"We're sorry, there was an error" on all pages, but OK in other browser [can no longer replicate issue]

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I just had a problem where all of a sudden, none of the pages on this site would load. It would display the “We’re sorry, there was an error” page with the logo on the top. But it’s weird: the chat was still running; the whole site worked from my other PC (which should have effectively the same IP), and the weirdest thing is, it worked in a different browser.

So, it seems to be some sort of Firefox issue… even though I’ve been using the site fine for the last few days with the current version.

I cleared out all the transient data ( Tools > Clear Private Data, tick everything ) and that fixed it, so I’m now going to use my firefox profile backup and try to work out what it is that caused it. It might just be file corruption, but obviously I hope it isn’t. :(

I’ll post in here once I’ve had a look. I mainly posted this thread in case anyone else experiences the same issue.

EDIT: Well, I copied the profile to a new one and then started that, and it worked perfectly fine. Grrr! Guess I won’t be able to debug this problem after all.