘go-right’ arrow. If I start with pressing the ‘go-left’ arrow, it does not behave in the described manner, but behaves exactly as intended. I thought it might be interesting to report, in case some kongredev wants to have a look at it some time (and as a nice workaround for other Opera users).

As for Opera not being compatible with Kongregate: I have to completely disagree. I’ve been using Opera since 2004, I never use a different browser on Kongregate (except when there are cookie issues such as with some off-site hosted games). Just about everything works as expected. Which is how it ought to be of course, since Opera is one of the most standard abiding browsers out there.