50 Games Rated/Day Reset?

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When does the daily reset occur for 50 games rated per day? I’m in PST (same as Kong), so I assumed that it would be at midnight… but if you look at my point history: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Tasselfoot/rewards, I rated 50 games yesterday (the 29th). I did this ~10pm-10:30pm roughly. I tried to rate games this morning and couldn’t. Tried to rate games this afternoon and couldn’t. Tried to rate games around 9pm and couldn’t. And just now, tried to rate games (~10:10pm) and still can’t.

Is it really on a 24 hour timer from when I rated my 50th game? Because that’s pretty dumb, IMO. There is no reason that the timer should be different for each individual… it should function off of the Kongregate server’s clock and be universal for all members.

Then again, having a 50/day cap in the first place is silly as a means to combat against bots auto-rating… but that’s a discussion that has already happened. Of course, Kong said the 30 and 50/day caps would only be temporary until they came up with a better solution for the bots. But that was months and months ago…. and I do believe I said then that the cap would not go away, because no other solution would even be looked into, despite the fact that there are in fact many other simple solutions to that specific problem (which I listed in the initial thread months ago).

So, uh… basically… when will I be able to rate games again?

edit: at 10:50pm PST, I’m able to rate games again… but seriously… 24 hours from the last game I rated previously? That is pretty damn retarded of a system. It makes no sense to have it be unique per user… MUCH less complicated and more logical to go off of the server’s internal clock and have it be universal for everyone. In addition, that way people can actually rate games every day, instead of needing to be at their computer exactly every 24 hours or be forced into a delayed situation. It’s completely illogical. Makes my head hurt. I’m at a loss of words to explain how messed up of a system that is.

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50 in half an hour? Hmm… I can only rate maybe 10 in that time.

I don’t think it behaves quite how you specify… seems like it’s 24 hours from the FIRST of 50 ratings, not the last. In other words, if you hit 50 ratings in a 24 hour period, you have to wait until exactly 24 hours after the first rating. You now have made 49 ratings in the last 24 hours, so you are allowed one more rating. etc. etc.

It’s seems like a pretty complicated system, but it is a lot fairer. If you have a daily reset, people lucky enough to have the reset in their waking hours get to do 100 ratings at once every two days, essentially.

With the current system (assuming it is how I have outlined it), everyone can do 50 ratings every 24 hours, or 1 rating every half hour (with no sleeping), or anything in between.

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I’m pretty sure it’s 24 hours for each individual rating. Rate 1 game you have to wait 24 hours to be able to reuse that rating. Rate another game 30 minutes later and you’ll have to wait exactly 24 hours to get that rating back for use, etc.

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Yes, that’s pretty much what I said, but a lot clearer. Thanks. ;p