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On “Latest Games” page the size of the game Icons is wrong. They are resized down to 93*74 pixel.

On other pages ( like Frontpage ), they have the wrong size too.

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Good catch

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i’ve noticed it since the game icons were blurred.

Oh… and in the profiles the since is wrong too. Seems like an overall issue.

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Erm… the icons look the right size to me. Are you still seeing this, or am I just misremembering the size of the icons or something. If it still looks funky, feel free to include a screenshot!

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What it looks like now:

And the original Image i’ve uploaded before ( 100*75 )

The image gets slightly scaled down ( to 99*74 ) and then cropped to the size of 93*74.

Or is the Upload Game section outdated?

JPG, GIF, or PNG format. 100×75px or larger

edit i tried it with FireFox and Opera. Both have the same size of 93*74.