Browser cpu usage after challenge achieved

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Whenever I achieve a challenge (or ticket) and the kong chat opens an extra tab to congratulate me and tell me about the use of said achievement, my browser’s CPU usage goes up to 99%, and both chat and game’s framerate drop to next to nothing. The problem persists until I reload the page, or otherwise close it, and is not related to wether I leave the achievement chat-tab open or close it. It does not happen when I achieve badges; only challenges.

I run Firefox 3.0.4 with latest flash, and have reinstalled both to no avail. To shed some light, I am fairly sure (but not 100%) that the problem started when I acquired a new laptop. Current system specifications; Win Vista x64 on AMD Tl-68 dual core 2.4ghz, 2gb ram, geforce go 6150; not technically running on a laptop but a “tablet pc”. Problem is also present in Internet Explorer, though I am man enough to admit I don’t update or maintain it, so I’m not pinning the issue to the same cause there, nor would I be pleased if someone offered me a fix for this in IE but had no clue how to sort it in Firefox ;-). It does not happen on my partner’s laptop, which is a Lenovo C100 running Win XP.